Sunday, November 16, 2008


i am amused at statistics. knowing who looks for who and it reaches to my blog. geographically known. especially a combination of 2 people or a single one, probly whom someone who is interested to know about err whats known as web-stalking! i am just itching to tell these famous ones. but nvm. these statistics are only for me to know. and it just makes me smile and ponder. :)

madagascar 2 is cute. funny. king julian didnt disappoint me! i feel like putting him as my wallie!

oh, they are lemurs!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

chance ?

the time now is almost 1.30 AM. i cannot get myself to sleep so here i am, blabbering. here we go.

actually, nothing. i have nothing to talk about. the past week, been busy with what else. i hv always wanted to try the sakura international buffet. and surprise2, they have opened a new outlet, of all places, Admiralty Park just beside Republic Polytechnic. you have an educational institution, industrial factories, isolated jungle nearby, a park and in the middle of nowhere, an eating place hidden underground, thats the best! hehe. nevertheless, i might pop in soon.

oh, SKULLL holiday have started and i wanna watch madagascar 2. funny squirrels, esp the king. err , are they squirrels? nvm. i just need a jolting boost of humor. work is draining my energy OUT, mentally. it requires solving and figuring out. thats what i do. it keeps the brain pumping and it is draining out. probly the cells might come out flowing hehe. eeee, tat reminds me of that hannibal movie. ee phewww yucks. you know the scene when anthony hopkins cooks a guy's brain while he is breathing. worst, feeding him with his cooked brain (errr, am i exaggerating ? its a bit vague, is that part in the scene. hehe). eee! stoopid scene. i hate tat scene. it is so beyond imagination. disgusting.

andddd, hopefully the sun is shining brightly at the other side, the greener pasture :)

Friday, November 07, 2008


i was at suntec to attend a briefing and on my way back to office, i spotted Donut Factory. it was hard to choose from a wider variety of flavors unlike Munchy Donut which i am quite sick of now. deliciousmicious.

from left: oreo cookies, chocolate covered with peanut butter top, white choc covered with orange top.

i didnt get to taste the oreo cos i gave it to mum. probly its all the same. but the other 2, splendid.

i decided to play around with my blog colors. you know when you see things the same over a long period of time, you get bored. ah, same goes for working life. everyday, (out in morning, back at night) X 5.

i have watched quantum of solace. the action already begins from the start. nothing much different from his first, david craig is all packed with muscles and fighting skills. and probly a disappointment for guys out there (am i right?), no on-bed-or anywhere-possible-*** scenes at all except for the wrapped-on bedsheet huhu. BTW, i am such a mountain tortoise. i didnt know SEIYU is long gone for BHG. but it look the same afterall. i was taken aback actually. at this time where job lay-off might be a possible (a start for DBS, ive read), there are alot of on-going sales happening. and this has made me a member of the subset :)

obama actually makes a good model. probly suits and watches.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

bitch on the loose.

food for thought.

i wonder what makes the shameless bitch think that she stands a chance to wreck another woman's marriage. despite having known that he is married, she still threw herself at him. desperation? disillusioned? or mere stupidity?

what makes her think that she can have what she wants. did she mirror herself first? probly, it is just a fantasy that she hopes to be a reality at the expense of the wife and kids.

what makes her think that she is good enough to be happy after wrecking his marriage? i mean personally, why would the man even want to leave his soulmate and kids for this bitch? doesnt make sense at all. definitely shes a cracko. seriously speaking. she needs to get laid somewhere else, probly somewhere in her own class.


i did not expect this day to come. i was caught unaware. often seen it in reel life. the news that shocked me. and the cause - a shameless bitch.

"BITCH. A she dog, or doggess; the most offensive appellation that can be given to an English woman, even more provoking than that of whore." ["Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue," 1811]

not joking. i am dead serious.

perkahwinan. banyak dugaan. bertunang pon banyak dugaan. godaan kerja si setan. bitch tu setan betol.

on a lighter note, i am very happy for ezie (*winkwink*). taman bunga. u know, azura. oh, talking abt azura, reminded me of ali setan and tat reminds me of ogy who acted as asmida. new staff with similar name will be reporting for work soon. and that brings me back to sec skul time. in malay class, there was a classmate named Ali. and i was known back then as As. so yeaaaa, Ali and As. the rest, i need not say. he is a shy and short boy. tats all i can remember, oh and he has a mole on his right or left forehead :)

i was in swensens yesterday anddd i had this very very sinful cookies cream ice cream/choc fudge mud pie. it was incredible goodness. must try. @ $8.60, with $1 off wif any HSM3 set meal. sweet-tooth peeps, pic below. yummmmay.

starbucks cheesecake, its like eating one chunk of raw cheese but not Gelare blueberry cheesecake belowww slurrppp slurrpp slurrrp.

this is a note for you --> You can do it, lil sis :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


one word : talented.

i was BLOWN AWAY by their dance-moves. its like they were born to dance. these teens are seriously good. i am surprised. there were one or two which made my mouth opened like a fish gasping for air haha. butttt there is only 1 that made my eyes glued to the screen. the boys at the junkcar place. i was bored with the kiss (nothing great)but probly the kids' eyes were popping out. im just looking at 2 itching teens like what i saw in the MRT when i was on the way back today. MALAYS. such a disappointment. it needs 2 hands to clap, so there they were, smooching like the cabins were empty. they were already behaving like that in public, so i am not surprised they were all over themselves somewhere else in private. hohoho.

buat malu masyarakat jer.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

the hard way.

what we really and hopefully want, quite unlikely to get it.
pple say, if its meant to be ours, it shall be no matter what the odds are gonna be.
sometimes, i do not understand how it works.

its a long weekend. a plan which is supposed to be a family holiday trip, will not happen cos everyone has their own agenda to get busy with. anyway, i am not a big fan of HSM (just like a niece who loves "Gabrella", did i get it right ?) butttt becos its a big hoo-haa over the internet and the media, i happened to look out for its trailer. coincidentally, nephew wants to watch it so much and so we are going for HSM3 tomorrow(*i still cant believe that i am gg*). probly, there is no other better movie since 007 will be released in 2 weeks' time(*david craig yum yum*)

i feel like catching rihanna in spore coming nov. but to think again, i hardly listen to ANY of her albums. the only significant one is Umbrella (it all started from ezie who sang to it in farah's car OR was it thru the station) and the few others like Unfaithful, Take A Bow and Shutupanddrive. kylie minogue will be in the house too, probly end of this yr. the itchiness is getting all over me quite soon. (*scratch*)


back on the record, i wish i own a good digicam. i just hv to rely on my hp cam(2.0MP), dad's Nikon(4.0MP) or others' higher MP cam :( sometimes, i didnt even bother to take any pics with the lower ends. sigh.

personally, i am starting to realise that pics that are taken candidly depict the true moment captured as compared to the un-natural ready-to-snap-say-cheese-smile-cramping poses. 1 was doing some random pic-viewing. check out some of the candid shots. the collage below is a collection of earlier events in 2008.

nephews and nieces, my little darlings.

there are quite number of things i wanna own or do. i have not taken any action on my hair. ah! good news is that since i have been using shampoo that contains natural fruit/vege extracts, my hair has grown to quite a length. darn LOREAL. whatever it is, use natural products. i wanna own at least 8MP digicam (they are cheap now!). i am SUPPOSED to start a new pastime which i have yet to start my engine on. i wanna watch concerts. and the best part of all, all these are not needs. they are WANTS. geez!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

past 300th post.

i have passed the 300th mark way back, i didnt realise. have not been updating for quite sometime here. where shall i start. hmmm.

we are nearing to the end of hari raya. but to me, hari raya means to last only till the middle of the month. i was back at my uncle's home at mersing. finally, i am in a kampung area, with fresh grown fruits either at the backyard or the frontyard. i enjoyed coconut, rambutans and water guava (translated from jambu air, its red, err i dont have the pic). we had a small feast courtesy of the hosts. and was with all my aunts and uncle (maternal side). and the great thing we enjoyed was that teasing my nephew and a niece who lives in JB. hehehe. how not to tease. they were playing and sitting together under the tree with the groundmat. so sweet, reminds me of a movie scene like those which starts with childhood days yada yada. awww. but abit of a spoiler cos dad was beside them sleeping! hehe. i enjoyed the nature. the wind, the breeze. i am a nature person. unlike the concrete jungle we have and the bloody human crowd every morning and after office hrs! benci sungguh.

oh. good news for my sister. shes doing her masters next year :)
dad was asking will i be the next one and i was like NOoooooOO! cukop!

Work. im getting busier as days go by. serious busy with capital B.

yesterday, i watched Cukop Tak Cukop on Suria. Singles. yes like me, single. ouch ouch, yes it did hit me quite. but like wat one of the single speakers said, jodoh di tangan tuhan. for me, for wat mencarik, if bukan jodoh kiter. let jodoh find me. waste my time finding seriously. give up. pple say that when you are not looking, it will look for you. and the only person now that has been telling close relatives around how come i have not met anyone is my mum. alamak, i feel like telling mum to go and find for me one lah! hohoho.

application is opened now. come come, register. :)

Thursday, October 02, 2008

syawal 2008.

this ramadan, i feel so satisfied that like finally i get to fast with my parents. ya know, the kinda feeling close with family and i get to be involved in preps just like old times. queuing for shredded coconut as early as 7am, LAST MINUTE hunt for daun ketupat at pasar geylang. its fun actually. but pls don talk about helping my mum on raya eve with all the cutting and chopping of ingredients for hari raya food. i have not been in the list for so many years hehe. my job is only to ensure that the house is clean and neat.took my nieces and nephews for mini-fireworks at the void block. i have not purchased a new camera yet so i used my hp cam but they look quite dark so i think i shall not post them here. everyone were very happy. sisters stayed up till 12 mn and the next day, i fetched them at 11am! haha. damn tiring. i was still up till 2am to vacuum the house again. nevertheless, it is all in the name of Syawal.

as usual, parents' nieces and nephews will visit them and i will be the busiest person in the house. luckily i am on leave for this whole week so it doesnt matter that i help out although its quite tiring but fun actually. meeting not-so-close relatives whom we have not been keeping in touch except only on Syawal. oh, the diff about me this time round is that its my time to give hehe. duit oh duit.
im starting to drive around, ferrying siblings alone hehe. like finally, my dad doesnt have to tag along. probably its time anddd i can park the car now! ahhaaha. it started with no cars on both sides, then one car on the right, then 2 cars on both sides. ahhaha. drive already but donno how to park, sounds silly right. there is alot to learn actually :)

i just received my Huawei USB stick for Broadband on Mobile. for a start, the speed is not as marvelous as my wireless broadband. probly, it might take some time or not. hehe. it is time to review my bills and spending looking at the fact that alot of stuff are expensive now. i can feel the pinch, oucha!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ross Revalina.

i totally sux with happenings in the malay local scene here. totally. i dont know whats new and whats current playing on air and whats worth listening or getting to know about. my dearest cousin, aziah has been my SUPPORTING FACTOR to my already-lousy-malay-music-database, hek hek.

thank goodness, YOUTUBE. my savior.

so my msn conversation was like this.

aziah: gal, have you listen to novela cinta by revalina. favorite seh.

me: what? who? jap, aku YOUTUBE dulu!

and WOW! they are superb. and novela cinta is gooddd plus their vocal yang mendayu2, which sometimes or rather lots of times give me goosebumps each time i tune in to the vid below.

oh and i GOOGLE-ed about revalina and found that they actually were from the reality talent competition, Live Your Dreams. buttt i think the lead vocalist of the original group stayed on and the current 2 are new. and as usual lah, the most good-looking one is the most outstanding and receives the loudest applauds!

Friday, September 26, 2008

appreciating it.

i am declaring myself that i am the happiest person on this earth. hehe. it just feels good when i treat people nicely without expecting anything in return. and i have been making a sin. yesss, err not 1 actually but a couple. i have been pampering myself with new stuffss. i donno why but probly i have not done it tat often. a brand new watch, jewelery(!) and ok this is very awkward. i dont usually fancy silver jewelery but maybe because of my sis who had been splurging on them of late, and i happened to hangout with her, so her DISEASE had spread to me. butttt buttttt, often it will take me very longggg to consider buying something but once i have my eyes on something i really loveeee to own, thats it. i would just grab it ASAP. no delay, no re-consideration ANYMORE. swoosh swoosh.*tit**tit**tit**tit**tit**tit*. there goes my money. but its just alright. something that u love to own, why not right! :) i have been telling myself, whatever i want or do, by all means own/do it as long as it is within my means. yeahhh, i am living that up. so be happy. so have no worries. to all problems, there are solutions. it is just the matter how we reach to the solution. dont worry too much at work, dont be too stressed with skoolwork. all this unnecessary stresses are just making our lives difficult, not better.
be POSITIVE. thats the way *oohoottt**oohoottt* !

next on my list, will be stuff for hari raya. hehehe. probly new curtains for my room and a fresh new beddiesheet. hehehe. semangat raya beb!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

ideal sisters.

heard of them before?
how about this song? :)

hanya sekali, ku lafazkan cinta.....

for you esp for first love and probably you think, it will be the only one, i dedicate this to you :) probably, the one who is farrrr away, hehehehee ;P

cant find lyrics for this. so those who complain that i post youtube with no lyrics, listen and figure out yourself. :P

anddd we have their raya song..

alamak, karaoke version lah.

somehow, i found myself you-tubing very oldskul songs, for no apparent reason. probly, youtube has like everything so once in a while, to have these pre-2k classics in the playlist, it gives me some kind of new breather or something. well, oldskul still rocks lah.

im youtube-ing for more hariraya vids so that i can have them compiled in a cd and bring out the raya spirit soonnnnn for spring-clean. oh btw, from my waist down, to my right, it hurts badddd. it has been a week since i did spring-clean phase 1. esp if i get myself up from sitting posture. urgh. sakitt dokk.

mum is busy altering sis' baju kurong. long sleeve, bottom too long. haiya. luckily mine is just perfect. well, even if there is any, i would just have them errr folded. hehe. one thing abt my mum when it comes to altering stuff esp CLOTHES, she will get us to try it on over and over again. thats what i hate about. so, to avoid that, dont complain and start folding. not difficult wattt. to me. :)

i find this is too fast. i feel that its just like few months ago that we just celebrated hari raya :(

my internet connection sucks. i want to change to broadband on mobile soon! and we will be getting MONEY soon!! yeay. will be going to my photo grad shoot today. bro had his done few months ago for his masters. so, there hangs his bloody huge portrait. i know, all these from me. random. there are so many things which had happened. but im too lazy to update the rest here.

oh finally, check out this link. who deletes/blocks you in MSN Messenger. you might be surprised. i had my surprise. but hack care lah.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

misha omar.

one hell of a performer.

whatevaaa songs she sing, she really can carry them. SALUTE!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


"hi,iqbal!apa khabar kamu?sihat aja,kan?Kamu pintar akting ,ya?di season2 ,kamu jadi orang jahat,ya kan?kamu dan mischa bersekongkol.tapi enggak pa-ap. aku salute sama kamu.keep being acool guyz!!!! - nurul"

this is hilarious. at any point of my blog, did I give any impression of being Iqbal, an indon actor? huhuhu. so this is how a fan sounds like heh.

it has come to my realization a few weeks back, that i have not communicated with my parents that much. all this is because of work. work made me tired. work made me wake up wayy early in the morning, reaching home at night, couping myself in the room, having my dinner with my own tv. and i seldom have a talk with my parents.ya know, the parents-child conversation. 3 years i have spent away from home and it made me into a person whom communicate less with my parents. how could i do this? something has knocked some sense into myself. children are all grown-up and married and staying away from them. and i am the only one here with them. how could i be such a fool, not realizing this way back after i came back from studies ? Alhamdulilah, probably God made me think and do the right thing. dad has to go to terawih every night and i have to be home with mum. i get their favorite food on some of iftar. although sometimes i get "lectured" by mum for buying too much but its okkayyyy. as long as they eat and enjoy them, i am happy. i just want to show them that i care for them. i joke with them and i want it to stay this way. i just want the old times back when i was younger. my laughter used to fill up the whole house. but it just disappeared the moment i left home for studies. probably they missed that time. they are aged now and the more older our parents get, the more sensitive they will be. like feeling sad and down and always have those thoughts that their children do not care or love them anymore.

i guess money isnt everything in this world. without happiness and love, it is just an empty one. so, brothers and sisters out there who still have both mum and dad with you, please do appreciate and love them before both or either one leave this world. for you who do not have both or either one, i am sorry but no worries cos God will always take care and love you unconditionally :)

Saturday, September 06, 2008

week 1.

hey hey hey.

coming monday, it will be a week over. BTW, i just got onto the new google chrome. i find that its interface is very simple butttt if you are familiar with mozilla and IE7, i dont think so it would be that hard to get comfy with. new things are sometimes refreshing. oh, and i have got hold of an iphone, someone's actually. and i have no clue how to operate it seriously. i just gave up after trying to double-tap/single tap an icon haha. people can get it from walk-in @ hello shop with a new signup at 300+, so whats the fuss with all the booking ek.

pussycatdolls. i find them hoottt esp their dance moves below. seems that i cant stop playing it over and over again. anddd nicole's voice, since when is hers that rough heh. dont cha and beep, she looked so natural and sweet.


and its happening again. its like a dejavu. someone new, giving all the unnecessary stress. esp the techy ones. sooner or later, probly my superiors will be dropping more hair. i hope mine stay intact. and i dont want greyhair tat soonnnn...

Sunday, August 31, 2008


a shout-out to fellow muslims around the world,

Happy Ramadhan!

Selamat Berpuasa.

sooo, i did my pre-ramadan shopping! i have never done this EVER before.

the pre-ramadhan hari raya clothes shopping plus it was a rush one.


i thought i was like the only one being kiasu or wat, but hell noooo. there were so many other people like me. grabbing hari raya clothes before fasting month.

i am glad that i have gotten mine. so that i wont be busy sweating myself under the bazaar tents in Geylang Serai during fasting days or even worst, during the geselan2 time after breaking fast. i knowww, people seem to be going to ramadhan bazaar either for food, hari raya shoppang or nothing at all. just walk around, look here and there. at least fill up some plastic bags and bring them home lah dei.

it is gonna be monday. sux. bye bye weekend. sob sob.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


i donno why but i do have this thing for guys who are SOFT-SPOKEN. not the lembek-soft ones. straight but soft-spoken. feels so good talking to them. and if they happen to have a cute smile, thats like a double bonus yo. ok, i will not beat around the naked bushes haha. one of these guys happen to be my vendor. a chinese fella. hes soft-spoken. i like talking to him. i donno why. probably i find tat he has that nice soft kinda voice. dammnn, how many times have i said this in 1 paragraph! hehe.

shopping. its wayyy therapeutic. i have heard it before and i just experienced it. especially when it comes just nice without any warning or sorts, like knocking into my head, its timee to spend daaa moneyy...helloooo....daa booshhh! buy tat! daa booshh, come on must get this ! ahha. and it just happened to me few hours ago. i just have to spend. funny thing, none of these are my needs! i just need to shop. i need to change some stuff. im bored with the same things. wearing the same stuff over and over again. pple need change. where is MY CHEESE?

gooddd! it must be the cheessseeeeeeeyyy lasagne i ate before the shopping streak! hek hek.

oh. obama's wife is hot! hehehe.. not the sexy kinda hot, but well she really stands out :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

unexpected events.

the day after my choke got out from me, an unexpected twist of event happened. i guess, in the meantime i shall be looking at it positively.

and on friday, i was at swissotel to watch fireworks!!!

oh my! it was seriously superb. from 54th floor and overlooking everything. literally, not whole singapore buttt a 180 degree view of.....



and this...

and down below is part of the soon-to-be-converted F1 track.

hek hek hek.

yeaa baby and i just have to get hold of a higer MP digicam. my phonie did not do quite a good job.

being there live, beats these pictures. i was so excited and it kinda reminded me of the good old days. from my hostel balcony, i enjoyed fireworks near my area. deepavali and national days and new year eves. and not to forget with monash mates back on the campus, practically woahh-ingg and oooo-ing at fireworks at sunway lagoon resort. hehehe.

Monday, August 18, 2008

finally its out.

i have relayed the message. and the choke i have been holding has finally been coughed out.

i can sleep peacefully today onwards.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ryan and taylor?!

ok this is a very odd AND beyond imagination couple. ryan and taylor as an item? that is so wrong. ok pple, they are from The OC. i find this serial very entertaining. the whole lot of them. ryan, the grouchy-looking and tough guy. taylor talks damn lot man. but shes hootttaaa! ehehe. i like her cute nose. and marissa not being in the picture is quite abnormal.

i just started on a new novel by jill winters. "Just Peachy". was searching high and low for something to occupy my time. actually, i wanted to settle down for another of mike gayle buttt the other titles seem dull, not to my interest. i have yet to reach a third of this book. it has something to do with having crush with a NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR. see, i can relate so much to that. i mean who writes novel, creates a character and relate it to someone who works in IT line. come on, who? haha.i dont read that much, probably someone out there can refer me to some titles or something. :)

anyway, something put me down recently. on monday, i was feeling so lousy at work. it is a choice i have to make. i have not decided on tat something yet. i think i have to give myself a bit more time. when i finalise it, probably i will release it off from the back of my mind and feel the peace and ease.

in the meantime, i just have to enjoy.

farah, you are right. hell with work. haha :)

Saturday, August 09, 2008

national day.

everyday to and fro orchard area and i did not even take the opportunity to walk around town until last night right after work. first stop was centerpoint. apparently, i think it is losing its touch. the only places which i think worth staying put are probably Robinsons, McDonalds, Starbucks, Coldstorage and the bank hehe. it was so much different years back. anyways, i decided to indulge myself with 2 scoops of Haagen Daz. My fav strawberry cheesecake and the same old cream and cookies. really finding trouble because i just got MC 2 days before. it was the itch in the throat. but, neither care nor giving any damn. when it comes to food, once you long for it, better enjoy them before anything else.

made my way from centerpoint, passing cineleisure, heeren and next stop was taka. hmmm, there are sales going on and the moment i entered, i was hoping to get something there but i didnt like anything there. was looking for hair accessories, jewellery and even a watch. but nothing seemed to attract my eyes even though they have damn large collections , like zillions of jewellery stuff but nothing at all seemed to interest me. i headed on to watches corner and it was pathetic. DKNY, Swatch, CASIO/BabyG/Gshock and Guess. and very little collection though they are having 10% off. but nahh. so to cut story short, went to wisma, and again the same disappointment and i went back with nothing EXCEPT that i truly enjoyed an outdoor performance right outside taka. i think shes from China and she played an old skool song from Jason Donovan - Sealed with A Kiss on a chinese musical instrument, not sure what it's called. seriously, it was so captivating. shes amazing with capital A.

and, i have finished the book i have been reading. a male and female, such good friends who love each other but in the end, did not get together. it was so sad. a good read.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

robinsons sales.

gd news to share. if you have been eyeing on some stuff in robinsons, grab them ASAP cos they r having 20% off storewide!! hehe, its from today till 11th aug. includes john little, marks & spenser and i forgot the rest :) anddd some in-store specials which be either on the shelves @ $43 an item or 43% off!!

BTW, national day will be spent at a kenduri! haiz.

oo. its raining now. gonna be a very shiok sleep soonnn. before tat, THE OC serials to catch up :)i remember when i was in uni, i watched THE OC and Prison Break like crazy . those are some of the stuff to keep me away from stress :) not to forget my dear little minies as well hek hek hek.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

hero lies in you.

donno why, but i have been feeling nostalgic for the past days esp when youtube-ing :)
came across mariah carey's performance probly in the 90's. i remember watching her performance over and over again on the video tape (yes, old skool VCR!). i think i was in love with her at that time. without you and hero are my favorites back then and now still.

no doubt, a powerhouse.

Hero - Mariah Carey ( <--- check it out)

There's a hero if you look inside your heart
You don't have to be afraid of what you are.
There's an answer if you reach into your soul
and the sorrow that you know will melt away

And then a hero comes along
with the strength to carry on
and you cast your fears aside
and you know you can survive.

So, when you feel like hope is gone
look inside you and be strong
and you'll finally see the truth
that a hero lies in you.

It's a long road when you face the world alone;
No one reaches out a hand for you to hold.
You can find love if you search within your self
and the emptiness you felt will disappear.

And then a hero comes along
with the strength to carry on
and you cast your fears aside
and you know you can survive.

So, when you feel like hope is gone
look inside you and be strong
and you'll finally see the truth
that a hero lies in you.

oh....Lord knows dreams are hard to follow,
But don't let anyone tear them away.
Just Hold on, there will be tomorrow,
In time you'll find the way

And then a hero comes along
with the strength to carry on
and you cast your fears aside
and you know you can survive.

So, when you feel like hope is gone
look inside you and be strong
and you'll finally see the truth
that a hero lies in you
that a hero lies in ... you
mmmm that a hero lies


Sunday, August 03, 2008

transitions in life.

i have known close friends and beloved ones who have moved from one phase to another in their lives. i am happy for them.

i have yet to make my own. never know when will it be. nobody knows what their future holds. to initiate changes for the better, it takes lots of guts and risks.

i have learnt that until you do it, you will never know how easy it is and you wished that you should have done it way early :)

we should not regret with things that we had done, but should regret for the things we did not do.

Monday, July 21, 2008

one moment in time.

this song is very synonym with achievements.

from the start till the end, all of these mixed in me

1. Goosebumps
2. Brain freeze
3. Chill down my spine
4. Hair stand

Seriously AMAZING.

People out there, i am sure there shall be or had been your only THE one moment in time :)

i had mine, the moment i stood on that podium :):)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

mike gayle.

mike gayle who?

friday night. i had dinner at my favorite library cafe and i was telling myself, why not pay the shelves a visit. the last book i read was from cecilia ahern. i like books of her genre and i was hoping to chance upon something like hers. i skipped her last title cos it's kinda bored for me. so aimlessly, i was flipping books on the shelves and when i was about to give up, my fingers did its walk to one with its author's name in a pretty large-sized font, even bigger than its title! mike gayle. i reached for its synopsis, and find it pretty interesting cos like finally, from a man's point of view, more or less i understand what is running in their heads! "brand new friend" is its title. i am like into 1/3 of the book and i understand why man really treasure their friends so much, what type of conversations they usually share and yada yada. :) now that i know, gals, knowing that his friends are so dear to your man, even the slightest mention of them might make him flare up, i mean when mentioned in a negative note. probably whatever you are unhappy with, somehow his friends are pulled into the picture and chances are, he might erupt and you shall bear the consequences. i wondered how mike gayle looks like until i was at Popular. he has another latest title with his picture on it. hes a black (actually, i didnt expect it at all) and yes, i am starting to love his writing! it is refreshing for me, indeed!

and so i wikipedia-ed him hehe. woah seriously, i think i have missed him, big time :)

Monday, July 07, 2008

shake your poms!

it is one of the repeats in my playlist NOW :) sounds kinky but i like :)
discovered other cool songs in Step Up 2. a must watch esp the dancemoves!
its I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E. but dammit, i cant find the original vid.

this is the finale dance of Step Up 2. awesome moves mann!

SIDETRACK : this is cute and the next is wackier! (ATTENTION: MUST-WATCH)

youtube is the new google hey!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

the waiting game.

i decided to take some time off from work last thurs and headed for "Wanted". even though it was 2 hrs earlier from knock-off, but i just felt that i have reached the limit. the last when i took a very short break was during a weekend, (actually i dont event count it a break) which was in late may and a half-day leave was dedicated to driving test around mid March. so to conclude, actually i have been working without even a good, deserved break. how sad is that. that is why, short trips during long weekends were the only ones i could enjoy.

so what is happening to me?

i am waiting for another opportunity to pass by and grab it with all my might.i deserve better opportunity which has yet to appear. i really can't get it when some subset can slog all their lives in the same place for donkey years. how is that possible, i wonder. don't they feel tired/bored? what else can i do now but to wait. i am in a waiting game right now.

ah. if u dont actually realise(if you have lots of MONEY) or maybe you might(if you are aware of current issues now), food prices have increased like crazy. Burger King Ice Lemon Tea Medium which I consider it Small costs $2.55. its freaking small. i am not joking. i dont remember drinking a small-sized cup which they call it Medium. ah. i remember. few days ago, i was at Macdonalds grabbing some $2 double cheese burgers and so, an Indian man was complaining about his LARGE ice lemon tea. now, what is actually LARGE and wat is MEDIUM. with all the price increments, everything seem expensive but shrinking in sizes. DONUTS at causewaypoint(cold storage) now cost $7 for half dozen. it used to be lesser ! i hate the times now. i have to control my spending power now. i must endure. do not buy things that are not important. that, probly i put it under my WANTS. butttt, it is a very different story for my sister. she spends like crazy. few days ago, she just bought herself a ring which costs her $60. the kinda ring which i can get lesser than $20 somewhere else and yesterday, she bought a bracelet at $37. all because she wants to look good for a wedding reception. Goodness gracious. Holy crappo, thats like $100. i actually can use that kind money for my new swirling chair!

when are things gonna be better? sigh. other things are just at the back of my mind now. but whatever it is, entertainment is no 1. next up, Hancock and Dark Knight! :) oh and lots of catching up with Download King's Treasure. hehe :)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

what i have done.

for the past weeks, i watched "Kungfu Panda" which I find them very adorable. i didnt read reviews beforehand and didnt know whose voices behind the characters, err, actually i didnt bother to find out. i was just interested in black jack's Panda. and when they have names like "sifu" and "tai lung", not a surprise jackie chan plays the monkey. "Incredible Hulk" which i think the main character's overall looks and physique (before he turns green)are not that "appetizing" really and the last was "Don't Mess with The Zohan". it was really horny and corny and hilarious and whatever words you can relate to "disgusting" ( people were laughing their hearts out and probably were shedding tears as well. nevertheless, there is a message which they wanted to bring it across. main point, make peace, no war. so next up, probably Hancock and Wanted.

went down couple of times to east coast park. after late lunch, we would just hang out at the beach and once, there happened to be a rehearsal for the upcoming national day, a heli with the flag hovering over the coast. talking about national day, have not been to the event before. not that i do not want, but before i knew it, the tics were all out when they announced it over the tv. sigh.

GSS is still on and i am so glad that i am still trying to withhold my strength of keeping the kah-chings in and not out unnecessarily. looking at handbags which are already stacked up in my room, i think more than twice actually before flipping my notes out. money is hard to come by. just like water, they can just flow out freely.

GST money are coming in, yeay!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


look at my face. do i look like a "Nor" ? despite having it as part of my birth name, butt...i am not that "Nor" kind of person. you know, just like "Siti". hek hek hek. and of course, having people calling me by that name, i feel so errrr "geli". hehehe. Az sounds much better. but some people pronounce it as "ass". something like ass-nor. dammit. oh, jason mraz has his official vid up for "I'm Yours". and he is getting thinner. and an avocado farm.. hmmmm. probably he is a vegetarian as well.

oh and also, on food. this humongous must-have dish at Cafe Galilee. an oven-baked half-chicken dressed with black pepper sauce, bit of pasta and fries. they are having a promotion at a price of only $6.90 (Beverage card holders get $1 off) !

PC show ends today. i did not go at all because i have nothing to buy and i do not want to waste my time in the crowd. i am happy with my new wireless sleek black desktop :) wire-hassle-free yo! BTW at Courts the same set is exorbitantly priced. i got it at Sim Lim at $20 lesser. man, suckers.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

leona lewis.

i have just learnt that she was a UK idol. the first few times when i heard her on 987, it appeared to me that she sounds slightly like Mariah Carey. and indeed, yes she had been singing her songs during her Idol days. and please do take a closer look at her. doesnt she remind you of Wendy Jacobs (Fandi Ahmad's wifey) ?

Better In Time - Leona Lewis (YouTube)

It's been the longest winter without you
I didn't know where to turn to
See somehow I can't forget you
After all that we've been through

Going coming thought I heard a knock
Who's there no one
Thinking that I deserve it
Now I realise that I really didn't know
If you didn't notice you mean everything
Quickly I'm learning to love again
All I know is I'm gon' be ok

Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too
It'll all get better in time
And even though I really love you
I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to
It'll all get better in time

I couldn't turn on the TV
Without something there to remaind me
Was it all that easy
To just put aside your feelings

If I'm dreaming don't wanna laugh
Hurt my feelings but that's the path
I believe in
And I know that time will heal it
If you didn't notice boy you meant everything
Quickly I'm learning to love again
All I know is I'm gon' be ok

Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too
It'll all get better in time
And even though I really love you
I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to
It'll all get better in time

Since there's no more you and me
It's time I let you go
So I can be free
And live my life how it should be
No matter how hard it is I'll be fine without you
Yes I will

[Chorus: X2]
Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too
It'll all get better in time
And even though I really love you
I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to
It'll all get better in time

my thoughts now.

what i am really seeking for right now are :

1) A miracle that something will eventually be mine

2) A sign pleaseee, should or shouldnt I go on doing it since it has been at the back of my mind for quite a while. is it worth it ? will i get the results that i actually want? what if it fails and it will waste my resource and disappoint me in the end?

it is time for a change. for the better.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

the look.

a particular guy whom i declare him as the "gangster kampung dusun". why? cos he defended his bro/fren who got knocked on his mouth by another guy unintentionally while in the bus, another words "tak-puas-hati". cos the pakcik did not say sorry. i think he is the kind who is really the i-protect-my-sworn-brothers-ok! haha. anyway, at that time i sat in front of them and witnessed the ultimate unhappy/tak-tahu-nak-cakap-sorry situation. alrighty, there must have involved in a sworn-all-for-one ritual or something. anyway, this same guy lives in my area i guess. and once in a while, we would bump. and the kind of look he gave me is that, its kinda weird. its not the normal kind of weird butt the kindddddddddddddaaaa weirdddd in not the normal sense. its like i owe him something in past life or he knows me but i donno him or probably its very clear in his mind that i was the one who witnessed his gadoh-moments. but seriously, anyone who has him as a best-est friend surely will have their lives saved at all times, fully-pledged. hehe.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ayat ayat cinta.

ayat-ayat cinta made me cry. it was so sad esp when aishah dropped her tears outside the hospital room. overall, its good cos somehow it knocked some senses into myself , definitely not the aspect of polygamy. oh, anyway guys falling in love by looking at the eyes? hhhmmm. nvm.

was in melaka AGAIN over the weekend. apart from buying a new pair of shoes only, it was all about food. had my favorite food : kenny rogers, sushi king and seafood nightout at one of the famous seafood paradise there. it was so crowded. luckily, a relative booked a place. i didnt take any pics cos food always come first. was sweating and sticky at the same time, hehe. after seafood, it was bowling time which i really sux at and a short chillout with the relatives and siblings.

so today, was back at work like everyone else. felt so lazy today actually.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

hot hot hot. Hady Mirza - Iqbal Pakula - Aliff Aziz


there were aliff aziz, hady mirza and iqbal pakula(dracula as addressed by my dad :) )

what can be even better than this ? nothing at all. they are the eye-candies. its like slurping back saliva drooling out from our mouths and they were sooo popular and hot that even the audience i can say, were made of some middle-aged makciks or kakaks, i dont know what to acknowledge them as. "hadyyy hadyyy" , or "alifff alifff" or "iqballl iqballll". all were trying to catch their attention during singing or talking, for a nice pose. and pose hey. as in the still one. dammit. most of my pics are like of ghost effects, or should i put it as BLURRY. why? becos of their movements and swaying. sux. though i was so close to one of them but hell, i think i need to buy a new better camera. nonetheless, good food + najib ali(host) + 3 hot, cute charming male artists + makcik2 who are sporting and the melatah type that really tickled our hearts.

1. getting to see hady mirza in person, up close but not personal. cute lah, chubby lah.

2. getting to sit beside aliff aziz's grandma

his grandma : kalau tak pasal aliff aziz, takder lah makcik kat sini.

me : oh, makcik peminat ke?

his grandma : dier cucu sayer.

very nice nenek.

3. meeting aliff aziz's mum who is quite popular too. tak dapat ambek gambar ngn anak, ngan mak pon jadi la. eh, i was not among them ok.

4. first time seeing najib ali in person. bloody funny.hes the best.

overall, it was satisfying :):):)

GALS, get ready, drool ok!

Aliff Aziz

Hady Mirza

Iqbal Pakula

And my mother who brought me to this world, 28 years that I live on this earth, with the shelter, love, food, education, knowledge be it anything, to all mothers in the world, HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY!

oh, i forgot about the food. one of the highlights :)

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

reliving the past.

me and my minies :)
behind us is sunway lagoon resort.

At Michaelangelos.

I think it was Baked rice sausages/seafood

Played pool, my master on my right!

Steady bom pee pi!

Daytona Archade, who else the defending champ, BUAHAHA!

Anddddd, to my surprise my little minies bought me this. oh, i was taking away sushi actually! sempat!

i watched ironman. its cool yo! i love his ironsuit, im referring to the seriously cool modified one. it reminds me of Dunhill cigarettes box, red and gold huhu. the great reviews must have much gone to the suit and the technology stuff. the screen panels reminded me of minority report. the show was quite a bore until he came out from that cave, apparently which looks just like Osama's hideout hehe. Awesome tech and suit definitely gets an 8 of 10 from moi :)

Monday, May 05, 2008

good break , helloooooo Sunway-KL

yesssa. i met my little minies during the weekend in sunway. had a swelling time just like old good times with them. wen with her i-dont-want-fatty-stuff. ezie with her dont-brush-with-my-h****-legs! haha! the sleepover was damn funny andddd farah the ultimate one. asked me a question which is normally dedicated to guys butttt. huhu. farah, i know u miss him sooo much, but pleasee, me! being the victim ?! hehe. i felt so violated u know huhu. anyways, it was an enjoyable trip with cousin and aunt. with shopping and walk-arounds and abang ajis who brought us around. he is my errrr, "dua pupu" (cousin on the 2nd level hierarchy). basically, altogether i watched movies which coincidentally are horror, played pool, eat and eat and swallow and shit and shop. basically, chilling and putting work issues at the back of my head for good 3 days :) sunway pyramid 2 is awesome. its like giving me a feeling that i am in central KL. oh! and the new additions to sunway theme park look that they deserve a visit, one fine day :)

after sunway, i transited to central KL and went to the new Pavilion and the usual shopping malls there. no changes. its all the same. we even dropped by Secret Recipe just beside the hotel we stayed. told u, its allll about fooooddd. like wat cousin said, the only time our mouths are not munching is during sleeping time. hey, its true. :)

and before we headed home, last check : we went for the finale. hell yea, shop and Old Chang Kee :)

next event, HADY MIRZA! agafagagagaggagaagg.

Food onboard @ Aeroline. Quite impressive. $47 per pax

Chilex-ing @ Starbucks, Sunway Pyramid 2

Was monkey-ing around while waiting for my minies

were at Old Chang Khee behind Sungai Wang Plaza

an hour of pool. i still can play after so long. its a miracle yo!

ah! that choc lava cake with vanilla icecream at Michaelangelo's kicks yo! a must-try.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

a break soon, before i break.

today is labour day.

DJ A : "a lot of people will look forward to give birth on this day!"

DJ B : "why?"

DJ A : "because its LABOUR day!"


thats what 98.7 has got to offer. witty jokes, lame jokes, whatever jokes they have made on air, it just tickled me when i tuned in on my way to work everyyy morning. but when the train got into the tunnel, i just have to switch to mp3s. i have not been getting any more latest mp3s and so my list is quite a bore. it runs the same old thing. nevertheless, i enjoy (or i have to, no choice) them. one of my favorites issss Hollaback girl. every morning, the moment when i am about to exit the ticketing area, i will get this song ready and blast it while i joined the rest of the commuters with high-paced-walk straight to office. fuh, its like a morning exercise for me. why? because lately, i have been coming in fewwwwww minutes late so that explains the rush. but whatever lah, as long i report for work, that would do great deal for them right! haha.

today is labour day. so here i am, relaxing, typing. and perspiring! i am supposed to go out butttt...oh!! the growth dividends are in, kah-ching kah-ching. and my first purchase for paycheck issss Crocs sandals. like finally, after so long i have been wanting one. ok, this is a WANT. not need ok. hehe. it burnt a bigggg hole in my wallet but its okayyyy, as long it is practical($53, tats like 50% more to waste of money + 50% practical ?). i have been eyeing on the big holeys ones but i do not think i look good in that and the women sandals are much more swellingly attractive. they have other new shoe models ones which are very expensive like reaching to
$120++++. thats wayyy too expensive. its like not having to think twice but maybe 20 times before you even consider cashing out that amount of money.

i find this vocalist very cuteeeeeeeee. look at the way he movesssss. the song swells. waduh, buat gue betul cair dehh.

Matta-Ketahuan (APM 2008)

Friday, April 25, 2008

a fren's belief.

just got to know that one of my ex-colleagues just ROM-ed and they have this very sweet blog where she posted how it started and ended in a very sweet proposal, which made me cry actually. and she ended with quite a beautiful quote which goes somewhere along this line :

"God shows you the wrong ones before giving you the right one"

tat is so wayyy touching.

broadband on mobile [BOM].

I am on mobile nw.yes,its finally friday.nvr the chance having to knock off as early as 5pm! Haha.thankgod, the office im working in has their annual dinner today. So here i am at my usual starbucks. no worries, their drinks are certifiable-ly acceptable. Do refer to my previous post on emulsifiers ;-)
Mum's day is just around the corner.err, 9 or 10 may heh? I knw tat im having a DATE with mum on tat day at err,i forgot whats the hotel's name. Hady mirza n alif aziz will be there along wif an indon actor whom is my mum's favorite. He is the reason for her eagerness. Gosh, mum has a crush. GULP! And dad has Lilis,huhu.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Official statement on Emulsifier 471 (Starbucks Coffee Singapore)

Official statement on Emulsifier 471

"E471 is the EU E number designating mono and diglycerides derived from fatty acids. These fatty acids can be from animal or vegetable sources. Most mono and diglycerides used as ingredients in the US are from vegetable sources. We have received confirmation from all suppliers that the mono and diglycerides used in Starbucks products are vegetable-derived. Therefore, all of the mono and diglycerides used as ingredients in Starbucks products are derived from vegetable sources and are appropriate for use by Muslims."
[Starbucks Coffee Singapore]

the absence.

i foresee that when i will be absent from workplace pretty soon, chances are my hand phone will ring. it will be only for a day, and colleagues are already repeatedly asking me "when is the date?" , checking calendars and having supervisor whom asked for my leave days entitlement! come on, my absence will not cause all servers/network to go down, definitely right? or perhaps, it might! HAHA.

ah! we will be getting off for a short holiday during the vesak weekend to where-else buttttt M.E.L.A.K.A. both my parents hail from Melaka/Malacca so its like all around and back to the roots.probably, we should consider visiting the historic places in addition to the usual makan/shopping/lepak itinerary.

btw, i didnt think of this. i was reading an article in Today to why trains were so notoriously crowded (definitely, incomparable to Tokyo's ). probably those who used to hail cabs to work are avoiding them now. dammit. what i think of cabs is that, hail it when i really need it. need, not want . other that, i will drag myself to mrt/bus. just like a "want" list and a "need" list.

my "need" list contains

my "want" list contains
1. my prince charming (wait! probably, this should move up to the list above? haha)
2. a sponsored car ( maybe one that fits myself, 2 passengers behind, no more than that) which sadly, wont come true!
3. whatever i have seen/window-shopped

Saturday, April 19, 2008

how it feels.

now i know how it feels when

1. a car cuts into the lane we are driving in WITHOUT signaling first
(cause i have seen ezie/farah (ooppsss!) when they were in those times, haha)

2. pedestrians slowlyyyyy taking their own sweet time crossing like their father's road (huhu, direct-translation yo!)

3. approaching JAYWALKers

weekdays were filled up with nothing but work. friday nights are heaven for me and in fact, weekends too. all these aching and tiring parts of my body at last get their retreat, every friday nights that is. i did not leave the place without having these 2 items below, at all times.

potato salad with little slices of chickn ham + caramel frappucino

and weekends are the family time/lepak rilek chilex/washing/ironing.

we had 2 birthday celebrations this month, for little niece whom turned 4 and little nephew, 7.

we received a treat from niece's mummy at Lestari @ Yishun. its our normal coffeeshop, opposite a school which i cant quite recall the name. it was such a sumptuous treat with the sotong balls, various fishes, prawns and shark fin soup anddd lotss more. seriously, i was bloated ( like i have not once ? ). nevertheless, it was an enjoyable gathering.

and few days back, it was a small celebration at nephew's place :)

and when little niece made a remark about the cake, it was as though time froze for 5 secs!

Niece : Mummy, the cake not nice. (with the sad face)

*time froze for 5 secs*

Her Mummy : Why did you eat with the fried chicken ?

All : ????

oh, actually we were in nephew's place and actually his mum bought the cake for him. so yeaa, all we could do was to keep silent. hehe. i didnt even dare to look at my sister and her husband. malunyer.

how fast time flies. it will be THE big 3 for me in a couple of years. where is my prince charming ? come here toaddy, lemme kiss you. haha.

the body shop is having biggggg-time sales at Causewaypoint Atrium. i think it ends tomorrow, Sunday. now that they have high % discounts, i managed to grab some items which i find too expensive without them.

and today, we had a mass/bash blowing-out candles for the 4 little kids. so, all salivas might have been the magical ingredient to the cake. no wonder it tasted very delicious haha. it was a clean out.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

back to civilization.

not exactly was back from somewhere where you cannot find food or civilized people.but back to my comfort-stress-free-now-that-i-can-breathe zone!hmmm, where shall i start heh. hmmm. i am now the official driver. i get to launch words like si*l, switchable * to 'a' or 'o', infront of my parents. i am implementing what we call an effective time management and priotizing workload/cases at workplace which hopefully it will benefit me in the long-run. stress level has been increasing by days. i am now in the phase like you people, yesss, normal working adults, whom some might be in the very critical state where badddd words are hurled at one another hehe. mine is not critical as yet. huuh. what i need now is to HIBERNATE before getting onto the speedboat soon. REST is the ultimate word. i managed to spend a few hours on friday night, at my favorito starbucks outlet with caramel frappucino and potato yummy which was so yummyyyy.

oh. cousin was away for honeymoooooninnggggg. and wat she got when she came back,a swollen ankle. alamak. drink more susu lah gal.

entertainment-wise, i have not caught up with ANYYYY latest box office. the last i wanted to watch was Stepup 2 but i have no time for that yet. i remember that i was planning to take up keyboard classes. so that i can buy a casio keyboard and make lots of noise in my room. by then, i will have to build up sound-proof walls in my room. shettt. that plan has to be revised. probably, this time not that course, but probably another that might help me alottttt.

oh btw, i love dan and young slot @ 98.7! they are seriously jokers mannnn.

anddd what i have anticipated, it came true. there was an archived post which i brought up on inconsiderate humans who still read newspapers in crowds. yesss, finally there was a shouting drama last friday. between a makcik and a chinese guy. but his is a BOOK. nice ! all that i can say is, he was at fault. and it was already his fault but yet, still trying so hard to defend himself. kiasu. this too, applies to the driver who was infront of dad's car, earlier today who changed lane numerous times when we were on our way back to singapore customs. ulimate kiasu. i am so ashamed of kiasu singaporeans (KSS), similar to KNN. by the way, i wonder where Mas Selamat is. do you?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

cousin's wedding.

the day arrived and soon they will be setting off for their honeymoon. i love cousin's color and her overall image. she looked like one indon lady, doesnt she? hehe

despite all the gushing perspiration, which included mine, the day went smooth. bertandang over to the guy's family side and being the pengiring for cousin was awesomely a very new experience for me hehe. i get to eat TWICE actually, not knowing that i could join them at the meja pengantin. a polite gesture being at the host reception, definitely i have to eat some right. so there i was with them for the second time hehe.

The makan session, which I just couldn't resist hehe.

Cousin and I, right after her makeup session before setting off.

The trip with the bride and bridegroom and my other cousin, who drove

Awesomely, a very nice experience, seeing alot alot of relatives and probably the kampung people get together and we get to eat using hands at the wedding reception. how often do we do that back here. that is what kampung-style is all about :)

tomorrow is back to work. will be missing in action from blogging for the coming week. will be back soon!

Saturday, March 29, 2008


i have one BIG pimple right at the middle of my cheek now. sob sob. is that the beginning of my breakout ? sob sob. wuarrgghhhhhhhhhhh. ok, my buddy is leaving this monday. and on 1st april, a new engineer will report for work. please pray for me that we can work/communicate effectively and importantly, knows more than me! haha.

mother's day.

im not sure when mother's day is exactly but upon hearing her favourite actor from the famous Mimpi Manis indon serials, the first thing mum enthusiastically said was let buy flowers for him. yep, yep. at that time, i was driving and luckily i did not jam-brake cos never in my life have i heard that one from my mum. the actor plays Aldi in Mimpi Manis. i dont know what his real name is. my family had discussed about Gunawan being in the top list of the most handsome indon actors, followed by Tengku Ryan and next on the block is this Aldi guy. the event commemorates Mother's Day. it is an event where there will be Aliff Aziz (go shout crazy young "anak-abu" fanatic gals) andddd Hady Mirza :)well, that name does excites me just a little bit cos when the buzz was on about him in the Asian Idol and his win, it kinda made me stuck to the tv box actually. well i know far's mum adores him so much :) it will be held at swiss hotel on 10th may and jolly well, we got a table just rightttt infront of the stage among the 100 plus of tables. i just cant afford to miss my camera and a pail to contain our saliva!

next up, after so much hesitations on what hp model to buy between a Dopod and Nokia, finally i rested my case on Sony Ericsson W910i which costs me $98 for a brand new line. i had been using hi-card and the top-ups had been crazy on my pocket and it was like more than what i will be paying for a fixed line. on top of it, i have 1000 free sms-es and 200 mins of outgoing calls for a year. so, who just can't resist these.well, singaporeans prefer bargains and rush for them including me! and plus, i decided to try out Broadband on Mobile too. My internet usage here has been so suckily low. i dont use it when im at work. it is just kinda waste having to spend on the monthly bills but contract states that i will have to pay for the rest of the remaining months till contract ends and so i just have to continue till the end of this year.

next up, i have seen cousin's wedding pics and they are awesomely gorgeous! tomorrow, cousin will bersanding at Emy's side at JB. just cant wait to be in the kampung-style wedding. it has been ages i have been in one which included seeing the lembu kener korban/sembelih and the makcik2 and pakcik2 happily skinning the cow's head and everyone waited for the delicious sop tulang :) my little malaysian relatives and i will be playing around either at the verandah of the house, near the jamban or somewhere along the bushes. those times were classic.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

long for break.

over the long weekend, a very very last minute plan popped up. it was like at 9 am confirmed and we set off at around 12noon. during the span of 3 hours, i washed and hung up my working clothes, started packing up and abit of vacuuming. as true as it sounded, last minute plans do always come true! hehe. to where? where else.
M-E-L-A-K-A. it was all about eating, shopping and chilling by the pool. i didnt take the chance to have a dip because i suffered some miserable aches on both of my hands due to the strenuous and exaggerating handling of the wheel during my driving test. we had good food at our ultimate favourite jaya jusco, air keroh. shopped for a new handbag over at Mahkota Parade. filled our stomach with 2 full grilled chicken meal at Nandos and ended the day with Starbucks.thou it was a short getaway and not alot of my family members were there butttt the ultimate enjoyment for me wasssss driving up the highway, shopping, eating aka belahak and chilling by the pool with the breezy wind blowing over under the HOT SUN :)

anddd the 1st day by the pool, near to 7pm, we saw not one but two rainbows over the sky :) reminded me of paddlepock ice cream. was so the jakun, what to do. i have not been having the chance to appreciate the nature and my surroundings. what i have been seeing around me are :

1. Human crowds during my trip to and from work
2. Human crowds along Somerset area
3. Human crowds during lunch time

there is one issue about crowds. especially in the mrt train, where u just have to squeeze with the rest of the commuters and the BEST part is, having people with newspapers, still having the nerves to read them in the crowd. im not saying the crowd buttt its the shoulder to shoulder, backside to backside kinda crowd. and some inconsiderate people still can read their newspapers and not understanding the pathetic situation we are in. brushing against others, knocking against others esp with the newspapers. what the *toot* is this ? at least there are some people with brains who stopped and folded their papers once the crowd came in. sigh. it just reminded me of one video clip in china/japan where the train staff had to really STUFF the commuters in the crowded cabins. God.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

the official driver.

thank you so much for the well-wishes i received for the past few days and today. finally on the third time, using car number 41 at parking slot 17 on 19 March 2008, i am an official qualified driver. only Gods knows what went through my mind, heart and soul when i sat for my results in the office rightt infront of my tester. it was unexpected seeing the fact that i actually stalled the engine twice in circuit and rolled backwards less than a metre TWICE in the circuit of which the tester already folded his arms haha PLUS there were sooo many ticks on the checklist each time i glanced throughout the test. luck was on my side and due to many advices i received, i placed my heart and soul into the test which i had this early morning :) dad is my second pair of ears and eyes now. and mum will be busy looking out for cars on my behalf. hehe :) i had my first drive to sis' place today. that is just the beginning.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

never before this sick.

past few weeks had been hectic due to my mucus+phlegm+fever. i visited 3 different doctors over a span of 2 weeks. nevertheless, i thanked God for what i am going through right now esp work-wise and whatever comes in my path in the future :)

on a very light and happy doopy note, my beloved cousin Nooraziah and Emy Hazley are officially husband and wife on 080308. i am so happy and excited for her. Alhamdulilah, everything went well. i remember last time when we were kids like around pri 1-2 i think, we became victims of vanity! haha. we had makeup on our faces, got dressed up with fake moles and over-sized bajus, all the work of my then-crazy-vain sisters, haha. oh God. i must scan that picture, one day!

This was during her akad nikah, nervously hearing the tok-kadi's speech

i was very sick during her wedding preps, so i didnt help that much 3 days before. nevertheless, i was there for her during nikah and sanding. frankly, when i went through all four of my siblings' weddings, i didnt get involved that much. its like more of lazing around or karaoke-ing. but this time, it was seriously fun. helping the mak & bapak pengantins with guests' berkats of which are rather expensive and awesomely attractive, taking care of the money collection(seriously i actually held tight one bag, safeguarding it while i was taking a short nap!) and putting events together as planned. it was actually the first wedding ceremony for her family and with experienced siblings of mine who got married donkey years ago and very the orang-kuat cousins, it went very well :)

To Aziah and Emy, Selamat Pengantin Baru. Semoga Kekal Hingga Ke Akhir Ayat. Amin. :)

What else happened? Hmm. Oh. i have heard stories about singles who get offensive remarks from relatives when attending weddings. if that ever happens to me, im gonna smack their butt left right bottom center! hehe. ok, actually one close relative saw me on cousin's akad nikah and commented how berseri-seri my face was. my reply was, how come it's me, shouldnt it be the bride. yessss, i had my hair washed with God-knows-how-many-litres of shampoo, conditioner and vitamin spray. definitely, my hair stands out. if want to be too extremely nice, dont over-do it lah dei :) whatever it is, being single is a gift okay :P actually it is very very very true. freedom + money = priceless haha :)

lets analyse.

if i am single,

1. i spend my OWN money in whatever ways i like
2. i wont get calls from mum AT ALL even i am out till 12 mn!
3. i dont spend on second stomach/leisure

if i am attached,

1. i pay for food, you pay for movies later
2. you want that thing?
3. i want that! *hint hint*
4. let's meet after work = MONEY
5. get calls from mum as early as 7 pm !
6. if i see nice things, should i get for him?

told ya ! :)

Sunday, March 02, 2008


currently the massive manhunt of Mas Selamat Kastari is sending chill down my spine esp when i was at bedok mrt station last fri. the presence of police guards with those guns,just like one of the scenes in the movies where either aliens attack earth or alien and predator happens to make earth of all places to fight or spread of a very infectious , dangerous plague in the city and they have to cordoned off the city or on well, similarly terrorism. :)

have not been that well since fri after i had my first training with fellow colleague. my voice almost sounded like one mak bondah whom my beloved ezie is very well known for HAHAHAHA. in just flash, we are already in march. i still have my driving test this mid-march. damn damn damn. when can i ever get this done and over with.

upcoming IT Show 2008 will be from 6th-9th March 08 @ Suntec City. confirm pack like crazy. most probly i can go and check out new mobile line subscription or something that might interest myself.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

counting days ?

exactly 13 more days to cousin's bigggg day and we know she's all excited and nervous. i am the official runner for her wedding. we have been so close for all our lives and i still can remember on her one of her early befdays, those old skul orange cooking plastic pondok-pondok utensils flew ALL OVER THE PLACE when actually someone took a candid shot of her, with her cute tokcang. that is so classic yo! and i was there so puzzled witnessing tat very frightening behavior then haha. and this same gal is getting married sooonnnn. i bet she will be like come-take-my-photos kinda mood on her big day :)

last night, like finally it is weekend and to let our hair/hands/feets downnn, i decided to chillex in starbucks and we spent almost 3.5 hours chatting the past, present and future, each of us with our caramel machiatto and new york cheese. how wonderful was that before she becomes THE isteri orang :) i did learn some new stuff like how waterbag breaks (?) and how the baby should be positioned, the legs or head at the entrance during due time(?) and i think i got the position all mixed up. haha. how her galfren wanted to present her with 24 hela of kain putih HUHUHU for her wedding. ok, if u know what tat means good haha else, too badddd. how her tok kadi's name coincidentally happens to be the combination of her 2 witnesses' names whom one happens to be my father. we had great laugh, seriously. from wedding prep to current work stories to future plans.

work has been great so far except for the stinky smell in the centre which we seriously do not have any idea where it comes from. smells like from a sewage or something. yucks, puit.

on a lighter note, here i am, a very proud owner of an Adidas watch which i had mentioned not long ago in my archived entry except that i did not settle for the black and gold edition but instead it is .....

i wanted the limited edition last time but after looking at this, i changed my mind. white limited edition is like 21 bucks more. the ahmoi stated limited editions are nett prices so not wanting to end up wearing the similar watch with my instructor, i settled for this.

if i am not mistaken, my Monash gals are gonna start the new semester this coming Monday. i wish you gals a very great semester, study smart, have fun with activities and the best of the best company around yeaa. JIA YOU!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


nothing much to update except for my ad hoc lunch date with " Love Is In The Air " :)
it is back to square one. u go to work, go home, bathe, eat and if lucky online for a while like now, then sleep anddd the cycle continues. how about doing this for the next 20 years? so far, work load has been good. no complains and i don't want to use the word "yet" cos hopefully, it will go just fine, everyday.

over the weekend, i spent 6 hours in Causeway point ! its like since i started work, i really miss wasting my time there hehe. they having great sales be it pillows, sheets and Metro. i would have wasted my money if my payday falls around this time. sometimes, we buy stuff, chuck them one side and totally forget about them until the next annual/Hari Raya spring clean.

i cant hold my eyes open now. im tired. beddy is calling. out.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

wat i think i have/am.

i got this from one of the emails.
striked ones are most unlikely me :)

> >>Has a lot of ideas
> >>Difficult to fathom
> >>Thinks forward
> >>Unique and brilliant( :):):) "Dare to be different". My tshirt, remember ? )
> >>Extraordinary ideas (hmmm Like?)
> >>Sharp thinking
> >>Fine and strong clairvoyance
> >>Can become good doctors ( Does it include a PC Doctor? )
> >>Careful and cautious
> >>Dynamic in personality ( Ofcosez! )
> >>Secretive ( I am very theeeeee )
> >>Inquisitive ( Knowledge is priceless )
> >>Knows how to dig secrets ( Reverse psychology )
> >>Always thinking ( This is soooo true, that explains to why sometimes i tend to be quiet and most of the times, prefer to be alone )
> >>Less talkative but amiable ( very the friendly and sociable )
> >>Brave and generous
> >>Patient ( hmmm. i shall not strike this cos i have learnt what patience is :))
> >>Stubborn and hard-hearted
> >>If there is a will, there is a way
> >>Determined
> >>Never give up
> >>Hardly become angry unless provoked
> >>Loves to be alone ( 100% true )
> >>Thinks differently from others
> >>Sharp-minded
> >>Motivates oneself
> >>Does not appreciates praises ( becos if im good, yeass so? BUAHAHAHAHA. just kidding.)
> >>High-spirited
> >>Well-built and tough
> >>Deep love and emotions
> >>Romantic
> >>Uncertain in relationships
> >>Homely
> >>Hardworking
> >>High abilities
> >>Trustworthy
> >>Honest and keeps secrets
> >>Not able to control emotions
> >>Unpredictable

go dont see sun, come back dont see sun.

that actually came from my mum which i DIRECTLY translated them from malay. mummy,mum,momma,mak. if i dont go to work, who is gonna contribute to your already FULFILLED monthly income hehe.

CNY was pretty long. to make very long story short, 7th and 8th, we were in Melaka, to be exact it was FLOATING LAKEVIEW RESORT in Air Keroh which is just an OK, decent place inclusive of the non-functional swimming pool and the so-called lake which looked like it has been months not being maintained. yeaaa baby, imagine the greenish kind of water where u can find in the lokangs of TMNT. the furnitures were decently ok actually minus off how quiet and isolated it was and one of the lifts actually blackout on us once AND as for activities wise, it suck bad time except for the futsal court and eventually, my whole siblings and inlaws got addicted to SUDOKU cos i am their master ofcos :):):)

fret no more, there is always JAYA JUSCO for shopping. i bought quite a number of office wear at very good prices. thank God that they have just replenished new stocks of apparels so it was splendid.

we extended our stay for another day but this time, we shifted to PUTRI RESORT. i tell you, it is much much way bestestttttt than the former. the adult swimming pool is bloody huge yo, with depth of 1.2m all around and they have 2 kids pool with a mini slide each. they have those kinda modern concrete waterfall. altogether they looked so GRAND AND AWESOME after agonising at Floating Lakeview's "STATE-OF-THE-ART" swimming pool and environment. floating lakeview is actually arranging maintenance for the pool and their other 1001 stuff so yeaaa, it might take ages.

the bloody big adults' pool on the left. notice the many steps in the foreground. actually water is flowing like waterfall.

the kids' pools on the far right. click on above image to zoom in clearer

by the way, PUTRI has one snooker table in one of its cafe where i dont see much people around EXCEPT for the coffehouse where guests go and leave for daily breakfast.

overall, it was a decent holiday. after seeing one of the blogger's trip to beaches in north malaysia, i feel like going there too mannn :)

see,the kids looked so happy playing with one another despite the sucky resort. but hell, they seriously enjoyed the kids' pools in Putri :)