Sunday, July 20, 2008

mike gayle.

mike gayle who?

friday night. i had dinner at my favorite library cafe and i was telling myself, why not pay the shelves a visit. the last book i read was from cecilia ahern. i like books of her genre and i was hoping to chance upon something like hers. i skipped her last title cos it's kinda bored for me. so aimlessly, i was flipping books on the shelves and when i was about to give up, my fingers did its walk to one with its author's name in a pretty large-sized font, even bigger than its title! mike gayle. i reached for its synopsis, and find it pretty interesting cos like finally, from a man's point of view, more or less i understand what is running in their heads! "brand new friend" is its title. i am like into 1/3 of the book and i understand why man really treasure their friends so much, what type of conversations they usually share and yada yada. :) now that i know, gals, knowing that his friends are so dear to your man, even the slightest mention of them might make him flare up, i mean when mentioned in a negative note. probably whatever you are unhappy with, somehow his friends are pulled into the picture and chances are, he might erupt and you shall bear the consequences. i wondered how mike gayle looks like until i was at Popular. he has another latest title with his picture on it. hes a black (actually, i didnt expect it at all) and yes, i am starting to love his writing! it is refreshing for me, indeed!

and so i wikipedia-ed him hehe. woah seriously, i think i have missed him, big time :)