Saturday, September 20, 2008

ideal sisters.

heard of them before?
how about this song? :)

hanya sekali, ku lafazkan cinta.....

for you esp for first love and probably you think, it will be the only one, i dedicate this to you :) probably, the one who is farrrr away, hehehehee ;P

cant find lyrics for this. so those who complain that i post youtube with no lyrics, listen and figure out yourself. :P

anddd we have their raya song..

alamak, karaoke version lah.

somehow, i found myself you-tubing very oldskul songs, for no apparent reason. probly, youtube has like everything so once in a while, to have these pre-2k classics in the playlist, it gives me some kind of new breather or something. well, oldskul still rocks lah.

im youtube-ing for more hariraya vids so that i can have them compiled in a cd and bring out the raya spirit soonnnnn for spring-clean. oh btw, from my waist down, to my right, it hurts badddd. it has been a week since i did spring-clean phase 1. esp if i get myself up from sitting posture. urgh. sakitt dokk.

mum is busy altering sis' baju kurong. long sleeve, bottom too long. haiya. luckily mine is just perfect. well, even if there is any, i would just have them errr folded. hehe. one thing abt my mum when it comes to altering stuff esp CLOTHES, she will get us to try it on over and over again. thats what i hate about. so, to avoid that, dont complain and start folding. not difficult wattt. to me. :)

i find this is too fast. i feel that its just like few months ago that we just celebrated hari raya :(

my internet connection sucks. i want to change to broadband on mobile soon! and we will be getting MONEY soon!! yeay. will be going to my photo grad shoot today. bro had his done few months ago for his masters. so, there hangs his bloody huge portrait. i know, all these from me. random. there are so many things which had happened. but im too lazy to update the rest here.

oh finally, check out this link. who deletes/blocks you in MSN Messenger. you might be surprised. i had my surprise. but hack care lah.