Saturday, May 10, 2008

hot hot hot. Hady Mirza - Iqbal Pakula - Aliff Aziz


there were aliff aziz, hady mirza and iqbal pakula(dracula as addressed by my dad :) )

what can be even better than this ? nothing at all. they are the eye-candies. its like slurping back saliva drooling out from our mouths and they were sooo popular and hot that even the audience i can say, were made of some middle-aged makciks or kakaks, i dont know what to acknowledge them as. "hadyyy hadyyy" , or "alifff alifff" or "iqballl iqballll". all were trying to catch their attention during singing or talking, for a nice pose. and pose hey. as in the still one. dammit. most of my pics are like of ghost effects, or should i put it as BLURRY. why? becos of their movements and swaying. sux. though i was so close to one of them but hell, i think i need to buy a new better camera. nonetheless, good food + najib ali(host) + 3 hot, cute charming male artists + makcik2 who are sporting and the melatah type that really tickled our hearts.

1. getting to see hady mirza in person, up close but not personal. cute lah, chubby lah.

2. getting to sit beside aliff aziz's grandma

his grandma : kalau tak pasal aliff aziz, takder lah makcik kat sini.

me : oh, makcik peminat ke?

his grandma : dier cucu sayer.

very nice nenek.

3. meeting aliff aziz's mum who is quite popular too. tak dapat ambek gambar ngn anak, ngan mak pon jadi la. eh, i was not among them ok.

4. first time seeing najib ali in person. bloody funny.hes the best.

overall, it was satisfying :):):)

GALS, get ready, drool ok!

Aliff Aziz

Hady Mirza

Iqbal Pakula

And my mother who brought me to this world, 28 years that I live on this earth, with the shelter, love, food, education, knowledge be it anything, to all mothers in the world, HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY!

oh, i forgot about the food. one of the highlights :)