Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ultimate Cuteness.


he reminded me of SYAFIQ seriously! HAHA. now tat i remember!

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Friday, April 27, 2007


i must say this.

Jude Law is HOT. the sizzling kind.

ok, its like finally after hmmm months i managed to catch THE HOLIDAY. it made my tears roll man. seriously. ok, if im not wrong, diana..u went gagagagaga on him rite. and yes, its finally proven HAHA. ok ok. i know. i have been so busy drooling over the one and only wentworth miller. AND NO. hes not gay. hes just too good to be one HAHA. Fine.

THIS NEW PIECE IS MAKING ME NUTS. ok , showing off. check out below.

i have decided to change the look of my OS and looking at the fact that Vista ROCKS BIG TIME, i wanted something else out of my current one. and i came across this skin named Smooth X *The creator rocks!*

what have been happening to me here? not much really, needless to say abt assignments and skool EXCEPT for the company i had with the gals. =] things are going fine, and AH. today. its the end of Week 8. but one thing that is not really going tat fine is the feeling of sadness, stress-ness, tension-ness among my close frens here. so guys, i believe that we all can survive another of this ordeal just like what we had gone through before. those who just came in, i believe it will take some time to actually adapt to the system here especially adapting to the books hehe. so worry no more. what i have gone through and wat others go through are all the same. So...


Saturday, April 21, 2007

Not any service but good customer service tat matters.

when u walk along shops, in search of a product and it happens that one shop seemed empty. its a well-known branded sports shop. and the first thing you would notice is the sales person? would you? its like what the heck are you doing there and why arent there any customers around? so i decided to check out their stuff. and the salesperson just stood far away behind me. she didnt utter a word. its like im the one who asked her the price, the model etc. from liking the product to "thank you" to walking off.

so where is the customer service ? dont they like have any concerns about the no show-up of customers ?

so i continued my search and i passed by New Balance..nah..didnt attract much of my attention. And came along this huge brand display which just seemed to call me to visit its lot. i saw like 3 dudes who might just about to get out of the shop maybe after a random checking out of the products. the sales people, these few guys i randomly saw them at the counter doing some stuff. ok, my intention was actually to look for backpac and despite the not so wide variety they have BUT the thing is the customer service one of these guys provided me. it was such a vast contrast to what had happened in the first shop and i tell you, he was all out with information to assist my purchase that till i felt like buying another of my not-so-important item but because of some financial issue *ok it was pricey and i have to be careful with $*. we communicated in 2 ways and tats the real deal.

Adidas Sunway Pyramid. Thats wat i call good customer service.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

wats in the list.

this happens when i have frens who intro me some cool good songs. i feel so new. hehe.

what happened to Pecinta Wanita and My Heart ? HAHAH.
BELAIAN JIWA was the most memorable. Along the dark alley, ezie wanted us to sing cos she was too afraid AND also farah and her were entertained (seriously they like their singing which i seriously missed it, damn) by this group of guys in the library earlier on with the same song. ok i know and we all know, Belaian Jiwa is the ultimate romantic + lovey-dovey + guys who sing them nicely will melt u gals.

its week 8 now. i want to go shopping this weekend. ok tats random.

there are too many "kids" here. Noise. And im in library now. Kids. Agree?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mimpi Yang Tak Sudah.(Endless Dream)

i came across my favorite YOUTUBE guitarist again! YEAY. this time an old skul jiwang banget song from Ibnor Reza (*guys, u should know him ok after someone not knowing who Rohana Jalil is, damn.... who doesnt know her man. hehehe.sorry farah, cant help it lah*)

this song seriously "menusuk kalbu gue". go through the lyrics guys :) *sob sob*

pls pardon his starting of the song, he might be confused himself. and the rest was..PHEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEETTTTTTTTTTTTT.

Ibnor Riza

Mimpi Yang Tak Sudah

Apa makna impian
Datang dan pergi
Membawa hati
Menyusuri kembali
Jalan-jalan sepi

Kau kah di situ
Yang menantiku
Atau jelmaan
Dalam kenangan
Yang bernama pengalaman

( korus )
Siapakah di antara kita
Dengan rela menjadi pendusta
Siapakah dulu membina harapan
Dan siapa yang memusnahkan impian
Tanpa sebab dan alasan
Kau lahirkan perasaan
Bagai taufan tiba-tiba datang
Dan menghilang

Kau bayang-bayang
Masa nan silam
Ada ketika terbawa-bawa
Oleh resah mimpi yang tak sudah

( ulang korus hingga akhir )


talking about dreams, i have been having this recurring dream or nightmare im not sure but, seriously TWICE. its about my teeth all starting to fall off. im serious. not one, not two..but almost all. what does that mean? does anyone out there know what tat means? bad? nothing? geez, sad.

Friday, April 06, 2007


i have moved on to a greater height. NOT. OK, i know what a lame line to start with BUT i dont care cos i have relocated at the highest point in sunway. HAHA. (hmmm i guess so, hmm any other "skysCRAPers" here.HAHA. guys, correct me if im wrong. huhu). in the midst of getting so a very very low point of my life here(*sob sob*) AND "soaring" up to highest point I.E what were we doing at Hartamas Square heh? *hint hint* DRAGON slaying? NOOOO..The dragon itself. BUAHAHAHHAHAA. cool ezie! and there was the HOT LIBRARY yooo!!!! gagaggagaggagagaggaga. bloody SWEATING man. ok i shall not elaborate further in case ANYONE here will just drop the BOMB to my parents. hey, i am studying here ok. BUT studying hard without playing hardER is just DULL man..dont u agree people?!! i mean the HAPPENING PLAYMATES heh. *roll eyes la, go on* ok ok. its the start of the mid-term brake*screechhhhh.... piang kaboom* anyway, so yes I try *hope* to make full use of my time with highly efficient stuff like GREY'S ANATOMY AND MOVIES that i have so missed. huhuhu.

to pple back in HOMELAND now, enjoy your days there and faster come back. i have not decided to go back cos i want to fully concentrate on more important stuff here and knowing how INEFFICIENT i will be once back at home, so yeaaa..stay. dont move. S.T.A.Y.

we went to Monash Culture Night. and cool, farah and hafiz representing SINGAPORE,we people looked very the cultured, THE after-event dancefloor AND how much we have enjoyed ourselves. Seriously, so the happening. BEST GILER and far being one of the emcees, you rock gal! AND SPOREAN GALS, U ROCK MAN. SPORTING GILER *seriously, this was actually from the guy who performed during the dancefloor event*