Saturday, November 15, 2008

chance ?

the time now is almost 1.30 AM. i cannot get myself to sleep so here i am, blabbering. here we go.

actually, nothing. i have nothing to talk about. the past week, been busy with what else. i hv always wanted to try the sakura international buffet. and surprise2, they have opened a new outlet, of all places, Admiralty Park just beside Republic Polytechnic. you have an educational institution, industrial factories, isolated jungle nearby, a park and in the middle of nowhere, an eating place hidden underground, thats the best! hehe. nevertheless, i might pop in soon.

oh, SKULLL holiday have started and i wanna watch madagascar 2. funny squirrels, esp the king. err , are they squirrels? nvm. i just need a jolting boost of humor. work is draining my energy OUT, mentally. it requires solving and figuring out. thats what i do. it keeps the brain pumping and it is draining out. probly the cells might come out flowing hehe. eeee, tat reminds me of that hannibal movie. ee phewww yucks. you know the scene when anthony hopkins cooks a guy's brain while he is breathing. worst, feeding him with his cooked brain (errr, am i exaggerating ? its a bit vague, is that part in the scene. hehe). eee! stoopid scene. i hate tat scene. it is so beyond imagination. disgusting.

andddd, hopefully the sun is shining brightly at the other side, the greener pasture :)