Sunday, December 06, 2009

A&W Romps. Lady Gaga.

Finally, makan trip in JB with colleagues happened somewhere in late November. We had A&W for lunch. I bought some tops and ended the day with Sushi King! Yeay. Very sumptuous treat for the weekend.

Oh ya. I am going for the sushi AGAIN during Christmas. hehehe.

And then, the trip to Sunway. The agenda was shop for wardrobe stockups and eat. Particularly, A&W!! hehe. Sis. She remembered our indulgence back then when I was studying there. Their chicken back then were superb. Hot and Juicy! And I swear, those were not added with any black pepper yet unlike the ones now. They were the HEAVEN-iest chicken ever. Nevertheless, we still indulged in their

1. Root Beer
2. Waffles
3. Curly Fries!


I don't like with the float. Just pure root-ly beered :)

I managed to get an hour leg massage which cost like SGD 30 bucks. Visited the dining place where I used to have dinner/lunch during uni days :) Had my fav cheese nan + tandoori chicken :) I did not manage to take pics because I was so bluddy hungry.

Oh. And as of now, I am officially hooked on the Lady Gaga-ness :)

Lady Gaga Bad Romance Live on The Ellen DeGeneres Show