Sunday, March 30, 2008

cousin's wedding.

the day arrived and soon they will be setting off for their honeymoon. i love cousin's color and her overall image. she looked like one indon lady, doesnt she? hehe

despite all the gushing perspiration, which included mine, the day went smooth. bertandang over to the guy's family side and being the pengiring for cousin was awesomely a very new experience for me hehe. i get to eat TWICE actually, not knowing that i could join them at the meja pengantin. a polite gesture being at the host reception, definitely i have to eat some right. so there i was with them for the second time hehe.

The makan session, which I just couldn't resist hehe.

Cousin and I, right after her makeup session before setting off.

The trip with the bride and bridegroom and my other cousin, who drove

Awesomely, a very nice experience, seeing alot alot of relatives and probably the kampung people get together and we get to eat using hands at the wedding reception. how often do we do that back here. that is what kampung-style is all about :)

tomorrow is back to work. will be missing in action from blogging for the coming week. will be back soon!


[ e z z y ] said...

awww i looove weddings. congrats and best wishes to your cousin (:

whoisjee. said...

cant wait for your own. :):):) will it be somewhere in msiaaaaaa ? HUHUHU.