Monday, July 21, 2008

one moment in time.

this song is very synonym with achievements.

from the start till the end, all of these mixed in me

1. Goosebumps
2. Brain freeze
3. Chill down my spine
4. Hair stand

Seriously AMAZING.

People out there, i am sure there shall be or had been your only THE one moment in time :)

i had mine, the moment i stood on that podium :):)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

mike gayle.

mike gayle who?

friday night. i had dinner at my favorite library cafe and i was telling myself, why not pay the shelves a visit. the last book i read was from cecilia ahern. i like books of her genre and i was hoping to chance upon something like hers. i skipped her last title cos it's kinda bored for me. so aimlessly, i was flipping books on the shelves and when i was about to give up, my fingers did its walk to one with its author's name in a pretty large-sized font, even bigger than its title! mike gayle. i reached for its synopsis, and find it pretty interesting cos like finally, from a man's point of view, more or less i understand what is running in their heads! "brand new friend" is its title. i am like into 1/3 of the book and i understand why man really treasure their friends so much, what type of conversations they usually share and yada yada. :) now that i know, gals, knowing that his friends are so dear to your man, even the slightest mention of them might make him flare up, i mean when mentioned in a negative note. probably whatever you are unhappy with, somehow his friends are pulled into the picture and chances are, he might erupt and you shall bear the consequences. i wondered how mike gayle looks like until i was at Popular. he has another latest title with his picture on it. hes a black (actually, i didnt expect it at all) and yes, i am starting to love his writing! it is refreshing for me, indeed!

and so i wikipedia-ed him hehe. woah seriously, i think i have missed him, big time :)

Monday, July 07, 2008

shake your poms!

it is one of the repeats in my playlist NOW :) sounds kinky but i like :)
discovered other cool songs in Step Up 2. a must watch esp the dancemoves!
its I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E. but dammit, i cant find the original vid.

this is the finale dance of Step Up 2. awesome moves mann!

SIDETRACK : this is cute and the next is wackier! (ATTENTION: MUST-WATCH)

youtube is the new google hey!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

the waiting game.

i decided to take some time off from work last thurs and headed for "Wanted". even though it was 2 hrs earlier from knock-off, but i just felt that i have reached the limit. the last when i took a very short break was during a weekend, (actually i dont event count it a break) which was in late may and a half-day leave was dedicated to driving test around mid March. so to conclude, actually i have been working without even a good, deserved break. how sad is that. that is why, short trips during long weekends were the only ones i could enjoy.

so what is happening to me?

i am waiting for another opportunity to pass by and grab it with all my might.i deserve better opportunity which has yet to appear. i really can't get it when some subset can slog all their lives in the same place for donkey years. how is that possible, i wonder. don't they feel tired/bored? what else can i do now but to wait. i am in a waiting game right now.

ah. if u dont actually realise(if you have lots of MONEY) or maybe you might(if you are aware of current issues now), food prices have increased like crazy. Burger King Ice Lemon Tea Medium which I consider it Small costs $2.55. its freaking small. i am not joking. i dont remember drinking a small-sized cup which they call it Medium. ah. i remember. few days ago, i was at Macdonalds grabbing some $2 double cheese burgers and so, an Indian man was complaining about his LARGE ice lemon tea. now, what is actually LARGE and wat is MEDIUM. with all the price increments, everything seem expensive but shrinking in sizes. DONUTS at causewaypoint(cold storage) now cost $7 for half dozen. it used to be lesser ! i hate the times now. i have to control my spending power now. i must endure. do not buy things that are not important. that, probly i put it under my WANTS. butttt, it is a very different story for my sister. she spends like crazy. few days ago, she just bought herself a ring which costs her $60. the kinda ring which i can get lesser than $20 somewhere else and yesterday, she bought a bracelet at $37. all because she wants to look good for a wedding reception. Goodness gracious. Holy crappo, thats like $100. i actually can use that kind money for my new swirling chair!

when are things gonna be better? sigh. other things are just at the back of my mind now. but whatever it is, entertainment is no 1. next up, Hancock and Dark Knight! :) oh and lots of catching up with Download King's Treasure. hehe :)