Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Fox vs YouTube. 1st-leg : SIN vs THAI. Imran Ajmain

and the universe are happily downloading/viewing them. LOL(*diabolically*).


i donno why but i seemed to have the longing for GIORDANO printed tshirts!! haha. not the crew-necked plain ones ok. these are PRINTED texts of gold or silver! isnt tat cool or what? im so glad finally someone or a group of people in Giordano has that creativity sector of their brains to actually come out with such cool text designs. afterall, not ALL of its texts attracted my attention except for a few. lemme see, i have like 4 of their such designs currently and most probably will continue to grow IF those brain juices are not left wasted! hehe. oh ya, i remembered one cool design of a 64mb MMC. haha. such a waste that it did not come with of black, ugh!

tomoro, me, ezie and farah along with her fren are going to join the massive at the 1st-leg finals. frankly, i have never been to any soccer matches except for the ones back in polytechnic. so, tomoro will be my first and definitely the last cos the stadium is gonna be teared down anytime soon. my back is killing me ouchie!

Below is a song by Imran Ajmain, titled "Ghaibmu".

The arrangement sounded kind of weird at first. However, that weirdness kind of turned into acceptable mode to my ears haha. unfortunately, it cant beat Loneliness la. HAHA

Monday, January 29, 2007

Truth about islam from an ex-muslim lady

she must have lost entire faith in Him!

..sick of the teaching???!!! wat the!!! this woman just deserves to be struck by His lightning. haha

Sunday, January 28, 2007

big fat GREED. ugh

interesting!!! ugh.

bike.THE novel.

next to daytona(of which lately kinda losing my touch) is bike race! haha. i felt the HIGH of riding on those bikes in the arcade...its like how i felt when i started on daytona initially. i tried slowly to race myself against time and finally managed my way to the FINISH line ! haha (constant observing on how other kids rode really helped yo!) and the fun part is how exciting it was when i "jumped" over those steep humps, wooohhhh...best siol haha! tats why i said, it felt kinda "high" sometimes! haha (don worry, im not on drugs) i am so gonna look forward to the bikes for my next future visits there hence maybe bye-bye to daytona huhu.

i came across the novel above during my visit to the local bookstore. the 3rd agenda sounded interesting to me + having read the highlight on its back , i ended purchasing it. as im typing now, i am at about 1/3 of the book. im sure the title speaks for itself and...online dating = sex + lies. agree? hehe. kind of,isnt it? then next comes the murder, to add more spice. Rachel Gibson is new for me besides having read novels from Mitch Albom, Cecilia Ahern and Nicholas Sparks. im the type who is into romantic/relationship/human-touch novels. murder/ghosts/ thriller/mind-boggling are such turn-offs for me, seriously.

just got news that dear friend zaid is gonna pursue the rest of his engineering course in Clayton and will be flying off on 10th feb. All the best to you and we are gonna miss you, zaid. sobsob. tsktsk. hehe (ok, tat sounded so familiar! haha). abeh, nak main cards ngn saper ni, next semester? uwekkkkkkk!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

***....s.i.n.g.l.e.h.o.o.d..... ***

1. Person(s) you hung out with?
Friends(single and available!) + cousin + family

2. Person you rode in a car with?
mak, ayah, sis, niece

3. Person you went to the movies with?
the last was with sis and niece

4. Person you went to the mall with?
Alone + family

5. Last person that made you laugh?
cant remember, too many happy moments and kinda confused to recall which was the last haha

6. Person you cried about?
someone i miss so much sob sob

7. Last person you texted?

8. Commented?
Mawi ! wats up with his wig man!

9. Hugged?
Monashian gals, donno which one of them. They are the best!

A N S W E R. T R U T H F U L L Y.

1. Do you like anyone?

2. Sun or moon?

3. Winter or Fall?
Winter (I have never been in one at all. sobsob)

4. left or right?

5. 10 acquaintances or two best
2 bestest

6. Sunny or rainy?
rain la

7. Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice
vanilla slurpp slurrp

A B O U T . Y O U.

1. What time is it?

2. What is your first name?
_ _ _

3. Where do you wanna live?
i cant figure out at this hour

4. How many kids do you want?
3 maybe

5. What will you name them?
hady mirza/danny/danish/daneal/elly suriyati(after a very good actress) and non-exhaustive list

6. When do you want to get married?
by 30 I HOPE

8. Favorite ice cream?

9. How many kinds of cereal are in?
koko crunch

10. Do you cook?
cook maggie, frying ok la hehe

11. Current mood?
good but with itchy nosey


1. Kissed someone?

2. prayed?

3. been hugged?

4. felt stupid?

5. missed someone?

6. Danced Crazy?
YAH! with dad! haha

9. Cried?

10. Lied?
yeah! hehe. but just to save my own ass

R A N D O M. Q U E S T I O N S.

1. Have you ever been searched by the

2. Have A Dog?

3 When was the last time you went
hell neva been

4. Would you rather sleep with someone
else, or alone?

5. Do you believe in ghosts?

loneliness Babyface


[Verse 1]
Im sitting here
Thinking bout
How im gon-na do without
You around in my life and how am I
I gon' get by
I ain't got no days
Just lonely nights
You want the truth
Well girl im not alright
Feel out of place and out of time
I think im gonna lose my mind
So tell me how you feel (im lonely)
Are you for real (so lonely)
Do you still think of me (i think of you)
Baby still (are you lonely)
Do you dream of me at night (like i dream of you all the time)
So let me tell you how it feels (its like everyday i die)
Wish i was dreaming but its real (when i open up my eyes)
Let me tell you how it feels (and don't see your pretty face)
I think that i will never love again
[Verse 2]
I miss your face
I miss your kiss
I even miss the arguments
That we would have from time to time
I miss you standing by my side
I'm dying here its clear to see
There ain't no you, God knows there ain't no me
Don't wanna live, I wanna die
If I cant have you in my life
[Chorus (repeat till end)]
So tell me how you feel (im lonely)
Are you for real (so lonely)
Do you still think of me (i think of you)
Baby still (are you lonely)
Do you dream of me at night (like i dream of you all the time, so lonely)
Oh let me tell you how it feels (its like everyday i die)
Wish i was dreaming but its real (when i open up my eyes)
Let me tell you how it feels (and don't see your pretty face)
I think that I will never love again

[Thanks to Queenangel2204@yahoo.com for these lyrics]

i dono whether i have posted about this song previously but heck care, cant be bothered to check. anyway, i do admit that initially, each time i hear this song, it really saddened me because it kinda bring back the unwanted images + loneliness ive been feeling sometimes, without the presence of someone. it brings about that kind of gloomy + sad + horrible esp when im LONELY listening to it like right NOW! haha. but i have learnt to put what's past really back in the past. to hear this kind of songs, like not letting them right into my emotions. listening to it ... like for the sake of listening + lyrics. oh well, this is not a problem to me anyway. others are having problem even much of a greater complexity than mine. so, jee. please be thankful of whatever is being thrown at you ok.

a fren confided in me. why is life so unfair. dear fren, when is life ever fair.

serious thoughts for you out there.

i hope things are going fine for yourself and family. i share your sadness over the recent incident. i know that you are under so much stress, from work as well as from what had happened. spend more time with her, maybe that will help abit. maybe she feels lonely and bored. u know when all are not around in the day and at night is the time to get together and bond. you are in the best situation to rectify the problem and more importantly, patience ya.

[exactly a month frm now, i will be dragging back to slay all dragons right to none, zero, nil to exist. o hail all knights, get ready for the battle of the century! ok im crapping i know.]

you know who you are. and this is for you. please wake yourself up from the non-reality. strangers in those rooms arent worth to be made "friends" with. i know you are lonely but hey....some non-beneficial stuff and where is the satisfaction ? i admit myself can get so carried away with this stuff but i tried not to. its hard but i have to. and the matter of fact is that my case is not as horrible as yours. yours could end up to the point of no return. think about pple whom you are supposed to take care of well. please dont abandon ur responsibilities. dont get too carried away . i made frens with "these kind of people" before. and you know jolly-well wat happened to me in the end right. think about it. i am not joking around.i am bloody serious here.

finally got the pics from ezie. cool.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


me to elder sis 3: kak, snap for me please?

elder sis 1 : yeaa, like you are at one chillin country la

me: make sure dont include the mrt track !

them : ???

ok i know how selengeh i was BUT nevermind, since we were waiting for ayah to fetch us so yeaa..i wasted time huhu.


me, diana and yc. when was the last time we actually meet up together ? i dont remember. we had dinner at Earle Swensens @ Vivocity where their menu was exorbitantly priced. However, we discovered (thank you to myself, haha!) that actually every main course INCLUDES an all-you-can-eat salad buffet priced at $10++ which was absolutely delicious + made us horribly full. i tell you, for the next time i can just get the salad buffet and some other finger food.


farah kept saying i looked cute in the cap (*wink wink to farah*) and that white label on my forehead, THAT IS SOOOO UN-COOL! HAHA


ok, aku tak tahu bual bahasa turkish ar haha (donno how to speak in turkish) but that doesnt mean we can miss these marvellous Turkish food recommended by ezie. Turkish Station at East Coast Park opposite Macdonalds. it just felt so great tasting some food that is so foreign to my tastebud hehe


i acknowledge them as twins cos they are of the same size, height (*coughcough*), build, hair texture and if they were to wear similar colour for their tops, confirm chop The Lost Twins haha.

ok, i have bloody lots of pictures stored but ugh i m just too lazy to figure out which one to post. so, i m so gonna have sequels of randonmness next time, ok!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

medic students. Hazami.

i spent some time exploring some other blogs and checking out whats in store in their daily lives AND it happened that i came across a MEDICAL student from NUS. he wrote on what he had learnt so far and with all those medic jargons made me like HUH! and Woah! and a confession from me is that the only medic-related word i know is GREY'S ANATOMY!! HAHA. crap, i know. its just how interesting it seems about this fella and how he described his happy, happier and happiest uni life with buddies around. isnt that great huh! and i spent like more than 20 freaking mins figuring which one is him in his photos cos his name sounded malay but all i can see are chinese-s haha. so it made me read and continous reading with the anxiety to seriously see who he is led to a freaking discovery that he actually look like one haha(*no wonder not an instant recognition ugh*)

another blogger who happened to be a Monashian also, hail from singapore and is now currently in hmmm i forgot which aussie campus haha. anyway, hes a medic student also(*wink wink*). both of these two actually had just completed their first year but what i can actually derive from the way they blog is that the latter's knowlege in medicine is of much apprehensive to a very quite high standard as compared to the former's. the monashian's deep reading on his specialised field of study must have helped him alot in his studies hence i guess he must have aced most of his papers recently. its just so interesting to read from his blog and other quoted motivators and respected surgeons and doctors from his field (ok, why the sudden interest in medical pple ? HAHA)

ok moving on to this singer Hazami from Malaysia. He has been in the entertainment scene for quite a while but it seemed that his star started to shine like around 2 years ago i think of which another of his hit song titled "Kata" which won him Best Vocal and Pop Rock category in one of the Anugerah Juara Lagu(AJL). what i find interesting about him is that hes actually a BSc Engineering graduate from Brunel University West London (ok, i got this from his official website, http://www.hazami.com.my). Also, another interesting fact is that he is a vocal trainer so yeaaaa...it means hes damn good in using his singing techniques properly unlike some other singers who don't, hence causing the hearing-impairment to some listeners, haha. i find one of his songs titled "Mungkir Bahagia" is so well-written as well as composed magnificiently by himself and the lyrics was by him and a co-writer. Of late, in the latest AJL, "Mungkir Bahagia" won him Persembahan Terbaik (Best Performance) award (see video below!) and i find it dramatically + emotionally-delivered and additionally, with the complement of his group of students' vocal + facial expressions, they definitely had made a wonderful + fantastic performance overall. Bravo!

Monday, January 22, 2007


have you ever felt hmmmm at one time clueless of what you are supposed to do or just plain blank for a moment or just thinking and pondering around and feel like going out and walk and walk and just walk all the way to a destination of nowhere(ok, singapore? amuse me phlezz!)

at this moment of typing, im just plain sleepy and ugh mum just asked me to write niece's name on her erk, milk bottle(?) i guess it should be the too many of similar milk bottles in her playgroup that her teacher seemed too confused(ugh, i wonder if this bottle REALLY belongs to niece? urk!) i have met niece's teacher once before when i went over to her playgroup center and when she saw me, she was like asking me a question about an arrangement by mum and herself and i was like HUH! mum help! haha. anyway, she spoke in english to me and how amused i was, i donno y. she looked like from a tertiary institution and not suprised also that she happened to be the relief teacher so yeaaaa.

weekend was GREAT which started off with the gals to eastcoastpark. blading was the first in the agenda and it was just hilarious that in the midst of blading (sweat + breeze + longtimenoexercise = damn tired) that we met these two BIG mascots from BK, [curlyfries and coke] hahah. cute. and we being ourselves rushed to them to take a snap. cute arent they? it has been long tat i have last bladed properly (in my teens actually) so i was getting a hang of it but those stupid wheels kinda bit faulty so literally i was kinda dragging myself and in the last metres of our destination back to the rental kiosk, i fell on my bump! ugh. i just couldnt take it anymore cos my foot felt numb and yeaaa...i just selengeh-ly removed the blades and walked with my socks on. haha. and the rest of the gals went off to return our blades. felt kinda cool haha. luckily it wasnt a white one else pple would be like "dah tebiat ke dier ni?" haha

with the new naturale parfume and practically SHARING among ourselves, we got back into the car and went to macdonalds for a drink before ezie moved on to her next agenda later for the night. its kinda cool that we spent some time by the breakwater talking about so many stuff, about ourselves, about the future, about people around us. i guess should be the experience-sharing and lessons to be learnt kinda thing. we had TURKISH food for hmmm late lunch and its heaven hehe. and for that day, my running nose went from beginner to EXPERT, horrible! wen bot me some cold pills, thanks wen!

in the evening, we washed up and made ourselves to a pub in eastcoastpark called BFD which was highly recommended by wen. and superbly, the band she talked about was awesome. i really salute wen and farah cos they are really into their favorite genre of music and i was there just learning new stuff from them. (confession: im not into exploring music by say Linkin Park but hey, if they said its nice, i will sure give it a try). the gals kept saying that i really looked quite shagged due to the horrible running nose so like half to midnite, we made ourselves to the beach again and yeaa there were lots of people around either lepaking/torn/stargazing or u-knw-what-they-do-in-the-tent ! haha. and another devastating event took place of which i FELL into the sand and it was THE silent-killer one HAHA. wen kinda panic + farah kept laughing at me of which i myself found it amusing also. maybe i was too unstable with the running nose i had non-stop DESPITE the pills, ugh!

we ended our day at Seletar reservoir on recommendation by the gals. its kinda cool and omg, these pple don sleep or wat. wen, farah...we must do this again and i hope for the next time, i am more stable than ever. haha

Friday, January 19, 2007

Red=statement. Clumsiness from same breed.

yeah.for the past few days, felt kinda bored(y NOW only i felt that coming??) i need the sun to actually shine into my already-bored + nettish life haha and so one morning, i made an exception to wakeup EARLY and head on to Raffles City Robinsons. (farah, you should know why out of so many places! huhu) and woah, for the ever first time (not sure when was the last i set my foot outside) i felt the HEAT and the smell of humans hahah, how delighted i was (do i sound like a freak?). Robinsons on SALE now ladeysss! and i got myself this awfully-RED wallet from Toscano and to my surprise, cousin actually own a red wallet from Robinsons too. erk, cousin if u r reading this, please enlighten me by agreeing that we have such good taste! hahha. what else can i say. I love IT!!

since i was like in town, i made my way to The Cathay. Its my first time there since it got its new look and awesomely, the cineplexes look hmmm spankily new (duh!), nice and hmmm nice! haha. oh yesh, it has these few internet pcs at a corner so for those who are waiting for their shows, they can kinda waste some time online perhaps. explored abit here and there, and i saw these few cosy sofas near the glass panes and some table-chair settings to its right till the hidden corner, overlooking SMU and to my horror, what a pathetic sight to gaze on. its the roads yo! haha. ok, it seemed to amuse some of the teens there i guess.i checked on the other floors, and ugh most arent interesting except for Ben&Jerries. and hey, theres a DIAMOND boutique at its first level...woooooo. and like 1/3 of the shops are not up yet. tats all. end.

so today, yet again another of my "early-wakeup-go-out-in-the-sun" mood. ran some errands of my own and headed to kfc somewhere near admiralty. and so, a group of hmmm boyteens in skool uniforms sat beside us, humming to the aired Welcome to the Black Parade song, ugh irritating. the point is, it has been my liking to observe people and they are one of my watch huhu. Number 1: Clumsiness of one that he actually knocked down a drink and pewww..down to the floor and over the sofa. Rowdiness as always, they relocated. Poor auntie who happened to serve me earlier on had to mop up. few minutes later, another group of galteens in skool uniforms sat beside us at the SAME seats where it got wet and yeaa some of them just liked to see themselves in the mirror! Number 2: Clumsiness of one that she actually KNOCKED down a drink too. That same auntie was so pissed off, that i couldnt disagree no more that she ought to be. How not i were to laugh over these clumsiness and how not i were to state that clumsiness indeed is from the same breed ? All of them hail from the same school yo! Hello kids, table manners ??? HAHA

Thursday, January 18, 2007

laugh till u drop TEARS

frankly, have you ever like laughed that till ur jaw seemed a lil sore or tears start to accumulate at sides of your eyes ? trust me, for I have been in tat situation zillionth of times and more like half of those who know me too well really can vouch or vote me for the most WICKED laughter. as the old saying goes, "don't laugh too much cos next to come will make you in tears like hell" (hey, tats REALLY direct translation from malay yo! haha).as for the baby above, hes enjoying his daddey's moves which i guess should be hilarious(*or silly huhu*)to HIM only hoho. ticklish heart that made him really laugh his heart out, uhh what a lil cute happy-sh baby. AND for u big babies out there, trust me that old saying, sometimes does come true so watchaouttt!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

reminiscing oldskul songs

OMG. youtube.com, i really salute you, haha. it has everything like no one cant possibly get any of their wants. haha. it started off with cousin askin me about the new version of marah marah sayang, sang by B8 (ok, who the heck is tat group, ive really no idea). as usual, being myself who seldom listen to malay songs, what more having the latest ones, i YOUTUBE-d. and Goodness, came upon the video clips recorded partially from the show itself. haha. hey, wait this is not the bestest part. ezila actually knew songs from RAMLAH RAM like Kau Kunci Cintaku Di Dalam Hatimu! OMG. I'm appalled. I can imagine her wearing that dress with the BIG heart walking around uni foyer! haha. MEAN. and those budak2 will be like WHAT THE! haha. i couldnt help it but to laugh my heart out around midnight while we were on msn. huhuhu. next genre was DANGDUT and if she were to GELEK infront of HIM, i say....he would just FAINT. haha. Robek Hatiku and Memori Daun Pisang, what was she thinking yo. pple, kill me and her too. haha

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

lucky stars. cheaters. sushi.

prayers being answered or my lucky stars are shining? i m so delighted to have lecturers other than someone whom i sort of DESPISE, for the coming semester. hooray!! its beyond words, it seems that i cant say anything more but to thank God and praying for the best for my coming semester. PEOPLE, GATHER AND PRAY and enjoy this delightful moment of mine! *1 min silence pls* HAHA.

ok. cheaters do not deserve to be given any more chances. he/she who cheats on you, what the heck! just abandon them. no use being sympathetic nor regretful and thinking what you have done wrong and all the efforts you have put into the once-workable relationship. head on somewhere, give yourself some time and keep yourself busy-bee and importantly, you have frens and family to fall back on.

especially when you are in the midst of studies. come on man. dont ever let anything of that sort, somehow or rather affect you in one way or another. MYSELF, let me repeat, MYSELF has gone through that phase before. an advice from my dear friend, not to let anithing which is not worth brooding over, get into your way.

Hey, if you are reading this, you are not alone.

of late, i seemed to enjoy sushi more than ever. i have yet to try that slice of salmon laying cool on its back, haha. and u know why, all because of EZILA. i kept saying its not my kinda consumption EXCEPT for the ones which come with mayo minced crabmeat. maybe, i should explore other variety but please, no raw meat for me. yurks! cooked baby, cooked. haha

Monday, January 15, 2007

Rudeness and impoliteness yet again

i wonder what has happened to the gracefulness of yet some singaporeans whom i am not sure what have made them into that kind of human beings. outspoken? or purely being rude. or has their life routines cultivate them into what they are now?

over the weekend, i have witnessed not one but TWO separate incidents on separate days involving middle-aged Chinese woman each. ok, the bestest part is that their opponent happened to be my own elder sister and the other, a 30-plus Chinese young man who happened to be with his family, being on 2 different events. (while arguing, he was actually carrying his little daughter with him). well, i am not going to elaborate on what had actually happened but i am appalled that it involved the kinda of similar women, most probably more or less same age, a parent themselves and yeap, rude , too much rambling from their filthy mouths andmost importantly, do not want to lose out in the argument(tak nak kalah gitu ar). they wanna make a small issue into a whole big one and cannot be at least be more polite with gestures and words. the argument with my sis was not that bad as compared to the latter. the latter took place at a food outlet, mind you. with the people around having their food, witnessing that kind of drama once in a while, it seemed hilarious to some of them BUT not to me, cause i myself was involved in the similar agenda the day before. as what sis said, even people from the same ethnic group can end up in an ugly quarrel. UGH.

Friday, January 12, 2007

STEP UP Final showcase videoclip

ok pples! IM GOING GAGAGGAGAGAGGAGAGAGGA OVER THIS HOT BEEFY MALE LEAD DANCER. i meant seriously, their moves are dramatic + superbly choreographed and the matter of fact is that the song is marvellous yo! im so loving it!

Thursday, January 11, 2007


This is a great one to do... very entertaining!!! So DO it!!!!

So, here's how it works:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every question, type the song that's playing.
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button.
6. Don't lie

Opening Credits:
(cool to start off with)

Waking Up:
(hahahah. perfect to wake up with!)

First Day At School:
Heaven Knows - RICK PRICE

Falling In Love:
Dirty Dancing - I've Had The Time Of My Life

Breaking Up:

(hmmm..never been to prom all my life because of peeps who are nt interested too)

Life's OK:

I'm Sorry (I Don't Love You No More) - CRAIG DAVID
(nice catchy song)

Getting Back Together:
Nsync - Pop (Dance Remix)

Loverboy [Dirty Dancing soundtrack]
(old skul)

Birth of Child:

Final Battle:
If You Wanna Be Happy - JIMMY SOUL

Death Scene:
Carlsberg ad - LAUREN HILL

Funeral Song:
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word - BLUE FEAT ELTON JOHN & KENNY G
(this is so coincident, and perfect song! haha)

End Credits:
Las Ketchup-Asereje (Final)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

seoul garden.

bring me to seoul garden when im super famished, and its so worth the money! hello, i had nothing since the early hours (ok, minus off the hours till i woke up huhu) Seriously, i din know what happened to me there. Beside us , there was these 3 diners, a malay couple (guy is goodlooking, must i mention tat haha) + their ang-moh acquaintant perhaps. as i was about to lay the heavenly-looking + radiant chicken meat onto the sizzling + oily bbq plate, my hands pushed over my glass and the straw JUMPED over to the next table. haha! so the malu yo.and the straw was right onto his uncooked sotong plate. i think he was so shocked that he din bother to take the straw away. not even looking at their faces, i took away the straw and mumbled sorry. and yeah, my sis said sorry too. but haha. tat was so the very unsightful.

ok, tat is not so the malu situation yet enough. as i was about to finish off the dinner with chocolatechip icecream, there was a group of hmmm poly guys i think...gathering at the entrance where the cashier counter is.there were like 9 of them (yeah.... my aunt actually counted! hahha. How not we to realise and actually looking at them, cos we were sitted just infront of the entrance. haha) and somehow there was a mixture of ethnic groups -Malay, Indians, Chinese. hahha. COol! and u know, they were there like 20 mins or more, just to come out with the accumulated payment of like $207 for their dinning. haha. the supervisor was like with a calculator, calculating cost-per-person for them. Goodness! i was appalled! this malay guy was the one liasing with the cashier, and i think he himself was confused cos somehow, the price-per-person was not that right i guess. and YEAH, he exclaimed that it should be divided by 12 instead of 9! isnt that total SELENGEHNESS?! HAHA. i told dad, shouldnt they like calculate among themselves first OUTSIDE of the entrance and saving the shame of loitering at the entrance and practically, taking own sweet time counting $$ as thou like they couldnt afford it. Save the shame abit lah!

i told mum that at least these kids get to eat SEOUL GARDEN with frens. Look at me, the most i go to is MACDONALDS. YEAH RIGHT! HAHA.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Singaporeans rudeness SHINES

received these blog links and they are so cool and worth reading them. who knows u might just find ur car in one of the entries. huhu.


i have read news yesterday (The New Paper)about the whole hu-ha issue on one skool which its name starts with Fairfield. Something about affiliated skools can enjoy lower cut-off points and some members of the public were not happy with the principal. the so-called promise. the comment made by the journalist named Mr Singh (ok, i forgot his last name) is so truthfully right and without doubt, i totally agree with him.his points are so relevant.parents today need to be educated just like their children. rushing for the best thou they wont even know the own capability of their child's. complain. throwing weights around. thats what some pple like to invest on. come on. be more educated yo. these people are outright cowards. its like throwing stones, then hiding their hands at their backs.

lets put it this way. For instance, if one day (*dream on*), HDB is to offer their whatever available flats direct for sales at the cost of say initial deposit only of $2000, only to be promised for first-come-first serve of 500 walk-ins. And the queue is horribly long like few thousands, you think the 501th will get in and everyone will be SATISFIED as in no complains to media. as long as we are singaporeans, i don't think so.

i can see the culture of media here that whenever complains are made to them and it appears on the FRONT cover, things kinda get smoothen. Dont they have any more beneficial news apart from complains, agony, pointing out of inefficiency of services bla bla. i happened to notice a cut-out newspaper article pasted at the reception counter of a sports center in Yishun. It was a comment made by PM Lee. It was something like, if customers treat you like dirt, you dont deserve to serve them with pride because customers should know that you are not their servants or slaves.

those in customer service line, they deserve an appreciation of smile and thank you to compliment their efforts. especially in food industry, you wouldnt want your food to be spitted on right? HAHA.

Monday, January 08, 2007

STEP UP. resolution. more gatherings soon

u guys who like movies of dancing sort, should watch STEP UP especially the moves during their final showcase. OMG. the fella (hmmm an unknown actor i guess)is so HIP-ing COOL yo! i can just repeat that particular section of the DVD like zillionth times haha.

issue on resolution was brought up by my dear monashian. and nahhh...nothing to actively involve in that area bcos like what ezie said, theres no need to have resolution unless you are tat LOW. wahaha. true enuff. what she meant was like too hopeless. haha. so nahhhh... no resolution for me this year. just doing what is supposed to be done. thats all.

gathering with frens + outdoor family gathering (YIPPEEE!) are just around the corner. and SHOOT! my desktop needs to be formatted cos its sick (*coughcough) hehe. I MISS SUNWAY! ok ok i know. soon, im gonna disappear from my current location and back for uni semester.

it has been of a talking point among my siblings about how Internet can be abusively used by SOMEONE. SISTA, if u happen to read this, stop your avatar thingy lah. Go Get a life lah!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Transnasional counter. welcome note. never give up

i admit it. i felt very DUMB when i was at the Transnasional counter (bus ticketing at Puduraya). clock showed 10.30am (yeah, i know. its late for someone to just come walk-in and get a tic).

Me : Kak, tiket ke Spore?

Ticket Lady (took very LONG time cos I donno y) : Dah habis, tinggal malam. pukol 10.

Me (what the!) : Hmm. Takder. Besok kak?

Ticket Lady : Malam ke pagi ?

Me (what the heck i am doing!, asking her abt tomoro) : Pagi ?

Ticket Lady : 8.45 pagi

Me (panicking...) : hmmm...hmmm..ok. terima kaseh

i walked out and was rushing to other bus counters and SUDDENLY, what the heck. i slapped my forehead(THUD!) that i think the other person who stood at the other end of puduraya can hear! hahaha. OMG. y i was so dumb that i didnt ask the bus to Johor Larkin instead. Goodness. See. The selengeh-ness on Saturday morning. Voila, I am back in homeland now. huhu.

sis welcomed me with a note. "You are going to miss the place real soon. So maybe spend more time when you are there". and i was like "yeahhhh" sob sob. what she meant was Sunway. i spent 4 days alone there. its kinda peaceful + lonely. but i like it that way. hey, that was how i started with when i had my initial years there ok. and i did fine thou abit of corkups here n there. yeah. who doesnt? the girl who almost wanted to give up on her 3rd semester there. the reasons? nahh..i keep it to myself and to those close ones ya. let it be a lesson to be learnt for those freshies. Never give up on whatever you are doing. Mesti ader semangat yg kental. Have fun, not alot. Dont study TOO HARD cos u might end up so bloody stressed up and demoralised. Share, concern and motivate one another. Insya'allah. Everything's gonna be just fine.

For my beloved darlings + Monashians,

"never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do"

Friday, January 05, 2007

Summit. Maxis. [Prison Break]. MERYL STREEP

because of my total forgetness of my hotlink simcard, i had to get a new one and yeah, i have to register AGAIN. sigh. looked up at the website for the nearest prepaid registration outlet. my ultimate aim of staying here is to get my hostel fees safely to the finance counter. hey, i went out quite early like 10am (ok, u wouldnt want to know what time i NORMALLY wake up when im in sunway haha. my dear monashians can vouch for that!)

Flashback: On Wednesday 3rd Jan, the finance counter looked pretty ugly as in, it was way too crowded that i was appalled that my queue tic stated "Waiting in queue: 97" ! OMG. biler nak game like this? sux.

Thursday 4th Jan: A different layout as compared to yesterday. They have finally managed to realise and improve the situation by adding temp counters. i went up to the ticketing gal and took a queue. thank god, 3 in queue. happily i went to get a seat and while waiting, hmmm..i had to do something before i make the payment. wat was it? *PRINGG* the hostel advice slip! sux. i went over to the computer and it wasnt working! i was like OH SHOOT! tell me, this is not happening. i asked the ticket gal, and she asked me whether i asked from the hostel management. i was like NO.hw am i supposed to know that ur comp is down. sigh. and there were only 3 in my queue. and yes, she said y not i go and get the slip frm the hostel first then come back and see whther im still in queue??!!!! wat the! if i were to walk back, it takes 5 mins. Get the slip, 5 mins. Go back again to counter, 5 mins. Thats 15 mins total and u think im still in queue? thr goes the tic into the dustbin. watever.
waste no more time, i went straight to summit.

yeah, this is the most interesting part. went to the mall directory to search for this mobile outlet and it wasnt anywhere on it. Goodness. THANK GOD that i saw a Maxis shop at the corner. this incident, i just cant forget. i stepped in and there were 2 chinese ladies.

Me : Can i register prepaid card here?

Lady (with the bitchy attitude) : Nombor baru atau lamer

Me (already started to feel irritated): Nombor baru

Lady (with 'bochap' tone) : Nombor and IC

I handed over my number and my INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CARD with the citizenship SINGAPOREAN boldly stated on it. In my heart, this lady is such a B****.
She started to fill up the form.Then suddenly,

Lady (WITH A SMILE AND ACCEPTABLE TONE THIS TIME) : Can I have your date of birth ?

You see, how different it was when i initially stepped into the outlet and to the moment i handed my identification. GOODNESS. did some roundings and dropped some cash by Reject Shop followed by Secret Recipe. Heavenly Dory Fish with Lobster sauce and Chocalate Indulgence cake. Yum yum. I guess i was too hungry that i left no leftovers on the plate except for the cake.

Prison Break ends at episode 13 or what? The last ending was such a heart-pumping. FBI Agent Mahony got killed by Paul infront of Lincoln and Michael. OMG. i was so totally in shock. Didnt see that coming actually. and seeing Michael cry with his tears rolling, its so the sad. sob sob. don cry baby. huhu.

Devil Wears Prada. Superb. I am so in love with Meryl Streep. Shes damn bloody diva watever u call it. Excellento.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

sometimes i realise

sometimes it makes me think, am i being mean ? why did i do that and this ? on what basis ? emotions ? anger ? for what i have done, i can't reverse time and not to do it. because of this, i start to think of why ... questioning myself. does it do good to myself or even worst, causing more regrets and sadness to myself. i donno what the other party is thinking. i cant read minds. its like BLANK.

i heed advices from dear friends. i am trying. like the saying goes, "to regret is for something we had not done, and not for the ones we did". what if someone else comes along, as nice as him and it brings back the unwanted memories ? that is what i fear the most. the inability to forget someone so easily. that is my utmost weakness.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Initial 07

Melaka trip was superb! (thou i brought aches back! huhu) Afamosa Resort bungalow with 6 rooms, who cant just resist it yo! haha. actually, when i took a look from far, its like so unbelievable for it to have 6 rooms, huhuhu + swimming pool! yeah! its like, so convenient. swim + hungry + sleep. and it rotated. hahaha

30.dec.06 : we started with leisure swimming. then kicked off the "wet games". macam nak rak siol! u will never know how KECOH RIUH RENDAH my whole kerabat is, until u actually witness it (hehehe, ofcos lah me will be one of them with the loud screams to menyemarakkan suasana) Then came the food part, mak and aunt brought rendang + sambal + ketupats! hehehe. what else, we started the korban of the delicious food even before HARI RAYA HAJI itself. hahhahaa.

31.dec.06 : Oh well, its Hari Raya Haji. and me, slept until like 10 am! hehehe. cannot lah. holiday or not holiday, sure cannot make it. rose up to the TAKBIR by my cousin while we were still on bed. hehehe. i was like, hey that sounded so familiar. its Takbir Raya! huhu( prayers to indicate Hari Raya)
ok, believe it or not, we played WATER POLO at our pool. HAHAHA. girls VS boys. huhu. so kecoh but fear not, we managed to have it a draw huhu.
Me and cousins went out to recce Afamosa Resort. We wanted Gokart and they wanted Microlight( Light airplane ). To much of my disappointment, the Gokart was not on circuit. Its more like 4km of grounded sand. Geez. Anyway, cousins had so much fun. Next, was WAR GAME(Paintball)!! hey, best seh! thou very tiring, it was such a new + great experience for me and cousins. Our Marshall was quite good-looking(with celak, wat the heck! ). When he was explaining to us about the game, somehow cousin cheekifully said "Abang Hensem" and he was like tak kener gaya. Hey, cousin! You read this ?! hahaha. Anyway, very nice guy. And it was great! hehe.
Mak and aunt bought DURIANS! omg. best giler wei! its like HEAVEN. earlier on i saw a few lorries loaded with durians along the road to the resort. their banner read "1 kg = RM 1". i was like biar betik wei. then aunt said its just bull.shit. huhuhu. ok, on 2nd thots, yeahhh bull.shit hehe
how many pieces of durian i ate? i think more than 10 and each of them are like rich + yellow + creamy. yummy yummy. thats y later in the evening, i had a very terrible headache. cousin also and yeah, both of us landed early on bed.
uncle was asking when am i going to start "dry games". huhuuhu. ok ok. since everyone so semangat to karaoke, yesh after a quick nap, we rose and get over and done with the games. hehhehhee. and u know, i just cant explain how my brother + bro-in-laws + cousin GELEK. ya-allah! so the kecoh + gamat. hahhaaha. fun fun fun. and ofcos, we girls beat them definitely!

01.jan.07 : New Year kicked off with breakfast of left-over food from yesterday. hehe. hey, the hari raya lauk really can last like another few days, but since there were too many mouths to feed, hehehe, no problem of food wastage. for lunch, we headed to Asam Pedas place in Melaka Central. Good food. then we headed to Mahkota Parade for Daytona + Bowling. Ok, i am sux at bowling and the rest are like wow, ok ok to superb ones. hehhee. and Daytona, argh! wat happened to me, why why. i lost to my cousin yo. not once but alot. where is my touch ? sob sob. huhu. i was not focusing and i donno why. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. we ended our day at macdonalds and headed back home around 11. played afew rounds of BINGO until to the point that everyone started to retreat back to their own base. ZZzzzZZZ

02.jan.07 : Today, was the last day at the resort. sob sob. we had to leave. captured happy moments together and off we went back to own agenda. and here i am back alone in sunway for a few days. BIG Thank You to aunt + uncle for treating US on the resort stay + makan2. And we shall do this again, hmmm..maybe after I graduate. Insya-allah.

Now, my back + thighs are aching. And i am so sleepy after splurging on CHICKEN HARTZ ealier on. huhuhu. Roger and out.