Tuesday, August 26, 2008


i donno why but i do have this thing for guys who are SOFT-SPOKEN. not the lembek-soft ones. straight but soft-spoken. feels so good talking to them. and if they happen to have a cute smile, thats like a double bonus yo. ok, i will not beat around the naked bushes haha. one of these guys happen to be my vendor. a chinese fella. hes soft-spoken. i like talking to him. i donno why. probably i find tat he has that nice soft kinda voice. dammnn, how many times have i said this in 1 paragraph! hehe.

shopping. its wayyy therapeutic. i have heard it before and i just experienced it. especially when it comes just nice without any warning or sorts, like knocking into my head, its timee to spend daaa moneyy...helloooo....daa booshhh! buy tat! daa booshh, come on must get this ! ahha. and it just happened to me few hours ago. i just have to spend. funny thing, none of these are my needs! i just need to shop. i need to change some stuff. im bored with the same things. wearing the same stuff over and over again. pple need change. where is MY CHEESE?

gooddd! it must be the cheessseeeeeeeyyy lasagne i ate before the shopping streak! hek hek.

oh. obama's wife is hot! hehehe.. not the sexy kinda hot, but well she really stands out :)