Friday, April 25, 2008

broadband on mobile [BOM].

I am on mobile nw.yes,its finally friday.nvr the chance having to knock off as early as 5pm! Haha.thankgod, the office im working in has their annual dinner today. So here i am at my usual starbucks. no worries, their drinks are certifiable-ly acceptable. Do refer to my previous post on emulsifiers ;-)
Mum's day is just around the corner.err, 9 or 10 may heh? I knw tat im having a DATE with mum on tat day at err,i forgot whats the hotel's name. Hady mirza n alif aziz will be there along wif an indon actor whom is my mum's favorite. He is the reason for her eagerness. Gosh, mum has a crush. GULP! And dad has Lilis,huhu.


m0m0k12 said...

Mother's Day on the 11th May. Nxt sunday, dear... Aniwae, hv fun!!!