Sunday, March 22, 2009


i did some color shuffles and the header above is created by Sergej Gorodenskiy, Russia. Free stuff, why not :)

why the eyes?

well, through them, if nothing is being spoken, they will say lots of things :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

i want nobody nobody but you.

heard of Wondergirls from Korea?
didnt know they exist until i heard them on RIA. you know when they keep repeating similar track on their morning show. so i thought they must be good and its "Nobody". very catchy track and it reminded me of PUDAR by Rossa. catch them @ youtube. their MV is cute and with an element of humor. their dancemoves are kinda cute too and amazingly ultra-synchronised hence its really nice to look at. very young bunch of gals, as young as 16, yes i wikipedia-ed them. :) their founder planned to have their US debut soon so hmmm... i think they are just like PCD. they can dance and they can sing, thou i cant understand a thing but hey, music is universal.

i am officially a strawberry-addict. bought a box of korean strawberries from coldstorage. munching strawberries. really didnt see this coming until i read a blog which i have been following up regularly. she loves strawberries and chocolate ( heard about the strawberries-chocolate "hantaran" from Datuk K to Siti Nurhaliza ?). and because i believe that i should try something which i think we should do it and not delay so the outcome, i am addicted to them hehe. it all started with strawberries mini tart from delifrance. they are juicily gooddd. yummay :)

picture speaks thousands wordsssss.....

BTW, whats the meaning of a moth dropping by your room ? bad ? andd it was my wardrobe.

had them for my camera tests hehe.

OH and also, will this template work when checking out our local guys ? :)

1. Are you single ?

2. Are you gay ?

3. Are you working ?


Sunday, March 15, 2009

great great (Now tuning to Rock Hits @ RIA, jiwang beb)

it was a great saturday. the vcd which i bought ages ago, finally i had it unleashed from the plastic! i have read its novel some time ago and it was the first i read from Cecelia Ahern, following that, one or two more. She is the daughter of Ireland's Prime Minister and i have mentioned her in one of my archived posts. most of her novels are of romantic genre. i like her writing style and definitely, the romance :) i had my fav BJs ready andddd the review of this movie, it made my cry at some points, wayyy critical. i feel emotionally attached to this movie, seriously. i have never cried this much since Ayat-Ayat Cinta. depending on him whom you love dearly and losing him, so heart-breaking isnt it? and knowing that he is gone and he wants you to live your life, moving forward and falling in love again, that is so haizzz... i cant think of any words. oh pls, it is hurting me. BTW, hilary swank is HOTTA! her smile and teeth remind me of Julia Roberts.

There u go, movie + crying + B&J's , well icecream is the comfort thou.

P.S I love my pixie!

i was out for sanur befday treat some weeks ago and a friend was sharing with us about this chocolate KINDER egg which comes with a COIN. Coin? u mean money coin? and so i heard it wrongly and it was TOY! (probably, it was the tahu telur or kangkong) a choc with a surprise. i have never had that. i guess its childhood-deprived kinda feeling hehe. and so it cost me $1.70. before opening, i grabbed pixie in case some adults out there kinda wonder whats inside these eggs. so one side is the chocolate which comes with a mini-spoon to scrap out the choc (been eating the other kinder which comes in 2 biscuit sticks of mouth-watering chocolate, so that is nothing) and the other, the surprise. and it was ......

cute stuff and it is a convertible!!! heh heh.

ah, BTW i just remember that i will be putting out the P-plate on 19 march 2009 andd the best thing is, I have not been driving since God-knows-when. Shux.
(OMG, on-air now : Tiara by Kris. Check tat out on youtube ! Juara Lagu. Memory lane yo.)

moving forward, work. i am happy with whatever i am doing now. cant grumble too much now that well, things arent tat good as before, i mean economically. so alhamdulilah with watever im going through now. thou it is hell tiring from mon-fri but well, great weekend is the best remedy :) i am just soo waiting for the end of this month :)

Sunday, March 08, 2009

now that i understand.

slumdog millionaire is extraordinary. in such a way that it gives a message that impossible is NOTHING. there is totally nothing to hide from this movie. i think whatever we see in this movie, is happening out there. not only in india but other parts of the world too. the storyline is great. the director is genius. the actor who played the grownup "jamal", he looks too boyish and to play someone who is way too poor, for me i think that is quite out. nevertheless, he's okay. at least the grownup "salim" looks more convincing. and i like the two little boys. they are sooo cute esp the little "jamal". for amitha bachan, diving into a pool of human shit is nothing yo! :)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

hard work, hard play

barney & friends were among my first objects :)
i lovee my new coolpixie! finally, i can start clicking away :)
look out for more pics, coming soon :)

was at suntec city today for careers/education exhibition and like other career fairs i have attended last year, it was a disappointment. despite knowing that all too well, i went ahead with sis who just started her job-hunt. a dear monashian gave me a ring last night and my oh my, we have not had the chance to meet up yet. had a very sumptuous and well-deserved dinner at Sanur after so many donkey years. tahu telur and BBQ sotong are the must-havesss! i must get chocolates from Amadei. i came across this review about how good they are, quoting "a must have before you die"!!

coming this april, i will be with my new team of 4. this is my first time working in a team this big if i were to exclude end-year project teams back in NYP. touching on that, due to my sux-ling programming skills, i didnt contribute much in that area back then as there were smarter people around! was just an average stud who had so much fun in after-school activities. so that explains all. 3 years and i didnt practise what i have learnt even up till now. its like permanent erasure from my brain.

do not regret with what you did but instead, regret that you did not do. i regret that i didn't know what i wanted in life. it started way back after O level results in 1997. if I were to carefully decide what i wanted on that day, I would have gotten it now and being happy doing it. i am good in numbers and i should have known that and explored opportunities wrt to that strength. but i did not. i regret not doing that. nevertheless, life goes on and whatever i have achieved along the way, i am grateful to Allah. He loves us.