Thursday, January 31, 2008


i donno about other outlets buttt the one in causewaypoint, there are selling these cute little pancakes of 4 pieces a box. their filling include DURIAN, mango and chocolate hazelnut. few weeks back,i have been hesitating to buy the durian pancakes becossss hmmmmmmm u knowww the bacteria-foodpoisoning-factory-closure case. howeverrrrr,i cant resist looking at it becos definitely who doesnt agree that stuff from primadeli are really good and once i saw this one makcik bought 2 boxes. so i couldnt stand any longer anddd today i bought one anndddd its superrbbbb.tat goes without saying. actually the outer pancake is sprinkled with very fine sugar and so it tasted reallly extra goood. mum likes it soo much, dad doesnt like durian, ok since when he doesnt like durian,i didnt realise it actually.probably he likes fresh from the husk ones. for me, i would go for anything that contains real durian paste. ok, i saw one shop selling durian strudel, famous for their apple strudel. yet to try them, must be good also. next on my list perhaps.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

27 dresses.

gals, u must watch this movie. i was having a great time, seriously great laugh over Jane. how selenge she is. hehe. katherine heigl (Grey's Anatomy), if you watched. shes one actress whom i notice that brings over the way she acted in greys serials. watching her in 27 dresses is like watching her all the same in greys that is minus off the other 4 interns hehe.
anyway, this story tells tat, no matter how hard u tried to ogle over your dream guy, ur destined one is justttt right infront of you, u never know. theres some sisterhood love there and ofcos, 27 ugly weird dresses huhu. i love her own wedding gown and her saree (traditional Indian outfit) :)

35,000 job vacancies ?

it was reported widely, in media that as of September 2007, there is an estimation of 35,000 job vacancies.
people, 35,000. not 35. not 350. not 3500.

where the hell have they advertised these jobs. SPACE,MARS,VENUS?

i admit that my initial expected salary was seriously ridiculous and so, i lowered them. lowered it down way much. and GOD_KNOWS how many resumes i have sent. jobcentral,jobstreet,jobsdb, st701, monster, saturday recruit sections. my dad bought for me every saturday without fail, just to be so demoralised when i went thru the requirement which some of them included:

1) experienced with a very long list of languages/skills yada yada
2) fresh grads are welcome to apply, bullshit. when i went to one of my first interviews, they asked, so u donno this, donno that?
3) English and Mandarin to support Asian countries like china, hongkong(this is a classic esp for helpdesk/regional IT support)

thou there were a few adverts which i saw some light at the end of the tunnel at that time butttt how many called? lemmee see, hmmmmm 2. only 2 yessss 2.

and back to the news, interestingly those vacancies require AT LEAST a DEGREE. needed pool of talents are esp graduates. yesssss, graduatessss. you read that.
andddd one of the top professions which made up the POOL OF VACANCIES is INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.

BRAVO BRAVO amusing these reports seriousllyyyyyyy impressed.

HOWEVER, i have come to learn that, most importantly tat when its meant to be ours, it will be ours.i live by that. i am grateful. even if its 35000 , 70000 or 140000 vacancies, but none of them meant to be occupied by you, what can we do right?

Of late, i have been checking into forums about people talking about being jobless/unhappy with current job/intending to quit yadayada. of similar reasons like the paycheck, unchallenging job scope, no career growth, no development and of all sorts. there are people who are way off worst than me or you guys who are gainfully employed.

my advice to those who are gonna change job or just graduated, do involve more other methods in your jobhunting. the current one im on, thankfully i made my way to my CDC(community development center) for job assistance and the officer highlighted me this website, Singapore Workforce Development Agency. thanks to her that i actually got employed :) :) :)

this is a reality check. this is me. i am reminding you, just in case you forgot. (quoted from Ali - Ummah Films)

Saturday, January 26, 2008


i chanced upon this group in moi favorite cyberperformer's favorite vids. Outlandish is made up of 2 muslims, one of moroccan background, the other a pakistani and the 3rd is of Cuban/Honduran background, a Catholic. amazing guys. amazing music and lyrics. i have listened to two and Callin' U has the elements of Arabic influences, accompanied with rap by Lenny. it just reminded me of arabic songs somewhere, i forgot. lyrics can be found here Outlandmoro - Outlandish , as it stated 'All Rights Reserved', so no copying :) in the center is Isam Bachiri(cuteeeeeee but with glasses, he looks intellectual huhu ), Lenny Martínez is the bald one and Waqas Ali Qadri. enjoy the lyrics cos its sooooo wayyyyy meaningful,hope you guys like it too :)

Friday, January 25, 2008


the previous template, i didnt actually realise the missing archive links and blog links. hehe. must have really forgotten about tat. rather disturbing cos its kinda botak . and so, to bring up the life out of my blog, i decided on something orangy and whitish instead of the dull lame grey. made it look sadder isnt it. why didnt i think of tat.haiz. although i hail from IT background and if u can see others who neither earn a living from the same line nor experts in this field butttt they really know how to work their blogs really well,hehhehe. bottom line - I AM JUST LAZY. they provide templates, ready touch and make full use of them. such a shame not to recognise their hard work, u get what i mean. hehe. actually i like evildead's headerpic. its cool, ya know. ohhhhhhhhhhhh........evildead. CONGRATS!! u know what i mean. i have read :)

and here,i wanna pen some motivational words for my dear friends whom i know whats going on in your lives :)

farah, u like to say this to me. JIA YOU!! ok, sorry if i mis-spell this. nevermind the loneliness. we have been there before, right! me. you. our own desperate stories back in monash sunway. hehe. infact, whole lots of people would/will/have felt the similar way. so be strong, seriously strong thou i know u are very small-built hehehe, but i bet your heart and will (yes i really bet) is even BIGGER :)

diana, sawadikaaa. u just got back from thailand and i bet u enjoyed it despite the roaches and the bedbug. and i have been reading your blog. and yes, the busy-ness and how you are seriously tied down with alot of work and people but hey, i bet thats ups and downs of work/job/career. I,myself, do not know what is lying ahead of me, pretty soon. butttttt as cliche as it is, things happen for reasons :) hear this out,
"love your job and not your company, because you wont know when your company will stop loving you"

these words apply as well to you guys whom i am not aware of your similar complicated scenarios(i wont use that word tat starts with 'p' and ends with 'm'). as what my blog description says, "Making the best of it. Life."

friday is here and have a wonderful and greattttttttttt weekend!

thank you.

thanks for the well wishes darlings.

such a great loss. was only 28.if you watched Brokeback Mountain, he played the one with a wife. Heath Ledger. i loved his cowboyish accent. and tat Oscar movie was the only one I have gotten to realize his existence.

so, see how precious life is. u think so too? :)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

i am ali, just in case u forgot.

i got this from farah and i am amazed. thanks farah for highlighting these videos. you muslims and non-muslims, do spend some time viewing them. hes funny and he has very good points on Islam and muslims and being good muslims or ignorant ones :)

he has 10 videos for his first season. do watch them. his name is Ali. below is his final episode :)

Click here to Ummah Films website

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Goodness. i dont get it. the road is not even THAT______wide but yet, they just build up those green fences today. the height didnt end the same as there are lower ones which anyone could easily cross over. the two bus stops are facing opposite each other, and zebra-crossing is 10 steps, walk abit to the lower fences or abide by the rules ? hehe. i cant wait to watch and choose and laugh over this hehe. :)

at least make the fences high all the way so that its worth humping the zebra.hehe :)

Friday, January 18, 2008


Alhamdulilah Alhamdulilah Alhamdulilah. :)

i will be starting work on 1st feb which happens to be mum's birthdayyyyy. my boss is a very nice man. a new chapter of my life will be unleashed, hehe. gonna meet new people, working with new people, giving prompt support and making everyone happy hehe. a challenge. i like. i cant wait :)

Thank God for the rezeki.
Thank God for my prayers answered.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

hilarious question. cute but hilarious.

i have never came across any interviewer asking this question anddd btw,it was by a slightly over middle-aged lady:

"so, as a muslim, are you very particular to be near men?"

and i answered "Noooooo,i love to be near them, im single!"

and big hefty hilarious laughters broke the once ever tensioned atmosphere. hell yeah, i didnt know it was coming. thats me.i know it was cheeky but hell, that was the first thing that came to my mind. ehem ehem. and this very same picture happened during my first job interview back in 2000. they asked me a question, i answered and it HAPPENED that my answer happenedddd to be reflected onto one of the interviewer who was BALD and he was in the PROGRAMMING line hahaaha. and they broke into laughter. i am so good at cracking jokes, phew phew.but who cares lah. at the end of the day, getting the job matters the most right!

unlike another interviewer, i was trying to well relax abit becos his face was abit tensioned cos the way he asked and looked at me was as though he was about to swallow my head haha. i was telling him about my availability for work and my preference was after my 2nd driving test back then.and so he asked,

"so, are you going to get a car?"

"not really, ehhhmmmm i think i would get a small remote one"

and i was smiling and he looked at me with no expression at all,haha.okayyyy, its either he didnt get the joke or these pple do not listen/tell joke.well,i tried to mend it after that.butttt, well who wants to buy a car without even a stable income? give me a job lah. wat a question. huhu. perhaps,he was seriously asking about it, and he didnt find my answer funny at all but if you think again, mine makes some sense right.huhu. but the lady who asked me tat MEN question, she was already smiling plus was abit curious as though she was dying to know what i think about it cos the other 2 men were like looking at her and probably were thinking, whyyyy you have to ask that question.huhu.i like her.i like all of them. hehe.

dont worry, only on these 2 occasions that i somehow behaved in that way which is the real me. the rest were the serious, dont play-play kinda thing :)

Friday, January 11, 2008

mat rockers.

so who doesnt listen to mat jiwang songs? i listen in fact, i still do now. hehe. awie wings, salem, rahmat mega, kris, olan, bpr, damasutra huhu. the zaman gemilangs during the 90s Juara lagu. back then, we had VCR and everytime juara lagu came, without fail i will record them and would play them repetitively sampai terbenak(not sure wat this means,but heck i like to use)otakku ngn lirik2 nya. and have u heard about Kris? my personal favorite, i admired the vocalist so much at that time, i dono why. i think because he wore makeup! hahaha. ok, no.i think it was his diction, voice, nice height to look at and DROOL, the way he sang Tiara and the way he moved and his face, it was sooooo exaggerating...but in a very nice way of exaggeration.and the guitar, fulamak.menyengat!

tat is mat rockers beb!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

pecah perot.

dammmmm funny lah these pple.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

share my grief. sob sob.

i failed againnnnnn. i think crank courses have problems with me, or we seriously CLASH. yes, again crank course.the last time, was striking the kerb. just now, I GOT INTO THE WRONG COURSE, the exit. yessss, with no-entry line. yesss. a crank course. and the prize, immediate failure.tat is the most horribly, stupid mistake i did. and dammit. 14points. damn damn damn. half of what i got last time, and it was allllll safety check points. argghhhhhhhh. ok ok. no point, useless brooding over it right. and so, aznorzeeha will not give up. I WILL NOT GIVE UP. hear that. when its not my time yet, it will not be yet.

next pit stop. hmmm hmmm. doing the unthinkable. follow your instincts. have u guys been in that situation. like causing all mouths to gasp when u do things unpredictably. oh, btw, i am scorpio. i tend to be unpredictable at times. things that i say i dont want to do, in the end i will do it and vice versa and yadaaaa yadaaaa. or something like, im getting engaged next week, or im getting married next month hahahahaa. okayyyy, im kidding. so have u,have u? :) u never knowwwwwwwww :)

Sunday, January 06, 2008

coming coming.

one more day to my driving test this coming tues. my first lesson yesterday was awful haha, especially the start. goodness. today's circuit was good but road was abit off especially my lane change. haha. Oh God, please let me get through this, ok.i love u, hehe, as always :)

i have pictures but im lazy to upload thou i have them here in the system. i had icecream at Island Creamery, finally.thanks to ezie :). it was grrrrreatt. i had nutella and burnt caramel topped with tiny-sized rounded choc-coated biscuits, ezie had horlicks, her lil bro had reverso(chocolate) and wen had TEH TARIK(yes, the icecream) and reverso too. hmm, have i blogged on that? had New York Pizza finally at Khatib. the base was crispy anddd i was the only customer who dined there anddd becos i was damn hungry, nice or not nice, it didnt matter to me. but the one in Harbourfront looked more appetising.

u know, sometimes when we chat and have a talk with someone who has a logical sense of thinking, it does get into my mind thinking and re-think and MAYBE God is trying to convey a message to me through this human.perhaps.who knows :)

Thursday, January 03, 2008

bold move.

i can say that. well, once in a while, what we think that we could get might not be in an easy way. it might take us to be bold sometimes.i mean trying other things that is way out of our own league or in short, "are u sureee?". nahh, no worries. its not even near suicidal-themed haha. like what i have read in the novel,

"dare to follow your heart?". do u ?

ah! and i forgot, new year , new look , new template :)

Happy New Year, 2008.

HArLOOWWWWW. phew phew phew. great to make it through to the new year heh :)

so so so, how was your new year or new year's eve ? im sure it was a great one. :)
ok ok ok, mine was good and was spent in clarke quay. only heard the crackling sound of fireworks while those at the high levels of the hotels around us were busy snapping pictures at the stroke of 12. there were alottt of people and it was so windy as though one big storm was about to break out.anyway,it didnt rain and people were busy spraying those confetti and those whitish stuff got onto me and cousin when a guy went on spree,spraying all over people and shouting new year greets, but that was ok, we didnt mind cos it was new year after all :) there were 2 kids playing the smaller replica of fireworks when a few of its sparks almost blew towards us and luckily didnt burn us down. aunt and sis were so funny cos they were so scared to sit by the steep stairs by the singapore river hehe. pubs and nightclubs were busy and crowded with party-goers and what we enjoyed most was seeing the bungee thingy, hehe. crazy but yet fun i guess.

my new year kicked in just fine, im happy about it :):):) happy, very happy as it is. for the few past months,i have learnt things :):):). i have learnt patience, tolerance and being more grateful for what had and is happening to me right now :) for what i know,it just takes a little prayer :):):)