Sunday, November 16, 2008


i am amused at statistics. knowing who looks for who and it reaches to my blog. geographically known. especially a combination of 2 people or a single one, probly whom someone who is interested to know about err whats known as web-stalking! i am just itching to tell these famous ones. but nvm. these statistics are only for me to know. and it just makes me smile and ponder. :)

madagascar 2 is cute. funny. king julian didnt disappoint me! i feel like putting him as my wallie!

oh, they are lemurs!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

chance ?

the time now is almost 1.30 AM. i cannot get myself to sleep so here i am, blabbering. here we go.

actually, nothing. i have nothing to talk about. the past week, been busy with what else. i hv always wanted to try the sakura international buffet. and surprise2, they have opened a new outlet, of all places, Admiralty Park just beside Republic Polytechnic. you have an educational institution, industrial factories, isolated jungle nearby, a park and in the middle of nowhere, an eating place hidden underground, thats the best! hehe. nevertheless, i might pop in soon.

oh, SKULLL holiday have started and i wanna watch madagascar 2. funny squirrels, esp the king. err , are they squirrels? nvm. i just need a jolting boost of humor. work is draining my energy OUT, mentally. it requires solving and figuring out. thats what i do. it keeps the brain pumping and it is draining out. probly the cells might come out flowing hehe. eeee, tat reminds me of that hannibal movie. ee phewww yucks. you know the scene when anthony hopkins cooks a guy's brain while he is breathing. worst, feeding him with his cooked brain (errr, am i exaggerating ? its a bit vague, is that part in the scene. hehe). eee! stoopid scene. i hate tat scene. it is so beyond imagination. disgusting.

andddd, hopefully the sun is shining brightly at the other side, the greener pasture :)

Friday, November 07, 2008


i was at suntec to attend a briefing and on my way back to office, i spotted Donut Factory. it was hard to choose from a wider variety of flavors unlike Munchy Donut which i am quite sick of now. deliciousmicious.

from left: oreo cookies, chocolate covered with peanut butter top, white choc covered with orange top.

i didnt get to taste the oreo cos i gave it to mum. probly its all the same. but the other 2, splendid.

i decided to play around with my blog colors. you know when you see things the same over a long period of time, you get bored. ah, same goes for working life. everyday, (out in morning, back at night) X 5.

i have watched quantum of solace. the action already begins from the start. nothing much different from his first, david craig is all packed with muscles and fighting skills. and probly a disappointment for guys out there (am i right?), no on-bed-or anywhere-possible-*** scenes at all except for the wrapped-on bedsheet huhu. BTW, i am such a mountain tortoise. i didnt know SEIYU is long gone for BHG. but it look the same afterall. i was taken aback actually. at this time where job lay-off might be a possible (a start for DBS, ive read), there are alot of on-going sales happening. and this has made me a member of the subset :)

obama actually makes a good model. probly suits and watches.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

bitch on the loose.

food for thought.

i wonder what makes the shameless bitch think that she stands a chance to wreck another woman's marriage. despite having known that he is married, she still threw herself at him. desperation? disillusioned? or mere stupidity?

what makes her think that she can have what she wants. did she mirror herself first? probly, it is just a fantasy that she hopes to be a reality at the expense of the wife and kids.

what makes her think that she is good enough to be happy after wrecking his marriage? i mean personally, why would the man even want to leave his soulmate and kids for this bitch? doesnt make sense at all. definitely shes a cracko. seriously speaking. she needs to get laid somewhere else, probly somewhere in her own class.


i did not expect this day to come. i was caught unaware. often seen it in reel life. the news that shocked me. and the cause - a shameless bitch.

"BITCH. A she dog, or doggess; the most offensive appellation that can be given to an English woman, even more provoking than that of whore." ["Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue," 1811]

not joking. i am dead serious.

perkahwinan. banyak dugaan. bertunang pon banyak dugaan. godaan kerja si setan. bitch tu setan betol.

on a lighter note, i am very happy for ezie (*winkwink*). taman bunga. u know, azura. oh, talking abt azura, reminded me of ali setan and tat reminds me of ogy who acted as asmida. new staff with similar name will be reporting for work soon. and that brings me back to sec skul time. in malay class, there was a classmate named Ali. and i was known back then as As. so yeaaaa, Ali and As. the rest, i need not say. he is a shy and short boy. tats all i can remember, oh and he has a mole on his right or left forehead :)

i was in swensens yesterday anddd i had this very very sinful cookies cream ice cream/choc fudge mud pie. it was incredible goodness. must try. @ $8.60, with $1 off wif any HSM3 set meal. sweet-tooth peeps, pic below. yummmmay.

starbucks cheesecake, its like eating one chunk of raw cheese but not Gelare blueberry cheesecake belowww slurrppp slurrpp slurrrp.

this is a note for you --> You can do it, lil sis :)