Wednesday, March 19, 2008

the official driver.

thank you so much for the well-wishes i received for the past few days and today. finally on the third time, using car number 41 at parking slot 17 on 19 March 2008, i am an official qualified driver. only Gods knows what went through my mind, heart and soul when i sat for my results in the office rightt infront of my tester. it was unexpected seeing the fact that i actually stalled the engine twice in circuit and rolled backwards less than a metre TWICE in the circuit of which the tester already folded his arms haha PLUS there were sooo many ticks on the checklist each time i glanced throughout the test. luck was on my side and due to many advices i received, i placed my heart and soul into the test which i had this early morning :) dad is my second pair of ears and eyes now. and mum will be busy looking out for cars on my behalf. hehe :) i had my first drive to sis' place today. that is just the beginning.