Sunday, October 04, 2009

61 keys.

i have just started a newly found interest and i hope that by my birthday this year, i can play a few decent keyboard tunes :). i have a lot to learn by myself :)

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Umie Aida is engaged to a Millionaire Datuk.

umie aida is so bluddy gorgeous. pic was from mass email.

@ work.

team mates are the ones who made me going. :) plans, plans for team-gathering. yeay!

cloudy cloudy, meatballs.

watched it with nephew. the colorful food esp giant scoops of ice cream which remind me of SWENSENS (coincidently, colleagues and I were talking about the swensens buffet icecream @ ION orchard outlet), jellybeans, cheeseburgers, doughNUTs, pizza, meatball spaghetti. oh God. even before the movie reaches its quarter, I have already gobbled down 2.5 cheese hotdogs and half of sweet popcorn with ice lemon tee. :) really a foodie movie :)