Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ross Revalina.

i totally sux with happenings in the malay local scene here. totally. i dont know whats new and whats current playing on air and whats worth listening or getting to know about. my dearest cousin, aziah has been my SUPPORTING FACTOR to my already-lousy-malay-music-database, hek hek.

thank goodness, YOUTUBE. my savior.

so my msn conversation was like this.

aziah: gal, have you listen to novela cinta by revalina. favorite seh.

me: what? who? jap, aku YOUTUBE dulu!

and WOW! they are superb. and novela cinta is gooddd plus their vocal yang mendayu2, which sometimes or rather lots of times give me goosebumps each time i tune in to the vid below.

oh and i GOOGLE-ed about revalina and found that they actually were from the reality talent competition, Live Your Dreams. buttt i think the lead vocalist of the original group stayed on and the current 2 are new. and as usual lah, the most good-looking one is the most outstanding and receives the loudest applauds!