Thursday, August 07, 2008

robinsons sales.

gd news to share. if you have been eyeing on some stuff in robinsons, grab them ASAP cos they r having 20% off storewide!! hehe, its from today till 11th aug. includes john little, marks & spenser and i forgot the rest :) anddd some in-store specials which be either on the shelves @ $43 an item or 43% off!!

BTW, national day will be spent at a kenduri! haiz.

oo. its raining now. gonna be a very shiok sleep soonnn. before tat, THE OC serials to catch up :)i remember when i was in uni, i watched THE OC and Prison Break like crazy . those are some of the stuff to keep me away from stress :) not to forget my dear little minies as well hek hek hek.


M0m0k12 said...

aww!! u remember us!! hehe... so sweeetttt!!! :D

whoisjee. said...

ofcos i will remember my miniesss duhhh duhhhhh duuuhbhhhhhhh! hehehe