Tuesday, October 28, 2008


one word : talented.

i was BLOWN AWAY by their dance-moves. its like they were born to dance. these teens are seriously good. i am surprised. there were one or two which made my mouth opened like a fish gasping for air haha. butttt there is only 1 that made my eyes glued to the screen. the boys at the junkcar place. i was bored with the kiss (nothing great)but probly the kids' eyes were popping out. im just looking at 2 itching teens like what i saw in the MRT when i was on the way back today. MALAYS. such a disappointment. it needs 2 hands to clap, so there they were, smooching like the cabins were empty. they were already behaving like that in public, so i am not surprised they were all over themselves somewhere else in private. hohoho.

buat malu masyarakat jer.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

the hard way.

what we really and hopefully want, quite unlikely to get it.
pple say, if its meant to be ours, it shall be no matter what the odds are gonna be.
sometimes, i do not understand how it works.

its a long weekend. a plan which is supposed to be a family holiday trip, will not happen cos everyone has their own agenda to get busy with. anyway, i am not a big fan of HSM (just like a niece who loves "Gabrella", did i get it right ?) butttt becos its a big hoo-haa over the internet and the media, i happened to look out for its trailer. coincidentally, nephew wants to watch it so much and so we are going for HSM3 tomorrow(*i still cant believe that i am gg*). probly, there is no other better movie since 007 will be released in 2 weeks' time(*david craig yum yum*)

i feel like catching rihanna in spore coming nov. but to think again, i hardly listen to ANY of her albums. the only significant one is Umbrella (it all started from ezie who sang to it in farah's car OR was it thru the station) and the few others like Unfaithful, Take A Bow and Shutupanddrive. kylie minogue will be in the house too, probly end of this yr. the itchiness is getting all over me quite soon. (*scratch*)


back on the record, i wish i own a good digicam. i just hv to rely on my hp cam(2.0MP), dad's Nikon(4.0MP) or others' higher MP cam :( sometimes, i didnt even bother to take any pics with the lower ends. sigh.

personally, i am starting to realise that pics that are taken candidly depict the true moment captured as compared to the un-natural ready-to-snap-say-cheese-smile-cramping poses. 1 was doing some random pic-viewing. check out some of the candid shots. the collage below is a collection of earlier events in 2008.

nephews and nieces, my little darlings.

there are quite number of things i wanna own or do. i have not taken any action on my hair. ah! good news is that since i have been using shampoo that contains natural fruit/vege extracts, my hair has grown to quite a length. darn LOREAL. whatever it is, use natural products. i wanna own at least 8MP digicam (they are cheap now!). i am SUPPOSED to start a new pastime which i have yet to start my engine on. i wanna watch concerts. and the best part of all, all these are not needs. they are WANTS. geez!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

past 300th post.

i have passed the 300th mark way back, i didnt realise. have not been updating for quite sometime here. where shall i start. hmmm.

we are nearing to the end of hari raya. but to me, hari raya means to last only till the middle of the month. i was back at my uncle's home at mersing. finally, i am in a kampung area, with fresh grown fruits either at the backyard or the frontyard. i enjoyed coconut, rambutans and water guava (translated from jambu air, its red, err i dont have the pic). we had a small feast courtesy of the hosts. and was with all my aunts and uncle (maternal side). and the great thing we enjoyed was that teasing my nephew and a niece who lives in JB. hehehe. how not to tease. they were playing and sitting together under the tree with the groundmat. so sweet, reminds me of a movie scene like those which starts with childhood days yada yada. awww. but abit of a spoiler cos dad was beside them sleeping! hehe. i enjoyed the nature. the wind, the breeze. i am a nature person. unlike the concrete jungle we have and the bloody human crowd every morning and after office hrs! benci sungguh.

oh. good news for my sister. shes doing her masters next year :)
dad was asking will i be the next one and i was like NOoooooOO! cukop!

Work. im getting busier as days go by. serious busy with capital B.

yesterday, i watched Cukop Tak Cukop on Suria. Singles. yes like me, single. ouch ouch, yes it did hit me quite. but like wat one of the single speakers said, jodoh di tangan tuhan. for me, for wat mencarik, if bukan jodoh kiter. let jodoh find me. waste my time finding seriously. give up. pple say that when you are not looking, it will look for you. and the only person now that has been telling close relatives around how come i have not met anyone is my mum. alamak, i feel like telling mum to go and find for me one lah! hohoho.

application is opened now. come come, register. :)

Thursday, October 02, 2008

syawal 2008.

this ramadan, i feel so satisfied that like finally i get to fast with my parents. ya know, the kinda feeling close with family and i get to be involved in preps just like old times. queuing for shredded coconut as early as 7am, LAST MINUTE hunt for daun ketupat at pasar geylang. its fun actually. but pls don talk about helping my mum on raya eve with all the cutting and chopping of ingredients for hari raya food. i have not been in the list for so many years hehe. my job is only to ensure that the house is clean and neat.took my nieces and nephews for mini-fireworks at the void block. i have not purchased a new camera yet so i used my hp cam but they look quite dark so i think i shall not post them here. everyone were very happy. sisters stayed up till 12 mn and the next day, i fetched them at 11am! haha. damn tiring. i was still up till 2am to vacuum the house again. nevertheless, it is all in the name of Syawal.

as usual, parents' nieces and nephews will visit them and i will be the busiest person in the house. luckily i am on leave for this whole week so it doesnt matter that i help out although its quite tiring but fun actually. meeting not-so-close relatives whom we have not been keeping in touch except only on Syawal. oh, the diff about me this time round is that its my time to give hehe. duit oh duit.
im starting to drive around, ferrying siblings alone hehe. like finally, my dad doesnt have to tag along. probably its time anddd i can park the car now! ahhaaha. it started with no cars on both sides, then one car on the right, then 2 cars on both sides. ahhaha. drive already but donno how to park, sounds silly right. there is alot to learn actually :)

i just received my Huawei USB stick for Broadband on Mobile. for a start, the speed is not as marvelous as my wireless broadband. probly, it might take some time or not. hehe. it is time to review my bills and spending looking at the fact that alot of stuff are expensive now. i can feel the pinch, oucha!