Friday, September 26, 2008

appreciating it.

i am declaring myself that i am the happiest person on this earth. hehe. it just feels good when i treat people nicely without expecting anything in return. and i have been making a sin. yesss, err not 1 actually but a couple. i have been pampering myself with new stuffss. i donno why but probly i have not done it tat often. a brand new watch, jewelery(!) and ok this is very awkward. i dont usually fancy silver jewelery but maybe because of my sis who had been splurging on them of late, and i happened to hangout with her, so her DISEASE had spread to me. butttt buttttt, often it will take me very longggg to consider buying something but once i have my eyes on something i really loveeee to own, thats it. i would just grab it ASAP. no delay, no re-consideration ANYMORE. swoosh swoosh.*tit**tit**tit**tit**tit**tit*. there goes my money. but its just alright. something that u love to own, why not right! :) i have been telling myself, whatever i want or do, by all means own/do it as long as it is within my means. yeahhh, i am living that up. so be happy. so have no worries. to all problems, there are solutions. it is just the matter how we reach to the solution. dont worry too much at work, dont be too stressed with skoolwork. all this unnecessary stresses are just making our lives difficult, not better.
be POSITIVE. thats the way *oohoottt**oohoottt* !

next on my list, will be stuff for hari raya. hehehe. probly new curtains for my room and a fresh new beddiesheet. hehehe. semangat raya beb!


M0m0k12 said...

Jee, NEXT, white gold!! :) I used to spent my hard earn $$ on this stuff too. hehe... :) soon.. the habit kicks in AGAIN. :)