Saturday, January 31, 2009

the day when humans get controlled by ...

humans create internet. humans create super-muzer machines of all kinds, super "chimp" algorithms and robotic mechanisms. for what? to make life much more easier. make processes flow efficiently yada yada. BUT, what if their creators no longer have control of them anymore. God-knows-one-day, these super-nano-secs-read-write-process mechanisms have minds of their own ???!!! ARGHHHHH. watch eagle eye. u'll know what i mean. *this movie really had a tremendous emotional impact on me*

"Big brother is listening"

Saturday, January 24, 2009

uncertain all over.

the last i posted was like more than 2 weeks ago. work was hectic especially when there is org restruction. that has got nothing to do with me BUT when it comes to IT operations, there are likely to be more new and change requests. the environment is getting "hotter" and everything have to be done fast.

lately, waking up for work had been like a torture to me. its like in my mind, i have to be there facing God-knows-what-else. despite all these dugaan, i just need Allah to guide me and gimme the strength and the ability to stand on these 2feets to go thru the coming days. i need to be stronger internally.

on a lighter note, its long weekend. i will do my very best to slack! btw, i was at MOE HQ yesterday and i went excited and turned into a JAKUN. their lifts do not work like how normal lifts do. you must be wondering why is that so ? lemme explain :

How does normal general lift work ?

1.Press Up or Down button at any of the lift entrances

2. Once the cabin reaches your floor, light/sound alerts you and you will walk over to that lift

3. Once inside the cabin, press floor num

How does MOE HQ lift work ?

1. Press your FLOOR number on the panel which comes with a display screen and wait for a while to see the alphabet that will appear to guide you to the corresponding lift(yes, i am typing correctly)

WOW. how much did they spend on this lift system? i was impressed so i just have to share this and while in the cabin, i did some eavesdropping and samsung building also has this. besides their lifts, security clearance are systemised. respect lah MOE. :)

13th January 2009, cousin was doing well after natural delivery of my new nephew. Emir, healthy and alert. barely 2 days, his eyes were wide opened scrutinizing the people around. smart boy. shall post his pic soon :)

i had a very strange dream last night. it was about a Monashian fren whom i hardly chatted and stayed contact with since he left for somewhere else. we were in a room with some people which i couldnt make it out who they were and he was trying to tell me something through writings on a pictured frame on the wall. clearly i could see his face smiling and trying hard to tell me something. the funny thing is he didnt want other people who were sitting with me in the room to know what the message was and that frame actually was able to slide and expose more pictures within. i saw some scribblings on it but i just couldnt figure out.then, he signalled me his stomach and gestured his hands which looked like a bum (a pregnant woman?) and somehow the word milk came to my mind. a pregnant woman and milk and himself. what is the meaning of that dream? the only thing that i hope is that i can get hold of him and share this with him :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

cleaning up.

we need to do some clean up of the past so that it is not stored anywhere which we might bump into one day. ya know, like photos. unlike memories, photos capture the moment as though time froze for that slight seconds. but how about photos which we don't want to be reminded of? Del key. move on.

talking about moving on, my cousin has moved forward way ahead of me. soon, she's gonna have a baby boy and last week, she just moved into her new, lovely house. isn't that so timely ? and to top up that with its location which is near my siblings'. im so looking forward to see the new family member :).

i have not moved on anywhere else. but i am hoping that i could make a difference. In what ways ? Only God knows what's in my mind and heart.

Bedtime Stories is not that great but it is hilarious. adam sandler rocks heh. Probably its message , "Live your dream" might have lingered in my head throughout the movie and once out from the cine, it just poofed, hehe.

Basically, a break did me good after going through a hectic week @ work. I needed that.

Actually, this thought has been going around my head recently. Why work your ass off and not knowing when you will not be around anymore to appreciate what's more important in life : family.

photos and family. i give thumbs up for "One-Hour Photo". it deserves a watch.

A department store photo clerk, Seymour 'Sy' Parrish, is exceptionally knowledgeable about photography, and has been developing photos for the Yorkin family since their son was a baby. However, Sy also lives a very solitary and lonely life - with no wife, girlfriend, or family in the picture. Sy begins to develop a disturbing obsession with the Yorkins and what they have, and when he is fired for theft he goes over the top. Having discovered a disturbing secret about Mr. Yorkin, he exacts angry revenge in a chilling manner...

Thursday, January 01, 2009


Happy New Year 2009.

a brand new year. a fresh start. :)

but first, to Istifarah who is definitely busy with her darling in KL or wherever you guys are, Happy Belated Birthday, The 25th. this lady keeps saying shes old but hey, me? ancient. :) people get old, no worries lah. so which hotel? huaha.

so what happened to me since i last blogged.

1) was at sgp flyer. frankly, there is nothing much to oo-aah about except for the "top of the world" moment.

2) i couldn't resist mall-hopping.

3) because of point 2, i couldn't resist splurging on rings. i was crazy over them. thank god, i told myself to stop this crazy habit. but i like them. who doesn't? it started with the silver then the humongous glittering stones. i gave some silvers away because i ended up realising that i do not need them and being the generous soul, other people wanted them so why not. :)

2009. what i have to do is less shopping because i think i have spent enough. probably for the next 6 months, window-shopping is my main itinerary. furthermore, i am very good at intervention. if you need someone to decide whether you should make that purchase, probably you think you are splurging or on the spur of the moment think that you WANT it, i am good at saying NO. so i save your day, yeay. i do not buy something suddenly. when i keep returning to the shop looking out for that item, i would be so ready to pounce on it the moment it is on promotion or i have looked somewhere else in vain. or another method, within the next 4 days, if the salesgirl gives you the impression that you are attempting to shoplift, i think you should just buy it :)

no new year resolution for me. i just hope 2009 will be smooth-sailing for me. Insya'allah. :)