Thursday, November 19, 2009

Me like football?

5 yr old niece - since when u like football?

Me - Nooo, who said i like.

Niece- then y r u watching?

Me- ohh, becos got lot of handsome guys.

Niece- *roll eyes*

A very proud auntie to one of my nephews.

Band 1.

Each time, among the words I encourage him is, "I know you are a smart boy" :)

To me, I always believe a left-handed person is naturally smart. :)

As for my nephew, he needs a little push BUT lotss of encouragement words :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

first entry on e71 via wireless

Ehem ehem. I am currently @ Starbucks in PSA sipping mocha frap with this sinful creamy and rich whipped cream.

Before lunch, I was in a worrying state when user called me from an event. The thought of travelling to the hotel made me feel sick. LUCKILY, it got self-resolved with a simple shutdown and restart of service. PHEWWWWWWWW.

Seriously, donno what happened to me. My appetite suddenly BOOMZ. Hehe. I think it was since the day where my birthday fell on. Couple of weeks ago. Hmmm.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Genting ?

Genting trip ?

Ah, Langkawi ?

2 more weeks :)

I am so feeling like getting out of this country.

When was the last time I stepped out ?


Ahh ya. Was Mersing. :)

That was only for a day.

I miss the days in KL with all the eating and shopping.

I miss the days in Melaka with all the eating and shopping.

I miss the days in Sunway with all the sufferings, he he he.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Too low pay or no one wants to do the job ?

I realised that a particular bus service provider has started to employ non-Singaporeans who do not know how to speak simple English. For goodness sake, send them for classes.


I have been there yesterday and basically, in layman terms, Earth got displaced. And being a Singaporean who has not and wish not to experience extreme tremors of any kind, the effects are quite disturbing. That is to me. Overall for effects, I give it an 8.

Ah, I forgot. I recalled. I felt a heart-weakening jolt when I was in Petaling Jaya. While seating on the chair slogging for my practical, I felt my chair jolted. Dumbfounded, I looked around. I felt the floor jolted man! A few hours later, probably through the night news there was indeed a tremor from Indonesia. Luckily when I moved to the top floor of the hostel during my final year, nothing similar happened. Btw, the top is 25 and I mean it seriously, it was such a PAIN to climb up the stairs when the lifts were under maintenance during a weekend! Stupid Management!

FT Island's website is not in English. Sucks bigggg time lah. :)

Nevertheless, I love their Sarangalhee.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

it has been a month plus! and i am 29.

hey, i have not been blogging for so long. hehe. not in years exactly but 1 month lehhhh. not my fault but its..........


Yes, because of FB, I have not been updating this blog. Because of coming home late from work and because of niece who is ALWAYS waiting for me and getting into my room and switching everything that she feels deemed switched on LIKE my keyboard, my TV and my notebook. And how talkative she is now. Wah liuuuuu. Because of too much of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL FROM 1 TO 3, i think.

Me: Amyra, aren't you tired of talking?

Amyra: It's my brain, watttttt. My brain control my mouth, watttttt.

Me: *dumbfounded*

This is how adorable my chubby Amyra is, or Eyra haha.

So, I have turned 29 on 7 Nov. Thank you to Farah,Wen,Ezila&Aqel,Diana,Aziah. It's the thoughts that counts that you guys still remember the date :) I am touched ESP when BONG comes into my life. Yes, BONG.

And how cliche it seems/gonna be, another year to the big 3. Hohoho.

But, what's in the number right ? Most important, how have You developed into a Person/Human Being in the sense of Attitude/Personality/Character?

I am still the old me. The old me who
1. laughs all her heart out.
2. likes to spend her time alone more than having company (yes, gal..i shared with you this)
3. Continuation from Point 2, I also enjoy company. The right one, definitely.


The new me, I realised that I
1. am more organised with work.
2. can't stand messiness esp on my working table.
3. can multitask and prioritize effectively.
4. can get things done without being pushed.

And on Point 4.

Work is never going to end. Everyday, there is bound to be requests and problems.
Problems can be either easy to be solved or the more complex that you can't even imagine. Nevertheless, with the right tool and assistance, even the beyond-imagination-unsolvable-complex-est kinda problem can be solved eventually. It just takes a simple question/search and importantly, WORKAROUND. :)

Yes, workarounds and alternatives are slowly going to be my 2nd bestfriend,the first that is GOOGLE. hehe. I am slowly digesting how a person can be so calm when faced with problem and be positive. :)

I wish I am like that, but not that I am not calm. But, I prefer to be calmer :)

Calmer BUT quick when faced with users ESP the demanding ones. Possible ?

I have been in the supporting line for almost 6 years now. So, I have a upper hand in user handling. If you face a bad experience, learn from the mistake which you might have made. Even if you think that you are not in the wrong but user is always right, that's what they think and just let them have the feeling. My method is yesss, you are good and yess you are right but if i fix YOUR doing that caused the PROBLEM, who is going to have the last laugh heh? :)

29. I pray that I meet someone good.

29. I pray that more "rezeki" comes in my way.

29. I pray that life goes smooth.

29. I pray that I can reach the big 3.

29. I pray that I become a better person with God's touch :)

Amin Amin, Ya Rabbalalaminnn. :)