Saturday, December 30, 2006

farah, happy birthday. study pattern semester 1 2007

Farah, if you are reading this.

Happy Birthday to u
Happy Befday to u
Happi Befdae dearest cutest farah
Heppy Birthdei to uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

ok, i sms-ed u right at midnight. i guess u sud be sleeping by then. we shall meet like i get back from sunway ok.

remember ya, what we have talked about yesterday hmmm during your idling time hehehe. it sounded easy just to say, but i know we can do it !

hey, shudnt i be sleeping for melaka trip later? geez. after spending like nearly 3 hours ironing mak's clothes, my hand is aching yo. haiz. how to be a goody2 housewife like this? iron clothes also want to complain. haiz. huhu. luckily i was in the right mood to help out mak. she has been in the kitchen like since noon! and in fact, NOW still stirring gravy in the kitchen (hmmmmm..smells sooooooo nice).

library or foyer. like we have any other choices. one, full of distraction. another, full of silence. hohoho. both ways, they are not helping at all. ezie suggested DOME. i was like WAT? tat is the last place I would go to man! she can study there but i totally goner yo. DOME = wash eyes. Coffee Bean = wash hands huhuh. Starbucks = wash balak huhuu. the last time we went to DOme, it was awfully weird lah. serious! there was totally no-one in the big spacious cafe except for 2 persons sitting right at the back whom we could hardly see when we first arrived. oh yeah. tat was during fasting if im not mistaken. frankly, the fella who served us was GORGEOUS. grrrrrrr. hey ezie, is that the reason why u wanna go DOME? huhu. a motivation indeed! hehe.

eh eh. i hope that engine-turned-bisnes boy is still around yo. hahaha :P more details coming up SOON.

i will be in melaka for the weekend + post-new year. so hear from me soon about the trip.


Friday, December 29, 2006

rain.2 days to 2007

rain has been putting me indoor the whole day + sleeping endlessly. now i am so recharged + listening to ma favrit songs.

Currently listening to videoclip: Careless Whisper -George Michael

Hey, he is so HOT when he was much younger! Woah, amazing. But the way he danced, OMG..kind of weird thou.

ok GREAT NEWS for today. i just got to know my dearie darling Ezie has got her new Summer Flavour!!! Ok, u gals who know what this mean, as in YEAHHHH.. i m not kidding.*wink* hey, not that you have disposable hearts lah. its a bit fragile and need to be showered with bla bla bla.

Back to George, yeah... him wearing tat tight shorts...hmmmm..its damn hilarious. plus his wavy hair...huhuh...actually he looked cool with that. btw, how old is he now? 40+?

i have had not enough with babyface. arghhh...his voice is marvellous in Loneliness. arghh!! im going crazy with tat song. huhuhu. check out the strumming guitar near the chorus. i love that!

my tshirts didnt get dried bcos of the forever rain. i have to like iron 6 tshirts till my hand ached man (ok, i dont normally iron my clothes cos they dont crumple easily. this time its an EXCEPTIONAL).

i was at marketplace at early noon. it has been a long time i have not been there yo. as usual, went into the always crowded + slippery market up to one point mak told me to wait outside. and my usual waiting port is at the staircase beside the hawker center. as was reading magazine and sitting at the stairs, this one pakcik who sells food next door was like asking me to take a chair and sit. i was like HUH? . did i look that pathetic sitting at the stairs yo? hhahahhahah....watever.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


LONELINESS by Babyface

someone came by my frenster. i saw it first in his profile. superb song. thou its a very sad one.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

rain.bless. Babyface

it has been raining all day with some few stops. oh yesh, before i forget. thank you so much for you guys (including gals too ya ) who have been dropping by intentionally (huhu, u know who u are yo!) or un-intentionally browsing around. i would appreciate a little note but harm cause i wanna make MORE frens ya =].

it was xmas and future is new year, 2007. 5 more days counting. i just cant wait for january to pass by, next february. in another words, i wanna get over and done with my studies! urghh. the waiting is so painful (isnt tat weird that actually i want my holiday to end that early. hahaha). the longer i stay here, the more intense the feeling and whateva negativities flowing back into me.

mak went shopping for a handbag. and seriously, it matches her Scholl sandals. goodness! and when i asked her how much is it, i was like WAT???!!! is she serious or wat? huhu. the reason being, "dah takder yg lain" (no other choices). OK mak. mak really go for something worth buying despite the pricetag. woahh. im gonna make a wishlist for my graduation soon. hehehe.

(*im having a slight headache*)
Gelare is having its waffles at 1/2 price every Tuesdays. we went and the place was so crowded. yes yes. the mentality. in singapore, when there is good stuff worth spending on, you will see crowds like nobody's business. i guess singaporeans like to spend money on food if they think its worth spending on. Like Saeke Sushi, there was a long queue yo. and wait a min, Cathay Causewaypoint was far too crowded at around late evening. OMG. the queue or should i say the crowd was so huge that they actually queued into part of Banquet also. sis pointed out whats up with the crowd. facing the cineleisure counters, i tried to look for clue. what show are they watching ya. The Curse started last week. It cant be that. Oh Yesh! under SNEAK TODAY column, pasted Death Note 2. No wonder the crowd was so unusual. a fren recommended this movie and its previous. hmmm. im trying to catch Death Note first.

(*headache is worsening*)

i have to go and popin some pills. Babyface will be on next post ya.

Santa Rina. Treat.

You Are An ESFJ

The Caregiver

You are sympathetic and caring, putting friends and family first.

A creature of habit, you prefer routines and have trouble with change.

You love being in groups - whether you're helping people or working on a project.

You are good at listening, laughing, and bringing out the best in people.

You would make a great nurse, social worker, or teacher.

hmmm..hmmmm..hmmmm. what do you think ? Nurse is a sure no-no for me. huhu. 98% is accurate except for the last sentence maybe. haha.

Was at Danga Bay AGAIN. goodness. its like beginning to be like causeway point to me yo. yeaaa...looking at the frequency of getting myself there. hehe. thank god, i did not actually witness any floods there as what was assumed by a dear fren. got a surprise treat by my broINlaw. hooray! no wonder it was such a wonderful dinner.

we were walking down the mall and Santa Rina (melayu version and i wonder why even bother hehe) was holding her big sock. hurry hurry get urself something from santa rina!. told niece and nephew. came back with this small packet of keropok. haiz! and i noticed that the way she walked was like urgh! meluat to the max.

we always ended up in danga bay like after 7pm and there is so little time to shop around. and by the time we walked 1 round, its already like 10pm. geez! oh yeah, i spotted Daytona along the shops. went in. so many hmm MATS. huhu. and they were playing on Advanced. the place was so congested with smoke that i changed my mind. spotted another Daytona archade and also MATS playing Advanced + smoke all over da place. really spoiler man.

shopping done..hmmm not me. my sistaz. there was nothing seemed to interest me at all EXCEPT for one thing. PAPAROTI. being me, i was standing infront of the shop and
observing its customers who seemed to be coming in purchasing the paparoti. i am not talking about them buying one each. its like in bulk! ok not exaggerating but yea, even packed in plastic bags yo. i wonder, is it so nice or what? whats so good about it? and some even ate them on the spot. hmmm ok. it must be damn nice lah. i continued to walk down the mall. minutes later, passed by PAPAROTI again. ok, i go and try. and it is SUPERB man!! i didnt know this kind of roti exists yo! hahhaha. Best. i checked out their other locations and tadaaa..they have it at causeway point cold storage also! hahaha. cantek ar. besok aku borong! huhu

after mall, we went for a drink and i was so eager to try this tomyam soup. and when it arrived, OMG. checkout the size of its spoon yo!(pic below) Is that senduk nasik (rice scooper) or wat? ha ha ha.

we were in the car on our way back home.

nephew: ibu! safik nak..nak..nak...

me: nak aper lah safik(*irritated*)

nephew: nak balek!

all of us : ???????????? (what the! lawak ar)

Monday, December 25, 2006

pak pak bing bing . eragon

when ader pak pak bing bing je, sure have TAPAI. and the result of the TAPAI is tadaaaa....SUKSES SUKSES. hhehehehe. its nice and white means alhamdulilah. it rested peacefully while it preserved itself in my room. hehe. check out TAPAI pic below!

me and all my siblings plus ipar duai-s went for the reception to enjoy the FOOD. its so delicious, almaklum kebuluran + it was already like 1.30pm wei. and as usual, me and my sis ni, start the kutuk-mengutuk(ofcos started from the karaoke hahhaha) and the giler2 + crazy antics we two like to do. haha. it was just so nice to be bawah kolong block and being in a wedding reception because it has been quite a long time since my family had one. if i am not wrong, the last wedding reception under my kolong block was like 6 years ago yo! next will be my turn which i donno when will that be. huhu. im just so waiting for cousin to have hers somewhere around 2008. seronok kan!

i got to meet familiar faces like my neighbours. yeah, a smile and acknowledgement is just right and being courteous yo. huhuhu. is tat so me or wat? aniwas, the kuih muih were superb. i love them. we lepak2 at the corner + went over to kepo2 at the other wedding reception next block. hahaha. just to peep at the other newly-wed couple and yeah...i pulled my sis to the front (not as in right into their faces hahha). we started to comment and as usual, it has always been the kutuk-ing stuff. hahaha.MEAN. by the time, anak sedara + wifey came back to sanding, my siblings and i hurriedly salam the mak-pengantin and hurried back to mak's place. and before that, ofcos i sempat tgk my anak sedara + wifey + anak sedara's family had their pic taken. =]

Was at mak's place to gather like any other Sundays. additional guests were my aunt + uncle. opportunity grabbed to plan the meeting time + coordinating meeting places concerning the coming Melaka trip next weekend. Hooray! kecoh dibuatnye yo! my sis pulak sibok used my lappie to check out her avatar. bosan! huhuhu.

its xmas eve, and i sudnt be at home. i must get out. and yeahhh..finally late evening, we were out at causeway point. hooray! hahaha. me n sis decided to watch movie + lantak at banquet (BANQUET has been the MOST HIP and HOT chilling place for the melayuzz and 2 of my sisters are officially Banquet-ers!) ramai giler jgk penduduk melayu woodlands ni ek. after much deciding and considering, we finally bought tics for eragon. since my sis didnt like others and The Holiday, i must watch with my galfren, we are so left with no choice but eragon. its a simple plot. not much of fabulous effects being potrayed. BUT "eragon" is CUTE yo! sis said that he reminded her of Leornado Dicaprio when he starred in Titanic, to which I agree. But sadly to say that, when i saw Leornado in this month's Lime magazine cover at stands, i was like OMG. wat happened to this fella? he look AGED! hehehe. berjabang pulak tu. how old is he anyway? he looks like hmmm 30+. i shall check out later.

after movies, went for light snack at BK. it was like 11pm and there were still lots of pple loitering and chilling out at restaurants. i donno y, but i still felt fresh. hmmm. sis was suggesting to go orchard at that time. i was like..ehhh biar betik! tapi betol jgk eh, boleh see xmas lightups. OK . lets start moving to the bus queue and go home. HAR HAR HAR.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


today is the day where new words are formed bcos of hilarious happenings around me. all bcos of my sistas and lil niece + nephew. starting off with BINO. my nephew arrived looking so pale (and i m serious as in WHITE.ok, hes actually naturally fair and plus the weather was so cold + hes a bit ill). and i was asking sis, hw come so pale? huhu. ok then came the explaining bla bla bla. we walked around the mall and AGAIN i went to my favorite hangout, DAYTONA. fulamak, ramai seh orang..i mean BUDAK2. aper lagi, aku start to warmup ar. ok, frankly i was abit kekok bcos it has been awhile i hold the steering. and i was like wats happening to me ni. hehehe. m i going to lose the touch yo. huhu. i braved myself, picked up speed..hehhehe..and HOORAY....won against budak2 yg bertungkus lumus untuk mengalah kan aku. huhu. and i turned to my right, and this budak cina smiled cheekily to me. huhuh. cute gesture. the next round, just the two of us, a malay boy sitting just to my right. he was like OMG. crashing into me twice. and i was like sabar patient. hehehe. i did not retaliate back cos yeahhh..once in a while , give other pple chance of winning. huhu. looking at how my nephew actually been swiping my Powercard all over the place, i was like..ok lets get out from here.

next we went to the Creative corner where you pay for something you color on a template, with lots of color paint and once done, pass it to the ever grumpy looking salesgals and she will have it COOKED. hahahha..not edible yeahh, to be pasted onto the mirror or wherever you like. you will see the picture of these stuff below. aniwas, nephew was like tak tentu arah applying the paint onto his cartoon template, and sis was so fedup with him. however, after its being cooked, it turned out ooh well nice afterall. its just that something funny came out of it!

we were at macdonalds. niece + nephew took out their colored cartoon template and showed off to us. ofcos mummies are proud of them UNTIL my sis pointed out about the GREEN face the powerpuff has. HAHAHHAHA. my sis as usual being herself, is so wrong and bad at putting colors together. i was like, is your powerpuff gal SICK or wat? hahhahaa. and we started to notice how horrible the colors are being applied. and yeah, she officially announced that BLURRY shall be her name and a new addition to Powerpuff Girls. huhu. it has to start with B aniway.

next, nephew's colored cartoon template. hmmmm....wait a minute. how come the cat's face is WHITE while the rest of its body is pale brown!! hahahahah...and dengan selambanyer....i said...ooooo it was exactly like his face when we first met up just now!! wahahhahahaha..we burst into wicked laughter and i think whoever is sitting at the other end of macdonalds could hear us man! and to make things worst, sis said that its suffering from ALBINO. and yeahhh....BINO shall be its name! OMG! goodness, crazy sistas.

was at our makan place hangout, Banquet! behind me was a lady enjoying her briyani and i kept checking out tat so good-looking haven food. hmmmm...looked so yummy and i was like, hmmmmm...why not try that rather than always the same yong tau fu. and OMG. its superb + delicious + more words i cant think of. a must try. no wonder alot of diners are having it. yummy!

Friday, December 22, 2006


Im soo cant wait for next week. its when im gonna meet my dear darlings for hmm a belated + advanced befday celebs. huhu. they are so busy with other appointments so we have finally decided to meet up on one of the days, big thanks to farah. hehe. i love you. huhu. oh ya, before that, a movie date with my galfren. hmm. wat movie ek to watch? and finally, to end 2006..i will be in MELAKA YO! so rakyat2 melaka jelata sekalian, tunggu kehadiran Teja k! huhu. i m so gonna update this blog with WATEVER HAPPENINGS gonna take place in melaka soon. HAR HAR HAR. hope its gonna be witty + fun + giler babas thingys.

its friday nite, and what am i doing here ONLINE ? sudnt i be outside like other normal days. huhu. the coldness has been giving me chills right from my neck down to my spine.

btw, i doono whether you know what TAPAI is. ok, its a food and its edible. actually, its something like a rice wrapped with green leaves(alahh the one like banana leaves where you normally put nasi lemak on it). normally these tapai, kampung pple are so good at doing them. which means ME and my generation most probably will STOP these traditional production of TAPAIs. huhu. mean but its true. aniwas, some pple like it so much esp the elderly and some pple dont like it at all even at its slightest smell and existence like 1 meter away. huhuuh.
"oooo, yg bau busuk tu ek"- tat came from my galfren. huhu. after wrapping them nicely with the leaves, they have to be placed and preserved for like 4-5 days before u can open it up and the fragrant smell starts to play around wif your nose. the best part is, there is a condition on HOW these TAPAIs sud be preserved. IT MUST BE PLACED SOMEWHERE TAT gals with period MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE EVEN NEAR THEM. ok, im not joking and im not scaring you, but YES. tats the PANTANG (superstitious) among my elderly. and if it happened that someone breaks that pantang, those TAPAIs will be in bad shapes as in not good + smelly + not edible. IN OTHER WORDS, THEY ARE SPOILT. ok y im telling u this is because THE TAPAIs ARE NOW IN MY ROOM AT THIS VERY SECOND. hahahaha. ok, im so gonna look forward to the outcome of the TAPAIs here, like this sunday. so goona blog about it soon. and the interesting part is that, I DONT EAT TAPAIs. heheheehe.

Heavy rain = Flood . heartening

its all over the papers in msia and on tv too. sounds so near( like a few kilometers away from Johor Bahru). quite a number of places are badly affected by the flood, and OMG..these pple they are just walking through the floods like nobody's business. wat if they step on snakes! or worst, deep pitholes under the water like it reached up to thighs yo! so scary la. and the water is so muddy + milky brown. i guess sud be of the tanah2 liat (mud) + rainwater = mud water (like how u make teh susu and milo! huhu). my mum called my aunt to check on her and YEAH....shes in Kluang and she got her way to the nearest safe zone area(balai rakyat) to sleep for 3 days. luckily her house was not badly flooded thou it reached knee level onli. but again, all her furnitures and watever in the house, i guess must have malfunctioned and in slightly bad condition.

i was in coffeebean last wednesday. finally to enjoy caramel ice blended after it has been so long i have not drank tat. hmmm. i swear, when was the last time i drank tat in sunway. hmmm..oh yahhh...around like early september. lepas tu dah tak jejak lagi kat coffeebean tu. ya allah! its like being totally forgotten yo! hahhaha. i still remember that guy who used to be working there. practically last semester, i was there like hmmmm twice a WEEK! giler!

oo, being me who likes to SIDETRACK ALOT..i shall go back to my coffeebean story. i stepped in. saw my sis and little niece. sat down on the comfy RED sofa. went to the cashier counter and POP! saw this very familiar chinese gal standing behind the counter. it was like a sudden ELECTRIC feeling going down my spine. tat actually this gal is so familiar. hahhahaha. i RECEIVED THE SAME VIBES too from her. she was like shocked to see me. hahhaha. aku ni muker common lah. she also wat. hahaha. aniwas, i checked her badge and YEAHHH..i remembered her name and ASSISTANT MANAGER seh. huhuu. we were in the same secondary skool. know her not really well. a fren of my fren's fren last time. i was thinking sud i acknowledge her or wat. but on second tots, nahhhh...don need lah. later, she doesnt recognise me, malu to the max man!

i was lepak-ing with my caramel ice blended alone at the sofa cos my sis and niece went off somewhere a while. i did some thinking like woahh... she has gone tat far ya, asst manager. she must have worked like hell, and must have enjoyed making lattes and serving food. huhu. the ambience was nice with the unique setting of the outlet. but the spoiler is that there are so many pple walking past outside the outlet, not tat private thou. macam tgh shiok minom lepak kecoh ngn frens, skali 1 makcik happen to pass by and tegor and u will be like" ahhhhhh......aper khabar? buat aper kat sini? shopping ek? ". tat one will normally come from me. and the next few days, my parents will ask me about my whereabouts at coffeebean. huhuhuh. ok u get wat i mean now? huhu.

finally, i was in danga bay last monday. ohhhh. i know now whatsupp with danga bay. huhu. we onli went one part of the bay where the mall is. frankly, its not tat fascinating. normal shops and not that extravagant except that there is a SECRET RECIPE there. was walking and walking and i saw these weird looking settings in one of the shops. actually i donno whether to call it a shop or not bcos yaaa... its in a shop but theres no salespersons nor normal looking products in it. haha. ok, i saw plant pots and on top of each hangs a board with a picture on it. from far, i was like, what the heck is this place. very the curious, i came closer. Enlarged pictures hanging frm the ceiling and at its bottom, is a plantpot. huhuh. don ask me why its being placed like that. i read carefully on the pictures for any clues (BY THE WAY, THERE WAS NO ONE IN THAT SHOP). i was like...wat the heck..just go in and explore. and goodness ..the more i look at them, the more pictures which captivate my eyes yo. they are photographs taken by diff pple cos i saw their names pasted at the corner bottom. i tell you. some pictures were so dramatically taken esp of cultures and humanity. the more colorful ones are like flowers taken thru micro lens or wateva it is. i was so taken aback by how good those pictures were shot. nice work. and finally i got to know that the photographs are actually being exhibited by the local johor photography society. no wonder.

22 December 06

9 more days to 2007.

so? im so not wasting time on resolution ( hey, wats the malay word for tat ek? huhu luper ar). its like tak kesampaian to get it resoluted every year. huhuuhu. i have GOALS to achieve yo.

as wat my fellow bro aka fren has just said, "so u know wat to do when u return home. find a job and find a hubby". ok fyi, hes a happily married man with lovely wifey and cute son. dalam hatiku berkata "ye laaaahhh...." and i was like "yep. insya-allah" for my reply. hahahaha.

so, wats the hurry kan? im still YOUNG wat. ok self consoling helps sometimes. hehehe.

Cousin ku engaged already and anak saudara ku will be getting married this weekend! OMG. whats happening to the universe wei? and yesterday, i was at sunplaza ...outside a WOMEN's clinic (ok, im not there for pregnancy test fyi) and was sitting at this comfy bench looking and yawning at pple walking past. oh yeah, the foodcourt is just nearby + the ATMs (POSB, OCBC) are there too, so yeahh tats why there are LOTs of pple plus different attitudes are displayed right infront of me. huhu..back to the story, i saw quite a number of big bellies around as in the womb filled with life ya..not those fats-filled ek. hehhehe...

this must be taking advantage of the baby packages maybe or maybe....the sex exhibition they had not long ago at suntec city or spore expo maybe. woahhhh.......interesting yo!

aniwas, my sis taught me chatting in 3D avatar. i guess it should be the latest trend now. and yeahhh..interesting. u get to dress up your avatar bla bla bla....then they have scenes in the 3D window for you to chat up other chatters with their own avatars. ok .... the best part is....they just like to hug my avatar!!! cant they just prompt me first whthr i want to accept the hug or not. goodness, o pls some enhancements yo! its like breaching my privacy. hahhahahah...

i have problem now with my avatar homepage cos of tat st*pid embedding of my videoclip, i cant edit the html code animore. Arghh! and im just so gonna leave it tat wei. my sis kept asking me how isit with my homepage and i was like...bosan la! huhuuhu

more to come yo!