Friday, November 07, 2008


i was at suntec to attend a briefing and on my way back to office, i spotted Donut Factory. it was hard to choose from a wider variety of flavors unlike Munchy Donut which i am quite sick of now. deliciousmicious.

from left: oreo cookies, chocolate covered with peanut butter top, white choc covered with orange top.

i didnt get to taste the oreo cos i gave it to mum. probly its all the same. but the other 2, splendid.

i decided to play around with my blog colors. you know when you see things the same over a long period of time, you get bored. ah, same goes for working life. everyday, (out in morning, back at night) X 5.

i have watched quantum of solace. the action already begins from the start. nothing much different from his first, david craig is all packed with muscles and fighting skills. and probly a disappointment for guys out there (am i right?), no on-bed-or anywhere-possible-*** scenes at all except for the wrapped-on bedsheet huhu. BTW, i am such a mountain tortoise. i didnt know SEIYU is long gone for BHG. but it look the same afterall. i was taken aback actually. at this time where job lay-off might be a possible (a start for DBS, ive read), there are alot of on-going sales happening. and this has made me a member of the subset :)

obama actually makes a good model. probly suits and watches.