Sunday, June 29, 2008

what i have done.

for the past weeks, i watched "Kungfu Panda" which I find them very adorable. i didnt read reviews beforehand and didnt know whose voices behind the characters, err, actually i didnt bother to find out. i was just interested in black jack's Panda. and when they have names like "sifu" and "tai lung", not a surprise jackie chan plays the monkey. "Incredible Hulk" which i think the main character's overall looks and physique (before he turns green)are not that "appetizing" really and the last was "Don't Mess with The Zohan". it was really horny and corny and hilarious and whatever words you can relate to "disgusting" ( people were laughing their hearts out and probably were shedding tears as well. nevertheless, there is a message which they wanted to bring it across. main point, make peace, no war. so next up, probably Hancock and Wanted.

went down couple of times to east coast park. after late lunch, we would just hang out at the beach and once, there happened to be a rehearsal for the upcoming national day, a heli with the flag hovering over the coast. talking about national day, have not been to the event before. not that i do not want, but before i knew it, the tics were all out when they announced it over the tv. sigh.

GSS is still on and i am so glad that i am still trying to withhold my strength of keeping the kah-chings in and not out unnecessarily. looking at handbags which are already stacked up in my room, i think more than twice actually before flipping my notes out. money is hard to come by. just like water, they can just flow out freely.

GST money are coming in, yeay!