Sunday, April 20, 2008

the absence.

i foresee that when i will be absent from workplace pretty soon, chances are my hand phone will ring. it will be only for a day, and colleagues are already repeatedly asking me "when is the date?" , checking calendars and having supervisor whom asked for my leave days entitlement! come on, my absence will not cause all servers/network to go down, definitely right? or perhaps, it might! HAHA.

ah! we will be getting off for a short holiday during the vesak weekend to where-else buttttt M.E.L.A.K.A. both my parents hail from Melaka/Malacca so its like all around and back to the roots.probably, we should consider visiting the historic places in addition to the usual makan/shopping/lepak itinerary.

btw, i didnt think of this. i was reading an article in Today to why trains were so notoriously crowded (definitely, incomparable to Tokyo's ). probably those who used to hail cabs to work are avoiding them now. dammit. what i think of cabs is that, hail it when i really need it. need, not want . other that, i will drag myself to mrt/bus. just like a "want" list and a "need" list.

my "need" list contains

my "want" list contains
1. my prince charming (wait! probably, this should move up to the list above? haha)
2. a sponsored car ( maybe one that fits myself, 2 passengers behind, no more than that) which sadly, wont come true!
3. whatever i have seen/window-shopped