Saturday, April 12, 2008

back to civilization.

not exactly was back from somewhere where you cannot find food or civilized people.but back to my comfort-stress-free-now-that-i-can-breathe zone!hmmm, where shall i start heh. hmmm. i am now the official driver. i get to launch words like si*l, switchable * to 'a' or 'o', infront of my parents. i am implementing what we call an effective time management and priotizing workload/cases at workplace which hopefully it will benefit me in the long-run. stress level has been increasing by days. i am now in the phase like you people, yesss, normal working adults, whom some might be in the very critical state where badddd words are hurled at one another hehe. mine is not critical as yet. huuh. what i need now is to HIBERNATE before getting onto the speedboat soon. REST is the ultimate word. i managed to spend a few hours on friday night, at my favorito starbucks outlet with caramel frappucino and potato yummy which was so yummyyyy.

oh. cousin was away for honeymoooooninnggggg. and wat she got when she came back,a swollen ankle. alamak. drink more susu lah gal.

entertainment-wise, i have not caught up with ANYYYY latest box office. the last i wanted to watch was Stepup 2 but i have no time for that yet. i remember that i was planning to take up keyboard classes. so that i can buy a casio keyboard and make lots of noise in my room. by then, i will have to build up sound-proof walls in my room. shettt. that plan has to be revised. probably, this time not that course, but probably another that might help me alottttt.

oh btw, i love dan and young slot @ 98.7! they are seriously jokers mannnn.

anddd what i have anticipated, it came true. there was an archived post which i brought up on inconsiderate humans who still read newspapers in crowds. yesss, finally there was a shouting drama last friday. between a makcik and a chinese guy. but his is a BOOK. nice ! all that i can say is, he was at fault. and it was already his fault but yet, still trying so hard to defend himself. kiasu. this too, applies to the driver who was infront of dad's car, earlier today who changed lane numerous times when we were on our way back to singapore customs. ulimate kiasu. i am so ashamed of kiasu singaporeans (KSS), similar to KNN. by the way, i wonder where Mas Selamat is. do you?