Saturday, March 29, 2008

mother's day.

im not sure when mother's day is exactly but upon hearing her favourite actor from the famous Mimpi Manis indon serials, the first thing mum enthusiastically said was let buy flowers for him. yep, yep. at that time, i was driving and luckily i did not jam-brake cos never in my life have i heard that one from my mum. the actor plays Aldi in Mimpi Manis. i dont know what his real name is. my family had discussed about Gunawan being in the top list of the most handsome indon actors, followed by Tengku Ryan and next on the block is this Aldi guy. the event commemorates Mother's Day. it is an event where there will be Aliff Aziz (go shout crazy young "anak-abu" fanatic gals) andddd Hady Mirza :)well, that name does excites me just a little bit cos when the buzz was on about him in the Asian Idol and his win, it kinda made me stuck to the tv box actually. well i know far's mum adores him so much :) it will be held at swiss hotel on 10th may and jolly well, we got a table just rightttt infront of the stage among the 100 plus of tables. i just cant afford to miss my camera and a pail to contain our saliva!

next up, after so much hesitations on what hp model to buy between a Dopod and Nokia, finally i rested my case on Sony Ericsson W910i which costs me $98 for a brand new line. i had been using hi-card and the top-ups had been crazy on my pocket and it was like more than what i will be paying for a fixed line. on top of it, i have 1000 free sms-es and 200 mins of outgoing calls for a year. so, who just can't resist these.well, singaporeans prefer bargains and rush for them including me! and plus, i decided to try out Broadband on Mobile too. My internet usage here has been so suckily low. i dont use it when im at work. it is just kinda waste having to spend on the monthly bills but contract states that i will have to pay for the rest of the remaining months till contract ends and so i just have to continue till the end of this year.

next up, i have seen cousin's wedding pics and they are awesomely gorgeous! tomorrow, cousin will bersanding at Emy's side at JB. just cant wait to be in the kampung-style wedding. it has been ages i have been in one which included seeing the lembu kener korban/sembelih and the makcik2 and pakcik2 happily skinning the cow's head and everyone waited for the delicious sop tulang :) my little malaysian relatives and i will be playing around either at the verandah of the house, near the jamban or somewhere along the bushes. those times were classic.