Thursday, May 01, 2008

a break soon, before i break.

today is labour day.

DJ A : "a lot of people will look forward to give birth on this day!"

DJ B : "why?"

DJ A : "because its LABOUR day!"


thats what 98.7 has got to offer. witty jokes, lame jokes, whatever jokes they have made on air, it just tickled me when i tuned in on my way to work everyyy morning. but when the train got into the tunnel, i just have to switch to mp3s. i have not been getting any more latest mp3s and so my list is quite a bore. it runs the same old thing. nevertheless, i enjoy (or i have to, no choice) them. one of my favorites issss Hollaback girl. every morning, the moment when i am about to exit the ticketing area, i will get this song ready and blast it while i joined the rest of the commuters with high-paced-walk straight to office. fuh, its like a morning exercise for me. why? because lately, i have been coming in fewwwwww minutes late so that explains the rush. but whatever lah, as long i report for work, that would do great deal for them right! haha.

today is labour day. so here i am, relaxing, typing. and perspiring! i am supposed to go out butttt...oh!! the growth dividends are in, kah-ching kah-ching. and my first purchase for paycheck issss Crocs sandals. like finally, after so long i have been wanting one. ok, this is a WANT. not need ok. hehe. it burnt a bigggg hole in my wallet but its okayyyy, as long it is practical($53, tats like 50% more to waste of money + 50% practical ?). i have been eyeing on the big holeys ones but i do not think i look good in that and the women sandals are much more swellingly attractive. they have other new shoe models ones which are very expensive like reaching to
$120++++. thats wayyy too expensive. its like not having to think twice but maybe 20 times before you even consider cashing out that amount of money.

i find this vocalist very cuteeeeeeeee. look at the way he movesssss. the song swells. waduh, buat gue betul cair dehh.

Matta-Ketahuan (APM 2008)


M0m0k12 said...

Jee, I agree w u, the vocalist is damn cute lah. U shld hv join us for APM. My friends and I were drooling at the back, seeing how cute he is. whahhahaa... 1st time sih nampak the singer. :) coOl stuff. :D

whoisjee. said...

woa. wonder how many buckets u gals used! hehe :)