Saturday, December 25, 2010

To all merry makers, did Santa visit ? :)

6 more days to 2011.

Let me recap significant events I did and where have I been right from start of 2010.

. Catching-up sessions with my Monashians : the sheesha-ing, various eating sessions. I LIKE!

. Resort World Sentosa !

. My first Batam trip in March with Wen, Farah and bf and bf's bff in March

. Our adventure like finally for seafood at Changi Village with Wen and Farah

. After-work makan gatherings with team

. Holiday : Port Dickson - Legend Water Chalet in August

. Hari Raya Jalan2 with Monashians!

. Holiday : Malacca Trip on my birthday :)

. Crazy over Gongcha bubble tea! LOL

. Discovery of love for grilled salmon over cream sauce @NakedFishShoppe, owwwwwww

. Holiday : Beijing

I am looking forward to 2011 with open arms, legs, mouth etc LOL.

Beijing. Last hol of 2010.

Beijing was the last and ultimate getaway ( and most ex! ) of my 2010. The cold was below 0 and horribly pierced into the my hands amid the gloves. Luckily I was comfortably layered. Actually it was 4 : Long John ( Must-have! ), blouse, comfy wool sweater and the winter jacket. The overall experience was great especially with the tour group I was with. Excellent company!

After this trip, it made me so enthusiastic to travel next year. I am looking forward to ANY holidays abroad anywhere beyond Thailand, lol.

And to top everything, I am VERY glad that I bought my Powershot SX130 camera! :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010


The bags are ready on my BED. Hehe. Still a couple of mini tinie stuff to dump into my hand carry.

I am going with parents and sis family of 3. It's a 5 days affair and am looking forward to the itinerary like historical spots. I am ready with the shutter and hope the pictures will turn out good.

Temperature expected to be as low as -8. Yar...with my aching joints history, I am going to hope again that I will survive the trip w/o facing unnecessary and unpleasant moments.

After this trip, looking forward to gathering with gals and colleagues!

Saying hello later Xmas and New Year :)

Back in THE mode.

I am back. It has been since forever I have not posted anything. Wat, like 4 months.

And I am 30 yrs old. Yarrr...30. I am removing that damn piece of countdown on my right pane there LOL.

I am going to some cleanup now.

Oh and I am going to Beijing tonight. When was the last time I board a flight? No no ..not the budget one.


SQ, here I come.

I will be back.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


It has been raining since noon. I have no choice but to stay indoors cause it feels so cozy and I am lazing around doing NOTHING but jobhunting and Youtubing. Yes, a jobhunt. Yes, you read it right. I have to move on from whatever I am doing now but I have yet to find anything suitable.

I missed yesterday's KateSpade sales at M Hotel. Yucks. Again. You see, when I have bought something and there come the sale. On the same topic, M Hotel that is, was where an ex-user got married. Such a lovely couple. The bride's gowns were fabulous and she is so petite that shaking her hands was nothing, that was according to one of my other user's opinion. Teehee.

Of late, been watching a couple of movies and yesterday, it was Despicable Me. Cute little girls and one of them reminds me of a girl in Monster Inc. Find the little yellow things cute and silly. Syafiq and Amyra seemed to enjoy them but I think I giggled too loud at times. Buey Tahan la. The 3 little gals are orphans so there is a little soft side of me and tear dropped during the bedtime story scene.

Anyway, I am looking forward to Inception and Sorcerer's Apprentice and lotsss more.

Its already middle of the month, YEAY!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I wanna get out of these grey clouds.

I wanna smell the greener grass.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

clouds got cleared for now.

Some clouds have moved on. More to pass by in a few days more.

The number just kept increasing. Salute to my desk agents for guarding the frontline and doing their best effort.

I cannot give up. I must not.

Happy weekend !

Monday, April 12, 2010

the sudden urge.

Really didn't know what got into me.

I had a sudden urge to eat seafood mayo croissant @ Delifrance.

Licked the plate like brand new. Haha :)

And after so long, I had grilled fish for lunch :)

Felt very healthy. Hehe :)


Syukur to the new role. Syukur to the incr$ment. :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

its Sundaaayy man.

Chores are done. I am going to hunt for lunch. A movie of swords and hunks :)
And one caramel frap plssssss.. :)


Family is the most important thing in life.

Do not miss the times with your family. Pressure at work is part and parcel of life.

During my poly days, what I only think of was going out with friends and staying out late @ night. Chalets, BBQ, school activities/camps.

When I was in a relationship, for close to 2.5 years I stick with him anywhere and everywhere. Went against all odds to be together but at last, it didn't work out. I gave up.

Being away, I have missed a lot of things with my family during my uni days.

Things happen for lots of reasons. I am putting my best foot out to become a better daughter, sister and an aunt. :)

I do not want whatever happened to me in the past to repeat again. Failed Love and work. I hope for a safe smooth-sail. I hope the best for my parents. :)

I am very sure that they miss the Old Me. The bubbly and loud one. :)

I am in groggy mode.

We had "fun" yesterday to Jaya Jusco @ Tebrau City. We MISSED the bridge! hahaha. As usual, mum made some noise. Luckily dad was cool. Hahaha. Cos partly it was my mistake of telling him NOT to go up the bridge. And second, when we U-turn to go back to the junction BELOW the bridge, we MISSED it again. And we were on our way to BUKIT INDAH/NUSAJAYA/TUAS. haha. But we didn't give up cos I really must shop! haha. And at last, we reached and the time clocked was @ 6.30 PM. We got out of the JB checkpoint at around 5. So the "fun" ride from checkpoint to our destination actually roughly doubled! hehe. Thanks to me. hehe.

Anyways, we kept our cool because we want to have fun eating! And so behold the spread below. :)

I was so super dooper hungry ( skipped bfast and lunch ) that we, the 4 adults shared 1.5 whole chicken. Buahaha. I tell you, the parts are HUGE. Dad and I took half chicken each. :) The total bill was like around $70. Not bad.

I shopped in only one area of Jusco dept for nearly 2 hours. Fuh.

The kids went to Toys R Us and ended up with swords and shields. OMG! Syafiq couldn't find his birthday present there so yeaa, they ended battling. :)

We came late and ended late too till to the extent that the mall dropped most of their entrance gates. haha. Nevertheless, reaching SGP in an hour's time. That is totally great!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

new theme.

new theme. more posts. :)

bubbly bibbly blubby is back.

WOW. jennifer hudson is HOTTTTTT.

Ok, that's wayyy too side-track-ed. We have stepped in the 4th month of 2010. For now, and for me, it looks quite a smooth-sail in terms of work. Now that I have an additional role up my shoulder, I really hope that I can succeed in it so that my resume looks prettier :). Not saying it is difficult or easy, but I hope I can survive *Well, no one says it's gonna be easy :)* But someone really has high expectation of me. Needless to specify who it is, I will put my best-est foot front.

We have 8 months to go before I turn 30! Arghh. Oh shit. Not 8. It's 7. Arghhh. Wait, shall I start on my TO-DO-B4-30 list ?!! hehe. The last thing in that list will be to go for holiday WITHOUT my parents. hahaha. Not malaysia, but wayyy further probably heh. Bangkok is out due to the Redshirts. Indonesia, been there. China, Ok that is reserved for next year. Australia, dammit. Big sista is over @ Perth now for 2 weeks! Europe, ok..I do not wish to continue anymore because that place, it will not happen this year for sure.

Another sista actually asked me along for Umrah. But the thing is, I am not ready. Money, time and hijab. For sure, I will be ready if I were to settle down in a permanent job with more leave days to pounce on :) This is the hindrance. Well, God will make it happen for me when the time is right.

Last week of March, a couple of galfrens, guys and myself hopped onto Batam for a day. Never been there and so, I was abit "jakun". Most of the time spent on walking and them, lots of shopping. hehe. I was looking forward to seafood and yeah baby, it was good and cheap! Gals, too bad lah the massage didn't work for you. hehehe. The makcik indon who massaged me was a solid one. The biggest spender went to one of the guys :). Such an irony right.

Early April, it was Amyra's 6th birthday. Oh, to be precised it was on 6th. Big girl now. And a very smart and talkative one. Presents and cake cutting after a couple of years in hiatus mode. It turned out all well. Next Saturday is one of the nephew's 9th birthday. Mum was giving ideas to celebrate in a hotel room. Alot of $$ to spend lei. :) If for my birthday, ok lah. haha. Wait, I am reserving that idea for my own.

Since I have this PAssion card, I have been watching movies like nobody's business. Hell yeah! Very good deal. Anytime, anyday, it now costs me $7 only. What else can beat that man. Unless you use NETS @ $6 from Mon-Thurs. But hell yeah, 7 bucks for weekends! Wooohoooo.

So far, I have watched :

Alice in Wonderland - 6.5/10
Whip It - 7/10 ( I love Ellen Page! )
How to train your Dragon - 6/10
Date Night (Just last night, and it was a good laugh!) - 8/10

Later this afternoon, I am hopping over to JB for shopping!! This time round the 2 kids will be tagging along. OMG. I have 2 new little buddies to accompany me for movies and shopping. hahaha. Habis lah duit aku. hehe. :) But actually, it is fun to have them around. One who is so talkative and the other one, mischievous. As long as they behave when I bring them out, it shouldn't be a problem. :)

I love them!

Miss Talkative.

Mr Mischievous.

The crazy aunt.

The moment I saw the flyer, I had to go and eat them! These are the cheesy bites @ Pizza Hut! They made a comeback!

Seafood @ Harbour Bay, Batam.

Ok, I think it's quite a drool right.

Movies I am planning to watch soon :

1. Kick Ass
2. Last Song
3. Bounty Hunter
4. Shutter Island
5. Iron Man 2

Fuh. Kiasu Singaporean, Make full use of the card lar hor :))

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Work direction is a bit murky for now. It is almost coming to the end of the month. Outcome of job interviews are way bad. I f***in hate this.

Nevertheless, I am not going have that as a hindrance to my peace and happiness. For now, I am going to let things flow easily. Be it.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Long Holiday.

A prosperous Tiger New Year to all celebrating this festive.

How fast time flies. We are in the mid Feb now. Work contract is going to end this March. Changes will be happening soon at work. People will be very busy. Nevertheless, I do not care neither less nor more. What I have in mind now is to move on. That is permanently staying put in an organization. I hope that one will land SOON, Insya'allah.

Work aside. Play time. Oh yes. Like finally, I tried EighteenChefs. And it is recommended. Especially if you like Pasta. For me, I love it so no complaints. Apart from Pastamania, I have this alternative. And it is way cheaper, if you don't choose the ex ingredients. Can try making your own pasta/baked rice :).

Planning to RWS next week and am looking forward to end Feb and more plans in March :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Siti & Krisdayanti - Tanpamu

OMG. This song is so the touching man. And I loveee it :)

Sungguh sedih dan mendayu2. My CHINA colleague agrees too. He doesn't understand but he knows.

How universal music is. :)

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Dull and boring today.

I spent half of yesterday sleeping after a dosage of Beaflu-Plus. Somehow, my nose kept running.

Not a surprise that I lost my voice since Saturday. Had a Friday night-out with gals till wee hours.

Saturday night, splurged my throat on BBQ stuff. Wahaha. Hey, not my fault. I just had to enjoy them.

Well, good that I don't talk that much. So that I do not need to response to anyone. :)

Gosh, its 2pm!

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

From Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur.

Hey you, yaaarrr you, whoever you are. It would be lovely if you drop me a note someday ok :) My web stats have it all :) Thank you for dropping by.

The fab 4, Just like Old times.

The truth does hurt but God wants me to know, that is why He sent me there. He's really in a relationship and I am satisfied to know that it is actually the truth. Gals, if you are reading this, it's a blessing that I actually changed the location from Popeye's to our dining venue yesterday :).

Okay back to the main agenda, I was with my gals :

We were catching up with latest updates, "karma" stories, CHOCOLATE, chillout@Timbre and more discussion on future outings. A good night out. And definitely a good release of tension/frustration night. :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I just got news that my closest nephew has put on weight!


The last I saw him was @ New Years Eve watttt. He looks normal.

Sis said his thighs are bigger now.


The latest pic of him on 31 Dec is - >

How fatter can he get in a week ?? Hahaha.

Handsome sak dier :)

Saturday, January 09, 2010


Just got news that our service delivery manager is going over to a greener pasture. Seriously, I was shocked. He is seriously a very FUNNYYYYY guy. The last outing we had together with the team was Avatar 3D and the first was @ the very expensive restaurant in the office compound. Looking forward to a meal together before he leaves for the better. :)

Cool ?!

Is this cool or what ? My new template for the new year. Yeay :):)

A great year to start with.

Finally, we met. How many donkey years have we not seen each other while here ? HAHAHA. Ok, I exaggerated. I am expecting more of these to come soon :) It has been a great long while since I catched up with the rest of my Monashians. :)

I am so looking forward to Max Brenner and Mr Popeye next week with beloved mini-es. My little..errrr..what do I call him eh ? Oh. Nephew! Wah liewwww, it just slipped off my mind, that word haha. It's my cousin's darling son's first year this coming week. So his celebration is on the way. Lucky lucky boy. Pictures..more pictures coming up soon.

I have been wanting to have CHIPETTES plush toys!! Where the hellio can I get them man? Yaaa, chipettes and alvin & gang altogether. Damnier. Argh. Pls someone pls tell me. Geez.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

what the!

i need to sleep over it.

a good sleep. don't think too much of it. i hope it will go away. it's gonna be in my head and it will disappear days later (i hope!)

Friday, January 01, 2010

Fraser's Hill. The closing ceremony of the year.

Fraser's Hill trip was the last trip of 2009. Insanely, the cold (18-19 deg) has not once at all made my legs/back ache. I love the cold. I love the fog. I love the very British-looking houses. :)

Welcome 2010.

Hellooooooooo 2010.

My big 3 is here finally. Syukor Alhamdulilah that I have reached to the beginning of the new level. And by acceppting that fact( :) ), I have a resolution. To take care of my health and appearance. Number 1 in the list : No / Lesser soft can drinks. How about that ? :)Well, I have to start with something small. Number 2 : Save more spend lesser. I'm not gonna grab the stars from the sky, if I know what I mean. I want to take things easier for this year. What comes along the way, if it's for the better, why not right?

I am very sure that there are alot more single ladies out there. Of late, what my sister has been emphasizing to me, somehow or rather my brain is slowly digesting it. And probably God wants to send me the message. " If you want to settle down with someone, just make sure that it is someone who is worth spending your life with. No heart pains and no regrets ". Regrets. I remember a saying which says "Do not regret with things you had done but regret with things you did not do". Well, if marriage is the concern, probably the regret is "Should have stayed single", hehehe. Everything happens for a reason. Blessing in disguise. As for me, I pray and seriously hope that 2010 will be a more blessing year for me in any terms :).

2010, I hope that I can travel somewhere far. I do not know where but sis was suggesting China at the end of the year. 2010, more family bonding. Nephews are in Primary 3 now. In all, they have grown up so fast. More love for them :) 2010, my team with who I have went through all odds and swearing and stuff, hahah. I hope it will stay that way. 2010, I HOPE I WILL LIVE THROUGH IT WITH NO REGRETS AND MORE BLESSED DAYS, INSYA'ALLAH.