Tuesday, October 28, 2008


one word : talented.

i was BLOWN AWAY by their dance-moves. its like they were born to dance. these teens are seriously good. i am surprised. there were one or two which made my mouth opened like a fish gasping for air haha. butttt there is only 1 that made my eyes glued to the screen. the boys at the junkcar place. i was bored with the kiss (nothing great)but probly the kids' eyes were popping out. im just looking at 2 itching teens like what i saw in the MRT when i was on the way back today. MALAYS. such a disappointment. it needs 2 hands to clap, so there they were, smooching like the cabins were empty. they were already behaving like that in public, so i am not surprised they were all over themselves somewhere else in private. hohoho.

buat malu masyarakat jer.