Sunday, December 06, 2009

A&W Romps. Lady Gaga.

Finally, makan trip in JB with colleagues happened somewhere in late November. We had A&W for lunch. I bought some tops and ended the day with Sushi King! Yeay. Very sumptuous treat for the weekend.

Oh ya. I am going for the sushi AGAIN during Christmas. hehehe.

And then, the trip to Sunway. The agenda was shop for wardrobe stockups and eat. Particularly, A&W!! hehe. Sis. She remembered our indulgence back then when I was studying there. Their chicken back then were superb. Hot and Juicy! And I swear, those were not added with any black pepper yet unlike the ones now. They were the HEAVEN-iest chicken ever. Nevertheless, we still indulged in their

1. Root Beer
2. Waffles
3. Curly Fries!


I don't like with the float. Just pure root-ly beered :)

I managed to get an hour leg massage which cost like SGD 30 bucks. Visited the dining place where I used to have dinner/lunch during uni days :) Had my fav cheese nan + tandoori chicken :) I did not manage to take pics because I was so bluddy hungry.

Oh. And as of now, I am officially hooked on the Lady Gaga-ness :)

Lady Gaga Bad Romance Live on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Me like football?

5 yr old niece - since when u like football?

Me - Nooo, who said i like.

Niece- then y r u watching?

Me- ohh, becos got lot of handsome guys.

Niece- *roll eyes*

A very proud auntie to one of my nephews.

Band 1.

Each time, among the words I encourage him is, "I know you are a smart boy" :)

To me, I always believe a left-handed person is naturally smart. :)

As for my nephew, he needs a little push BUT lotss of encouragement words :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

first entry on e71 via wireless

Ehem ehem. I am currently @ Starbucks in PSA sipping mocha frap with this sinful creamy and rich whipped cream.

Before lunch, I was in a worrying state when user called me from an event. The thought of travelling to the hotel made me feel sick. LUCKILY, it got self-resolved with a simple shutdown and restart of service. PHEWWWWWWWW.

Seriously, donno what happened to me. My appetite suddenly BOOMZ. Hehe. I think it was since the day where my birthday fell on. Couple of weeks ago. Hmmm.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Genting ?

Genting trip ?

Ah, Langkawi ?

2 more weeks :)

I am so feeling like getting out of this country.

When was the last time I stepped out ?


Ahh ya. Was Mersing. :)

That was only for a day.

I miss the days in KL with all the eating and shopping.

I miss the days in Melaka with all the eating and shopping.

I miss the days in Sunway with all the sufferings, he he he.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Too low pay or no one wants to do the job ?

I realised that a particular bus service provider has started to employ non-Singaporeans who do not know how to speak simple English. For goodness sake, send them for classes.


I have been there yesterday and basically, in layman terms, Earth got displaced. And being a Singaporean who has not and wish not to experience extreme tremors of any kind, the effects are quite disturbing. That is to me. Overall for effects, I give it an 8.

Ah, I forgot. I recalled. I felt a heart-weakening jolt when I was in Petaling Jaya. While seating on the chair slogging for my practical, I felt my chair jolted. Dumbfounded, I looked around. I felt the floor jolted man! A few hours later, probably through the night news there was indeed a tremor from Indonesia. Luckily when I moved to the top floor of the hostel during my final year, nothing similar happened. Btw, the top is 25 and I mean it seriously, it was such a PAIN to climb up the stairs when the lifts were under maintenance during a weekend! Stupid Management!

FT Island's website is not in English. Sucks bigggg time lah. :)

Nevertheless, I love their Sarangalhee.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

it has been a month plus! and i am 29.

hey, i have not been blogging for so long. hehe. not in years exactly but 1 month lehhhh. not my fault but its..........


Yes, because of FB, I have not been updating this blog. Because of coming home late from work and because of niece who is ALWAYS waiting for me and getting into my room and switching everything that she feels deemed switched on LIKE my keyboard, my TV and my notebook. And how talkative she is now. Wah liuuuuu. Because of too much of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL FROM 1 TO 3, i think.

Me: Amyra, aren't you tired of talking?

Amyra: It's my brain, watttttt. My brain control my mouth, watttttt.

Me: *dumbfounded*

This is how adorable my chubby Amyra is, or Eyra haha.

So, I have turned 29 on 7 Nov. Thank you to Farah,Wen,Ezila&Aqel,Diana,Aziah. It's the thoughts that counts that you guys still remember the date :) I am touched ESP when BONG comes into my life. Yes, BONG.

And how cliche it seems/gonna be, another year to the big 3. Hohoho.

But, what's in the number right ? Most important, how have You developed into a Person/Human Being in the sense of Attitude/Personality/Character?

I am still the old me. The old me who
1. laughs all her heart out.
2. likes to spend her time alone more than having company (yes, gal..i shared with you this)
3. Continuation from Point 2, I also enjoy company. The right one, definitely.


The new me, I realised that I
1. am more organised with work.
2. can't stand messiness esp on my working table.
3. can multitask and prioritize effectively.
4. can get things done without being pushed.

And on Point 4.

Work is never going to end. Everyday, there is bound to be requests and problems.
Problems can be either easy to be solved or the more complex that you can't even imagine. Nevertheless, with the right tool and assistance, even the beyond-imagination-unsolvable-complex-est kinda problem can be solved eventually. It just takes a simple question/search and importantly, WORKAROUND. :)

Yes, workarounds and alternatives are slowly going to be my 2nd bestfriend,the first that is GOOGLE. hehe. I am slowly digesting how a person can be so calm when faced with problem and be positive. :)

I wish I am like that, but not that I am not calm. But, I prefer to be calmer :)

Calmer BUT quick when faced with users ESP the demanding ones. Possible ?

I have been in the supporting line for almost 6 years now. So, I have a upper hand in user handling. If you face a bad experience, learn from the mistake which you might have made. Even if you think that you are not in the wrong but user is always right, that's what they think and just let them have the feeling. My method is yesss, you are good and yess you are right but if i fix YOUR doing that caused the PROBLEM, who is going to have the last laugh heh? :)

29. I pray that I meet someone good.

29. I pray that more "rezeki" comes in my way.

29. I pray that life goes smooth.

29. I pray that I can reach the big 3.

29. I pray that I become a better person with God's touch :)

Amin Amin, Ya Rabbalalaminnn. :)

Sunday, October 04, 2009

61 keys.

i have just started a newly found interest and i hope that by my birthday this year, i can play a few decent keyboard tunes :). i have a lot to learn by myself :)

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Umie Aida is engaged to a Millionaire Datuk.

umie aida is so bluddy gorgeous. pic was from mass email.

@ work.

team mates are the ones who made me going. :) plans, plans for team-gathering. yeay!

cloudy cloudy, meatballs.

watched it with nephew. the colorful food esp giant scoops of ice cream which remind me of SWENSENS (coincidently, colleagues and I were talking about the swensens buffet icecream @ ION orchard outlet), jellybeans, cheeseburgers, doughNUTs, pizza, meatball spaghetti. oh God. even before the movie reaches its quarter, I have already gobbled down 2.5 cheese hotdogs and half of sweet popcorn with ice lemon tee. :) really a foodie movie :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

the littlest things.

*tuning to RIA 89.7*

aurashai n hafiz glamour never fail to give my daily morning boost. suker betol @ both of them. very the kecoh. the teka-tekis & the sabo2, their gaji on every 25th hehe.

was in Kluang yesterday with cousin's family. hari raya visits to my aunt's and her children's. makan2 tak dilupakan untuk dinikmati esp kak ani's asam laksa. this is the thing. i have never liked the white mee laksa and i thought that i am going to despise it for the rest of my life. but i was wrong. just like how i used to not eating honeydew or bean sprouts last time, now i have learnt to swallow the white mee laksa. and it is not bad after all. so the saying is true after all. if you happen to hate something, sooner or later you will like it. it applies to human beings too :) or probably LOVING them hehe.

anyway, sometimes the littlest things in life which we miss noticing, when we ponder and look carefully into it, we will realise we have missed it big time. :)

we must learn how to laugh. how to love. how to appreciate. how to be grateful for what has been given to us.

do not be envious of other pple who receives more than us. because once the envy is permanently in our soul, whatever we have now will be gone in split seconds. so pls be grateful.

for those who have known me long but actually didnt know that i love nature. i love taking candid pictures of human beings too. i always have this conversation with my mother, about how nice it will be if we can spend hari raya @ kampung :)

<- we don't get to see these in sgp. ->

these are my cousin's children. except for the one in green, they are a little deprived. so the littlest things to us mean so much to them especially asking them to pose for photographs :) it's a bit heartening seeing them sometimes. but i can only see them once a year :)

this is part of my maternal side :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

ahh finally.

finally, the layout is back to normal. i thought that it is gonna be forever that i am going to desert it :)

a month of fasting has passed and its 7th day of Syawal. i had a pretty long weekend and the moment i was at my office desk, there the brain froze. serious, really no joke. i didnt know what and where to begin with. it was a complete 10 secs that i just sat and paralyzed! :) i brought some cookies for fellow colleagues and most of them landed inside my mouth. hehe. like crazy having these stuff around me. i like it that the week is short and ALHAMDULILAH, my days went quite smoothly. since weeks before fasting, i have always wanted my Starbucks caramel frap, my old time favorite. last night after work despite having an aching neck due to the really uncomfortable 1.5 hrs NAP during my journey home, i made sure i landed myself in Starbucks. Yummay it tasted so good (finally, my craving has been fulfilled). with my sudoku (CLUEDO version, bought it @ pageone), it was a very satisfying 1.5 hrs of coffee, numbers and ambiance until.....

(Miley Cirus' Climb ringtone...)

At the other line : Mak Su, Tok Ki ask, when are you coming back to send me home ?

DOInnkkkkk. It was little niece. Luckily, I was almost done. Else, it would have turned out to be a very bad Friday Night. Just imagine while having the first sip and the hp rang.

i have checked out some beginner keyboards which cost $199 @ Best Denki, Junct 8. Surprised that there is one under Yamaha. So probably, I might consider it before CASIO. Ah, while browsing at Page One, i bumped into Keyboard for Beginner kit!! hehe. It comes with CDs , manuals yadayada but there wasnt any price tag. Maybe i shall go back again and if everything is in order, i will grab it. i have not decided the spot in my room to place the keyboard, but definitely i need a power source. actually, i am left with not much choice. actually, i can only place it at one place which is near my window and my pretty curtains, hehe.

family and I might be going for a shortie trip to aunt's place in JB tomorrow. apparently, dad is on clinical drugs and he couldnt drive. so, yeaaa..probably i might be driving and Monday is my official absence from work !! :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

2009 HariRaya Light Up @ Geylang Serai.

i have watched My Proposal and find that Sandra Bullock is way out of the league co-starring with the male lead of whom i do not know what his name is. Nevertheless, Sandra is amazing, just like Julia Roberts and Meg Ryan :)

after that, we made our way to Geylang Serai. Mum's craving for KEBAB @ the new geylang serai market place brought us there PLUS the hari raya lightup and we spent some time at the nearby carpark where several local artists performed at the ceremony :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

it is a 6-letter word.

this word makes my day and in fact, it will to others. it shows that customers are being appreciative towards our service and effort placed and the promise we made have been kept promptly. i like today or should say "yesterday" because of two things which are 1. i kept my promise and 2. thnk God its friday again :)

Singapore turned 44 last sunday and neither was i @ the stadium nor in front of the tv to watch the same old stuff. in fact, i joined the rest of the nation at shopping mall. probably i could be mistaken as a "foreigner" by other fellow singaporeans who were busy checking stuff @ Daiso as well! being among them, i received the vibes like who cares, those $2 stuff come first yo :)

recap : i enjoyed msia's national day via live firework displays @ 2 separate events. those are the closest to national day which i seriously enjoyed.

same routine, work work work. train, bus. bus train. of late, the train service disruption @ Pasir Ris. caught a Suria actor/calefare who works @ Jurong East Mrt Stn and was in action with his walkie doinkie. i have no idea what his name is. ah, after Fiza O, i would love to meet Sarah Aqilah, the newly-crowned winner for Anugerah 2009. Amazing vocal with WOW factor. she is going to make her cut, if you know what i mean.

i am gonna save more money to get either a PSP or keyboard, not the computer keyboard but the keyboard with nice tune coming out if i have the golden touch. hey, now anyone can self-learn. after my disappointing failure with guitar, hopefully history will not repeat itself and having to give it a pass. NO Way, Yes Way.

i am into this book called "Will She or Won't She?" and have yet to reach half of it and it is gonna be due next weekend. i have a strange thing when looking out for my read. this is soooo strange, believe it or not BUUTTTT i actually look out forrrrr the color of the book and it is PINK. yes. PINK. any shades as long it is PINK :) yes, it is weird of me.

i received compliments from the boss and a client and it read :

1. You have good initiatives, good attitude and has the charisma to wow customer. Your help to the team has never deminish since you cross from the incumbent company to ******* which your experience has been duly share within the team....

2. Glad to see that you have managed to brave through many challenging times during your work in *******. Keep up the good work. Well done!

How I so the wish that i get a raise or something!

BTW, the word is THANKS. :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

yasmin ahmad. alfatihah.

sepet, gubra , petronad ads. great work.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

teach me to be bold pls ?

hi...been so long heh. probly been checking on fb acct often than updating this bloggie of mine. anyway, life. working life, not much excitement to share with EXCEPT that there is an eye-candy now :) its not tat im looking forward to work EVERYDAY buttt because things are nottt gg that well @ work these few weeks, even an eye-candy wont help but at least it eases me abit , he he he. ok tat sounds like a cheeky gal.


had a swelling good time with family and relatives for bbq. it has been a long time also since we had bbq/chalet event. guess that everyone is too busy to organize one and cousin and I just wanna see justice to be done! hehe. so finally, we had one last week which apparently, it didnt start on a gd note, i mean with another group of outsiders but that didnt ruin our mood at all. life goes on la.

i have watched JANGAN PANDANG BELAKANG CONGKAK. pardon me, but i find it kinda silly but at the same time hilarious. it was abit overdone esp when the 3 humans transform into ghosts. once twice ok la, but after tat, kinda bored la. out of 5, i give 2 la. azlee did a decent job thou.

i have been busy with the fruit king. be it durian puff, durian cake, durian roll, durian pancake, durian ice cream. fulamak. durian craze. fellow colleague likes treating us to durian icecream and the Scoopz @ Parkway Parade is great. like it so much. they sell in tubs of all sizes and its quite affordable too. they have other flavors like jackfruit, coconut, soursop and the usual choc stuff etc.

and tadaaaa...the new pasar geylang serai reminds me of pasar larkin, the cleaner , newer and bigger version :) looking forward to bazaar raya!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

this week sucks.

this week is the suckiest i have ever head since the start of 2009. suckiest things happening @ work. sucksssss big timeeee. nevertheless, its friday. no way i got affected. life goes on. im happy. and tomorrow, THE family will be hopping into our cars and off to Melaka. this is seriously last minute plan. it works. last minute plan usually works as compared with a plan made wayyyyy donkey years AGO! so going to have a longggg dip in the pool, and get myself all patched up. oh and not to forget to my dad and great daddies all over the world.. H@ppy F4th3r's D4y!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

kris allen with Heartless @ American Idol Season 8

Unfortunately, this clip are just shots. they have removed his original live vid.

kris allen. 100 millions.

surprised? i was, definitely. i didnt think he was that good during the finale. neither am his fan nor lambert's BUTTTTTTTTT i loveeeee his rendition of Heartless. LOVEE ittttt. i have always loved guitar sounds but unfortunately i do not cultivate those skills. bought one, not even half way through and i dumped it with my nephew who was barely 8. remember my keyboard ? farah, yes? noooooo i have not. hehe :) i have their sale pamphlet thou.

that aside, i am probably going for THE weekend getaway again sooooon :) Tuan "Agong", here i come!!! this time, more to chill&relax themed with a crowd.

Friday, May 15, 2009

adam vs chris.

if you have not been following, adam gives me goosebumps when he sings and chris is so shy and goody2 type but when he performs, it just surprises me esp last night's 2nd performance, Heartless. he has potential. but for him to win the idol, well i am abit skeptical and it would definitely hugeee disappointment if adam doesn't, we never know. ah well he is already shining like a bigggg star! and i hv to add this, hes bloody tall. reminds me of imran ajmain :)

on a happier and lighter note, i am going to have an early weekend. with things going around in office for the past week, i need to break (*screechhhh). i am happy with things @ work. very nice and approachable and supportive manager with team mates whom i can get along well with. but seeing my members one by one taking a break, i just need to take one. BUT when i see the boss' face, i have a very strong feeling that he was abit hesitant. so, being direct i asked if there is any issue with me taking a day off, i was expecting really a No. hehe. well, its fair enough that i could handle things alone w/o complaining when my buddy is not around. so i dont see why not if its the other way round, right. ANYWAY, its long overdue :)

Helloooo early weekend!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

big spread @ clementi woods

Tak boleh ANGZ! after working so hard for weeks, finally it was buffet with fellow team mates and boss. i enjoyed the spread especially the cheesy seafood, prawns and durian paste! sungguh yummy!

Cheesy seafood and Mini Pizzas.

Chicken chop and Shushi. Gambate!

Cold Mussels, Sausage with Corn, Spicy Prawns, Mr Dumpling & Miss SiewMai, Miss Sambal Sotong.

the climax DURIAN PENGAT!

much awaited break and FOOD GALORE!

The much long awaited break has come. I was in sunway since yesterday and my main agenda was to shop for clothes. Why out of so many places? Cos its way cheaper here as compared to back home. 6 tops for $98. Who doesnt want! Well, at least i m a very happy woman now.hehe. my main objective has been met yesterday plus the little ones' stuff. So its siblings' stuff today. 3 hours in the same departmental store.can u imagine that. I was beyond tiredness actually and abit agitated at the end of it cos i couldnt take it. Finding tops for others and deciding over their sizes, whether they can fit it or not, hehe.i tell u, it was tiring. Didnt know getting tops for others is tis tiring until today which i swear will be my last. Actually, it was mum's idea and in the end, i paid for them, hehe. Well, once in a while its ok. They couldnt join us, too bad la. sunway pyramid is getting bigger and there are lots of shops man. But, not every of them are buzzing with crowds.but one thing for sure, no one will get hungry here cos i counted, there are around 112 cafe/snack bars/restaurants/fastfood/confectionery. And, im in one of them, where else but starbucks by the sunway lagoon. Enjoying mocha frap and american baked cheesecake.

They didnt have this here - American Baked Cheesecake

Food is a never-ending story here. even trips to Wendys and Subway, i dragged my parents with me hehe, including Baskin robin!

Woohoo, we're loving this.

They really enjoy our favorite makan place just beside the inn we are staying. Macam ader share je. Every single time we were here, for sure we would drop by to eat. And the makcik at the counter will always ask me, "maseh belajar lagi?". This time, in case she asks again mum is too shy to tell her that we are here to shop and eat so, "jumpee kawan mak kat sini" was the planned answer. And it did happen, she asked. The eating place is called Restoran Sri Bidara, RSB in short. It is located right beside Sunway Pyramid. This is a place where you can find mostly MAN United's banners decorating their walls. If you like having your dinner outdoor, they have it there too with big display screens for you to enjoy news/MTV/the ever-favorite EPL matches.

After hours of window shopping and spending which i think i sud seriously stop for now, i can finally rest my poor feet. Pictures of food below are those that i miss since i left this place. Btw, there are missing company. Gals, if u read this, probably u gals are bz with exam preps etc. we will catch up soon ya! Oh, next on the menu tonite, maybe i will see SOP EKOR! I wanna eat steak!

And i got my juicy steak :)

Juicy tender chicken satay @ RSB.

My must-have cheese nan @ RSB.

They prepare this by sticking the dough onto the wall of this big hot barrel, wait for it to bloat abit and its cooked. have it with this special sauces and even lagi best, TANDOORI CHICKEN. YUMMY!

Had this for breakfast and check out the fish on the right. who eats nasi lemak with IKAN KELI haha.

the story about this ikan keli. i didnt know how to eat this ikan keli until one fine day, i tried it and never stopped hehe. back during old days, i had been observing fellow coursemate's lunch plate and he described this fish as "very very crispy" as its deeply-fried especially its tail. it doesnt have that kinda fishy smell and i just have to try it. following that day, this deep fried ikan keli officially became my must-have item especially with vegetables and kuah lemak, woohoooo. aiyoooo, best la! and recently, i got to know that they breed in padi fields, huhu.

Surprise surprise, ex classmate Ferdi was there. Double-ly surprised, while we were doing some catching up, came the couple who were at the counter with the gal digging notes from her new wallet, haha. We were talking about you before you appeared, speak of the devilooo. About whether you still remember Ferdi, hehe. Ezila and Aqel, very nice to meet you two there plus Yani and Remi who were there too for dinner :) Nice to see familiar faces at old place heh.

Before this trip, I had Carls Jr at Vivocity with officemates and first thing i asked the ehem Malay gal(I think so she is cos her name sounds like one), whether they serve pork, I ended up with cheesy fries only which was oh well, not to my expectation. its the chewy kinda cheese and i was expecting something like KFC's cheese fries but much better judging by its price. And so, I didnt wanna miss my chance of getting Carls Jr burger there. It was a rush actually. Did my last round of shopping before we headed back home and popped by Carls Jr. Its my first time so I didnt think much what to eat so I just choosed something based on my instinct. This big fat juicy looking mushroom cheese burger which cost me RM18 and another slightly smaller beef burger, which in total cost me RM 27. And when it touched my tounge, it was amazing la. Huge, juicy, THICK. hehe. whats their line again ? some prefer it long, but others prefer it THICK ? heheheh.

I like it THICK @ Carls Jr!

All was just worthwhile. Sisters were happy with stuff which i bought.(pheww) Ah, i had my wish come true. After many failed attempts, it is nice being back at a place which i spent quite a while in :) and seeing familiar faces around. This is just Sunway, not yet other places where i used to hang out with the 3 little minies, hehehe. :) There's always another round heh!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

flawless - britain got talent.

looks way effortless. amazing guys.
been watching this over and over again.
C.O.O.L. period.

Flawless on Britains Got Talent

17 again : Taken

believe it or not. i slept for 17 hours. what was meant to be the "drink @ starbucks" actually turned out to be the "sleptOnBedForEntireLife" :). the reason probably must be the hectic nights which i spent over the past 2 weeks and thus returning home very late at night. it was like working for almost 10-11 hours everyday anddd yesterday was the ultimate longest sleep i have ever had so far i remember. the tiredness actually snow-balled. SO, that explains the luxury of spending time watching 2 movies. why did i watch 17 again ? it was because *drum roll* i find zac efron very nice to look at. and so i went. he has such outstanding features esp his eyes, nose and sweetttt smile and nice teeth too. the movie is just okay with abit of fun here and there. whats with MILF and teens lovy dovy stuff. go figure yo. next up, Taken. to me, this show is wayyy awesome. liam neeson at that age to be the lead, hmmm its kinda weird actually to see him killing EVERY
ONE singlehandedly. he reminded me of STEVEN SEAGULL! and the music in one of his fighting scenes so reminded me of bond. i give this movie multi-thumbs up seeing also the fact that its a no1 hit in US. the plot was plainly expected. nevertheless, from my point of view on one thing about movies getting into box office is that, if it reflects whatever is truely happening around the globe, the possibility of it becoming a hit is way high. oooohhhh, i loveeeeee when baddddd men get killed/tortured. bad badddd mennnn.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

this is cool. i like it. yeay!

this is so convenient. i mean if im on the go somewhere where there is wirelessSG, i can just swear and blog if anything pops up. u know, its the kinda busy period esp this coming weekend. i am just hoping that at the new place, not alottttt of hiccups will happen. God, pls help :)

on a lighter note, i feel like getting my ass now to hmmm, maybe a drink @ Starbucks after i settle my mobile bill of which they EXTRA-INGLY charged me 5.80 for a month of free value-added services. i have made the call with much composure which is quite unlikely of me. but this round, at the other end of the line i think it might likely be a malay lady, so why spoil someone's mood on a Sat morning who already have to bear calls from other UNREASONABLE subscribers, perhaps. hehe.

this was sent thru email.

is this even working ? duh. i know it should. if it does, yeay! :)

desperate for break.

after much hardwork packing for the office re-location and meeting the deadlines and running all over the place to get things done, i need to do something over this weekend which starts today! it was nephew's 8th birthday yesterday and after a hefty fish and chips,sundae,toys and while mum and the 2 aunts blabbering, gossiping and letting out anger and frustration over sumptuous dinner @ swensens, he fell asleep on the table. argh. i didnt take that pic. :)

nevertheless, the 8 yr old birthday boy.

didnt know what he actually likes so i called him up the day before. XBOX and PSP and tonnes of games. what else he needs but the next fav thing is ben10. i was actually caught up in getting the toy fixed and swearing how it actually functions. at last, we got it but it wasnt that impressive enough as impressive as the price!

actually i feel lazy. its hot and im sleepy now and its only 4PM.

tat aside, i feel like having a trip back to memory place. wonder how things are like there now :) i must get out of here.

Monday, April 06, 2009


its 15mins past 12. and i just downloaded some pics. was busy with facebook. will update this bloggie. i am happy. but weekend is over. my stomach is way bloated and today is niece's 5th birthday.

(Yesterday) Niece on the phone : "Do you know tomorrow is my birthday?"

Kids nowadays.

i watched confessions of a shopaholic over the weekend. and after spending a pretty hefty amount for my new E71, i tot to myself..this shopaholic is hell crazy! any woman out there being this very extra-ordinary towards SHOPPING? tat aside, this movie is good man..way gooddd that i have a very very good laugh over this shopaholic's selengehness (clumsiness). i love her character and seriously, with a good-looking lead actor hey, things get more juicier yo (*drooling*)

i am not in the SHOPAHOLIC category (lemme see, last month it was a digi camera ONLY) SO i am not feeling guilty at all. so finally this...

i still remember, the last white handbag was from my dearest monashian gals. and white reminds me of my watch which cost me $20 @ vivocity AND my bro thought it was 100++.

and ultraRED-looking E71 :


a story behind this phone. over 2 days, its my 2nd set from Singtel. the 1st one wasn't meant for me. i need not explain :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009


i did some color shuffles and the header above is created by Sergej Gorodenskiy, Russia. Free stuff, why not :)

why the eyes?

well, through them, if nothing is being spoken, they will say lots of things :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

i want nobody nobody but you.

heard of Wondergirls from Korea?
didnt know they exist until i heard them on RIA. you know when they keep repeating similar track on their morning show. so i thought they must be good and its "Nobody". very catchy track and it reminded me of PUDAR by Rossa. catch them @ youtube. their MV is cute and with an element of humor. their dancemoves are kinda cute too and amazingly ultra-synchronised hence its really nice to look at. very young bunch of gals, as young as 16, yes i wikipedia-ed them. :) their founder planned to have their US debut soon so hmmm... i think they are just like PCD. they can dance and they can sing, thou i cant understand a thing but hey, music is universal.

i am officially a strawberry-addict. bought a box of korean strawberries from coldstorage. munching strawberries. really didnt see this coming until i read a blog which i have been following up regularly. she loves strawberries and chocolate ( heard about the strawberries-chocolate "hantaran" from Datuk K to Siti Nurhaliza ?). and because i believe that i should try something which i think we should do it and not delay so the outcome, i am addicted to them hehe. it all started with strawberries mini tart from delifrance. they are juicily gooddd. yummay :)

picture speaks thousands wordsssss.....

BTW, whats the meaning of a moth dropping by your room ? bad ? andd it was my wardrobe.

had them for my camera tests hehe.

OH and also, will this template work when checking out our local guys ? :)

1. Are you single ?

2. Are you gay ?

3. Are you working ?


Sunday, March 15, 2009

great great (Now tuning to Rock Hits @ RIA, jiwang beb)

it was a great saturday. the vcd which i bought ages ago, finally i had it unleashed from the plastic! i have read its novel some time ago and it was the first i read from Cecelia Ahern, following that, one or two more. She is the daughter of Ireland's Prime Minister and i have mentioned her in one of my archived posts. most of her novels are of romantic genre. i like her writing style and definitely, the romance :) i had my fav BJs ready andddd the review of this movie, it made my cry at some points, wayyy critical. i feel emotionally attached to this movie, seriously. i have never cried this much since Ayat-Ayat Cinta. depending on him whom you love dearly and losing him, so heart-breaking isnt it? and knowing that he is gone and he wants you to live your life, moving forward and falling in love again, that is so haizzz... i cant think of any words. oh pls, it is hurting me. BTW, hilary swank is HOTTA! her smile and teeth remind me of Julia Roberts.

There u go, movie + crying + B&J's , well icecream is the comfort thou.

P.S I love my pixie!

i was out for sanur befday treat some weeks ago and a friend was sharing with us about this chocolate KINDER egg which comes with a COIN. Coin? u mean money coin? and so i heard it wrongly and it was TOY! (probably, it was the tahu telur or kangkong) a choc with a surprise. i have never had that. i guess its childhood-deprived kinda feeling hehe. and so it cost me $1.70. before opening, i grabbed pixie in case some adults out there kinda wonder whats inside these eggs. so one side is the chocolate which comes with a mini-spoon to scrap out the choc (been eating the other kinder which comes in 2 biscuit sticks of mouth-watering chocolate, so that is nothing) and the other, the surprise. and it was ......

cute stuff and it is a convertible!!! heh heh.

ah, BTW i just remember that i will be putting out the P-plate on 19 march 2009 andd the best thing is, I have not been driving since God-knows-when. Shux.
(OMG, on-air now : Tiara by Kris. Check tat out on youtube ! Juara Lagu. Memory lane yo.)

moving forward, work. i am happy with whatever i am doing now. cant grumble too much now that well, things arent tat good as before, i mean economically. so alhamdulilah with watever im going through now. thou it is hell tiring from mon-fri but well, great weekend is the best remedy :) i am just soo waiting for the end of this month :)

Sunday, March 08, 2009

now that i understand.

slumdog millionaire is extraordinary. in such a way that it gives a message that impossible is NOTHING. there is totally nothing to hide from this movie. i think whatever we see in this movie, is happening out there. not only in india but other parts of the world too. the storyline is great. the director is genius. the actor who played the grownup "jamal", he looks too boyish and to play someone who is way too poor, for me i think that is quite out. nevertheless, he's okay. at least the grownup "salim" looks more convincing. and i like the two little boys. they are sooo cute esp the little "jamal". for amitha bachan, diving into a pool of human shit is nothing yo! :)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

hard work, hard play

barney & friends were among my first objects :)
i lovee my new coolpixie! finally, i can start clicking away :)
look out for more pics, coming soon :)

was at suntec city today for careers/education exhibition and like other career fairs i have attended last year, it was a disappointment. despite knowing that all too well, i went ahead with sis who just started her job-hunt. a dear monashian gave me a ring last night and my oh my, we have not had the chance to meet up yet. had a very sumptuous and well-deserved dinner at Sanur after so many donkey years. tahu telur and BBQ sotong are the must-havesss! i must get chocolates from Amadei. i came across this review about how good they are, quoting "a must have before you die"!!

coming this april, i will be with my new team of 4. this is my first time working in a team this big if i were to exclude end-year project teams back in NYP. touching on that, due to my sux-ling programming skills, i didnt contribute much in that area back then as there were smarter people around! was just an average stud who had so much fun in after-school activities. so that explains all. 3 years and i didnt practise what i have learnt even up till now. its like permanent erasure from my brain.

do not regret with what you did but instead, regret that you did not do. i regret that i didn't know what i wanted in life. it started way back after O level results in 1997. if I were to carefully decide what i wanted on that day, I would have gotten it now and being happy doing it. i am good in numbers and i should have known that and explored opportunities wrt to that strength. but i did not. i regret not doing that. nevertheless, life goes on and whatever i have achieved along the way, i am grateful to Allah. He loves us.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

the unexpected.

had a very blushing moment at cafe galilee when i was offered dessert by a guy which i tot it looked good and actually mistook him and another gal as a couple. hehe :) whichhh this reminded me of a very sweet similar gesture by a crew guy many years ago at a starbucks outlet @ HDB HUB. i was offered a slice of cheesecake for FREE! huahaha.

and of the cafe galilee guy, that is so sweet of him, isnt he. :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


i feel sorry for the msian politician. how humiliated she must have felt. cruel. dirty play. ahh-puikkkk!
Rot in Hell, rot in heelllllll.

and also how insensitive some reporters can be. pls lah. how would you feel if you have your face printed on national newspapers, mourning for your loved ones. i feel that their act is so inappropriate. where is the privacy, i wonder. people were mourning, and they were busy clicking. that should not be the way, thats what i think.

and i want to complain. i am so pissed off with the train crowd. i know everyone has to go to work, but having people standing as close as brushing your shoulders, groins(hehee..), stomach and worst, READING TODAY/MY PAPER...dont these pple have brains ? i find this attitude so inconsiderate. already brushing against one another and yet, still have the cheek to open up your papers. distribution time for these papers should be reviewed. dont give them the papers during rush hours or make them pay for them. the readership will plunge down like crazy. why pay 70cents for a paper if you can get 2 for free! KIASUISM.

talking about kiasu, a msian once pissed off a sporean for being one. ok, that is just random. it happened during my uni days. its not about me, for sure. talking about kiasu, who rush for the escalator down knowing that you cannot go down further cos someone on the right just refuses to move his ass. talking about kiasu, QUEUING UP FOR 15 MINUTES, just for a newspaper.the catch : FREE. talking about kiasu, not giving up seats that are clearly stated in bold "PRIORITY SEAT". talking about kiasu, placing TISSUE PACKETS/UMBRELLA/NEWSPAPER in order to reserve eating table. talking about kiasu, the list goes on and will never stop. i should write a book. :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009


"kalau ni pastamania halal, aku confirm kerja kan".
(if this pastamania is to go halal, i will confirm "work" on them, (wth was that!))
thats what i have been mentioning to sis so many times cos their cheesy pasta looks so yummayyyy and thats gonna happen definitely. hehe. those cheesy white cream is gonna soooo land onto my tounge one day. just gotta know today when i spotted alottt of makcik2 enjoying their dining. probably i will drop by at their other outlet during lunch tomorrow :)

i saw this bronze nokia e51 held by a woman ytday and i tot it looked sleek, slim and cool. i am considering to get that besides the samsung pixon which i am considering as well buttt the downside of the e51 is that it comes with a 2mp cam which is as pathetic as my current w910i. but looking at how big their buttons are and how slim its body is, probably i might consider it. i bought mum a new easy-to-use nokia hp as a pressie for her befday this year, and dad got his new GULION(Goldlion if u wonder) shortsleeved shirt. well, my dad is quite fussy about everything esp his personal items and i have to say this, HE HAS TASTE. hrrmpph. about mum's new hp, she just have to be given a new one cos she was seriously struggling with one model with all the small buttons etc. and bro sponsored a secret recipe befday cake, the YUMMYYY banana choc. i didnt know they went halal-ised for quite some time.

i have learnt something abt my mum. if we were to ask her whether she wants something, she will say "no need la" which means to say, just give me and don't ask. hehe :)

benjamin buttons touched my heart although my bum itched after 2hr 45mins and it was slightly quite a bore, not until the last few scenes when he transformed into a toddler and last, the dying baby. ohhhh its just so painful.

with all the wildfire and recession and all, OX year is not that OX(Y) after all heh.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

the day when humans get controlled by ...

humans create internet. humans create super-muzer machines of all kinds, super "chimp" algorithms and robotic mechanisms. for what? to make life much more easier. make processes flow efficiently yada yada. BUT, what if their creators no longer have control of them anymore. God-knows-one-day, these super-nano-secs-read-write-process mechanisms have minds of their own ???!!! ARGHHHHH. watch eagle eye. u'll know what i mean. *this movie really had a tremendous emotional impact on me*

"Big brother is listening"

Saturday, January 24, 2009

uncertain all over.

the last i posted was like more than 2 weeks ago. work was hectic especially when there is org restruction. that has got nothing to do with me BUT when it comes to IT operations, there are likely to be more new and change requests. the environment is getting "hotter" and everything have to be done fast.

lately, waking up for work had been like a torture to me. its like in my mind, i have to be there facing God-knows-what-else. despite all these dugaan, i just need Allah to guide me and gimme the strength and the ability to stand on these 2feets to go thru the coming days. i need to be stronger internally.

on a lighter note, its long weekend. i will do my very best to slack! btw, i was at MOE HQ yesterday and i went excited and turned into a JAKUN. their lifts do not work like how normal lifts do. you must be wondering why is that so ? lemme explain :

How does normal general lift work ?

1.Press Up or Down button at any of the lift entrances

2. Once the cabin reaches your floor, light/sound alerts you and you will walk over to that lift

3. Once inside the cabin, press floor num

How does MOE HQ lift work ?

1. Press your FLOOR number on the panel which comes with a display screen and wait for a while to see the alphabet that will appear to guide you to the corresponding lift(yes, i am typing correctly)

WOW. how much did they spend on this lift system? i was impressed so i just have to share this and while in the cabin, i did some eavesdropping and samsung building also has this. besides their lifts, security clearance are systemised. respect lah MOE. :)

13th January 2009, cousin was doing well after natural delivery of my new nephew. Emir, healthy and alert. barely 2 days, his eyes were wide opened scrutinizing the people around. smart boy. shall post his pic soon :)

i had a very strange dream last night. it was about a Monashian fren whom i hardly chatted and stayed contact with since he left for somewhere else. we were in a room with some people which i couldnt make it out who they were and he was trying to tell me something through writings on a pictured frame on the wall. clearly i could see his face smiling and trying hard to tell me something. the funny thing is he didnt want other people who were sitting with me in the room to know what the message was and that frame actually was able to slide and expose more pictures within. i saw some scribblings on it but i just couldnt figure out.then, he signalled me his stomach and gestured his hands which looked like a bum (a pregnant woman?) and somehow the word milk came to my mind. a pregnant woman and milk and himself. what is the meaning of that dream? the only thing that i hope is that i can get hold of him and share this with him :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

cleaning up.

we need to do some clean up of the past so that it is not stored anywhere which we might bump into one day. ya know, like photos. unlike memories, photos capture the moment as though time froze for that slight seconds. but how about photos which we don't want to be reminded of? Del key. move on.

talking about moving on, my cousin has moved forward way ahead of me. soon, she's gonna have a baby boy and last week, she just moved into her new, lovely house. isn't that so timely ? and to top up that with its location which is near my siblings'. im so looking forward to see the new family member :).

i have not moved on anywhere else. but i am hoping that i could make a difference. In what ways ? Only God knows what's in my mind and heart.

Bedtime Stories is not that great but it is hilarious. adam sandler rocks heh. Probably its message , "Live your dream" might have lingered in my head throughout the movie and once out from the cine, it just poofed, hehe.

Basically, a break did me good after going through a hectic week @ work. I needed that.

Actually, this thought has been going around my head recently. Why work your ass off and not knowing when you will not be around anymore to appreciate what's more important in life : family.

photos and family. i give thumbs up for "One-Hour Photo". it deserves a watch.

A department store photo clerk, Seymour 'Sy' Parrish, is exceptionally knowledgeable about photography, and has been developing photos for the Yorkin family since their son was a baby. However, Sy also lives a very solitary and lonely life - with no wife, girlfriend, or family in the picture. Sy begins to develop a disturbing obsession with the Yorkins and what they have, and when he is fired for theft he goes over the top. Having discovered a disturbing secret about Mr. Yorkin, he exacts angry revenge in a chilling manner...

Thursday, January 01, 2009


Happy New Year 2009.

a brand new year. a fresh start. :)

but first, to Istifarah who is definitely busy with her darling in KL or wherever you guys are, Happy Belated Birthday, The 25th. this lady keeps saying shes old but hey, me? ancient. :) people get old, no worries lah. so which hotel? huaha.

so what happened to me since i last blogged.

1) was at sgp flyer. frankly, there is nothing much to oo-aah about except for the "top of the world" moment.

2) i couldn't resist mall-hopping.

3) because of point 2, i couldn't resist splurging on rings. i was crazy over them. thank god, i told myself to stop this crazy habit. but i like them. who doesn't? it started with the silver then the humongous glittering stones. i gave some silvers away because i ended up realising that i do not need them and being the generous soul, other people wanted them so why not. :)

2009. what i have to do is less shopping because i think i have spent enough. probably for the next 6 months, window-shopping is my main itinerary. furthermore, i am very good at intervention. if you need someone to decide whether you should make that purchase, probably you think you are splurging or on the spur of the moment think that you WANT it, i am good at saying NO. so i save your day, yeay. i do not buy something suddenly. when i keep returning to the shop looking out for that item, i would be so ready to pounce on it the moment it is on promotion or i have looked somewhere else in vain. or another method, within the next 4 days, if the salesgirl gives you the impression that you are attempting to shoplift, i think you should just buy it :)

no new year resolution for me. i just hope 2009 will be smooth-sailing for me. Insya'allah. :)