Sunday, March 30, 2008

cousin's wedding.

the day arrived and soon they will be setting off for their honeymoon. i love cousin's color and her overall image. she looked like one indon lady, doesnt she? hehe

despite all the gushing perspiration, which included mine, the day went smooth. bertandang over to the guy's family side and being the pengiring for cousin was awesomely a very new experience for me hehe. i get to eat TWICE actually, not knowing that i could join them at the meja pengantin. a polite gesture being at the host reception, definitely i have to eat some right. so there i was with them for the second time hehe.

The makan session, which I just couldn't resist hehe.

Cousin and I, right after her makeup session before setting off.

The trip with the bride and bridegroom and my other cousin, who drove

Awesomely, a very nice experience, seeing alot alot of relatives and probably the kampung people get together and we get to eat using hands at the wedding reception. how often do we do that back here. that is what kampung-style is all about :)

tomorrow is back to work. will be missing in action from blogging for the coming week. will be back soon!

Saturday, March 29, 2008


i have one BIG pimple right at the middle of my cheek now. sob sob. is that the beginning of my breakout ? sob sob. wuarrgghhhhhhhhhhh. ok, my buddy is leaving this monday. and on 1st april, a new engineer will report for work. please pray for me that we can work/communicate effectively and importantly, knows more than me! haha.

mother's day.

im not sure when mother's day is exactly but upon hearing her favourite actor from the famous Mimpi Manis indon serials, the first thing mum enthusiastically said was let buy flowers for him. yep, yep. at that time, i was driving and luckily i did not jam-brake cos never in my life have i heard that one from my mum. the actor plays Aldi in Mimpi Manis. i dont know what his real name is. my family had discussed about Gunawan being in the top list of the most handsome indon actors, followed by Tengku Ryan and next on the block is this Aldi guy. the event commemorates Mother's Day. it is an event where there will be Aliff Aziz (go shout crazy young "anak-abu" fanatic gals) andddd Hady Mirza :)well, that name does excites me just a little bit cos when the buzz was on about him in the Asian Idol and his win, it kinda made me stuck to the tv box actually. well i know far's mum adores him so much :) it will be held at swiss hotel on 10th may and jolly well, we got a table just rightttt infront of the stage among the 100 plus of tables. i just cant afford to miss my camera and a pail to contain our saliva!

next up, after so much hesitations on what hp model to buy between a Dopod and Nokia, finally i rested my case on Sony Ericsson W910i which costs me $98 for a brand new line. i had been using hi-card and the top-ups had been crazy on my pocket and it was like more than what i will be paying for a fixed line. on top of it, i have 1000 free sms-es and 200 mins of outgoing calls for a year. so, who just can't resist these.well, singaporeans prefer bargains and rush for them including me! and plus, i decided to try out Broadband on Mobile too. My internet usage here has been so suckily low. i dont use it when im at work. it is just kinda waste having to spend on the monthly bills but contract states that i will have to pay for the rest of the remaining months till contract ends and so i just have to continue till the end of this year.

next up, i have seen cousin's wedding pics and they are awesomely gorgeous! tomorrow, cousin will bersanding at Emy's side at JB. just cant wait to be in the kampung-style wedding. it has been ages i have been in one which included seeing the lembu kener korban/sembelih and the makcik2 and pakcik2 happily skinning the cow's head and everyone waited for the delicious sop tulang :) my little malaysian relatives and i will be playing around either at the verandah of the house, near the jamban or somewhere along the bushes. those times were classic.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

long for break.

over the long weekend, a very very last minute plan popped up. it was like at 9 am confirmed and we set off at around 12noon. during the span of 3 hours, i washed and hung up my working clothes, started packing up and abit of vacuuming. as true as it sounded, last minute plans do always come true! hehe. to where? where else.
M-E-L-A-K-A. it was all about eating, shopping and chilling by the pool. i didnt take the chance to have a dip because i suffered some miserable aches on both of my hands due to the strenuous and exaggerating handling of the wheel during my driving test. we had good food at our ultimate favourite jaya jusco, air keroh. shopped for a new handbag over at Mahkota Parade. filled our stomach with 2 full grilled chicken meal at Nandos and ended the day with Starbucks.thou it was a short getaway and not alot of my family members were there butttt the ultimate enjoyment for me wasssss driving up the highway, shopping, eating aka belahak and chilling by the pool with the breezy wind blowing over under the HOT SUN :)

anddd the 1st day by the pool, near to 7pm, we saw not one but two rainbows over the sky :) reminded me of paddlepock ice cream. was so the jakun, what to do. i have not been having the chance to appreciate the nature and my surroundings. what i have been seeing around me are :

1. Human crowds during my trip to and from work
2. Human crowds along Somerset area
3. Human crowds during lunch time

there is one issue about crowds. especially in the mrt train, where u just have to squeeze with the rest of the commuters and the BEST part is, having people with newspapers, still having the nerves to read them in the crowd. im not saying the crowd buttt its the shoulder to shoulder, backside to backside kinda crowd. and some inconsiderate people still can read their newspapers and not understanding the pathetic situation we are in. brushing against others, knocking against others esp with the newspapers. what the *toot* is this ? at least there are some people with brains who stopped and folded their papers once the crowd came in. sigh. it just reminded me of one video clip in china/japan where the train staff had to really STUFF the commuters in the crowded cabins. God.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

the official driver.

thank you so much for the well-wishes i received for the past few days and today. finally on the third time, using car number 41 at parking slot 17 on 19 March 2008, i am an official qualified driver. only Gods knows what went through my mind, heart and soul when i sat for my results in the office rightt infront of my tester. it was unexpected seeing the fact that i actually stalled the engine twice in circuit and rolled backwards less than a metre TWICE in the circuit of which the tester already folded his arms haha PLUS there were sooo many ticks on the checklist each time i glanced throughout the test. luck was on my side and due to many advices i received, i placed my heart and soul into the test which i had this early morning :) dad is my second pair of ears and eyes now. and mum will be busy looking out for cars on my behalf. hehe :) i had my first drive to sis' place today. that is just the beginning.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

never before this sick.

past few weeks had been hectic due to my mucus+phlegm+fever. i visited 3 different doctors over a span of 2 weeks. nevertheless, i thanked God for what i am going through right now esp work-wise and whatever comes in my path in the future :)

on a very light and happy doopy note, my beloved cousin Nooraziah and Emy Hazley are officially husband and wife on 080308. i am so happy and excited for her. Alhamdulilah, everything went well. i remember last time when we were kids like around pri 1-2 i think, we became victims of vanity! haha. we had makeup on our faces, got dressed up with fake moles and over-sized bajus, all the work of my then-crazy-vain sisters, haha. oh God. i must scan that picture, one day!

This was during her akad nikah, nervously hearing the tok-kadi's speech

i was very sick during her wedding preps, so i didnt help that much 3 days before. nevertheless, i was there for her during nikah and sanding. frankly, when i went through all four of my siblings' weddings, i didnt get involved that much. its like more of lazing around or karaoke-ing. but this time, it was seriously fun. helping the mak & bapak pengantins with guests' berkats of which are rather expensive and awesomely attractive, taking care of the money collection(seriously i actually held tight one bag, safeguarding it while i was taking a short nap!) and putting events together as planned. it was actually the first wedding ceremony for her family and with experienced siblings of mine who got married donkey years ago and very the orang-kuat cousins, it went very well :)

To Aziah and Emy, Selamat Pengantin Baru. Semoga Kekal Hingga Ke Akhir Ayat. Amin. :)

What else happened? Hmm. Oh. i have heard stories about singles who get offensive remarks from relatives when attending weddings. if that ever happens to me, im gonna smack their butt left right bottom center! hehe. ok, actually one close relative saw me on cousin's akad nikah and commented how berseri-seri my face was. my reply was, how come it's me, shouldnt it be the bride. yessss, i had my hair washed with God-knows-how-many-litres of shampoo, conditioner and vitamin spray. definitely, my hair stands out. if want to be too extremely nice, dont over-do it lah dei :) whatever it is, being single is a gift okay :P actually it is very very very true. freedom + money = priceless haha :)

lets analyse.

if i am single,

1. i spend my OWN money in whatever ways i like
2. i wont get calls from mum AT ALL even i am out till 12 mn!
3. i dont spend on second stomach/leisure

if i am attached,

1. i pay for food, you pay for movies later
2. you want that thing?
3. i want that! *hint hint*
4. let's meet after work = MONEY
5. get calls from mum as early as 7 pm !
6. if i see nice things, should i get for him?

told ya ! :)

Sunday, March 02, 2008


currently the massive manhunt of Mas Selamat Kastari is sending chill down my spine esp when i was at bedok mrt station last fri. the presence of police guards with those guns,just like one of the scenes in the movies where either aliens attack earth or alien and predator happens to make earth of all places to fight or spread of a very infectious , dangerous plague in the city and they have to cordoned off the city or on well, similarly terrorism. :)

have not been that well since fri after i had my first training with fellow colleague. my voice almost sounded like one mak bondah whom my beloved ezie is very well known for HAHAHAHA. in just flash, we are already in march. i still have my driving test this mid-march. damn damn damn. when can i ever get this done and over with.

upcoming IT Show 2008 will be from 6th-9th March 08 @ Suntec City. confirm pack like crazy. most probly i can go and check out new mobile line subscription or something that might interest myself.