Saturday, May 24, 2008

the look.

a particular guy whom i declare him as the "gangster kampung dusun". why? cos he defended his bro/fren who got knocked on his mouth by another guy unintentionally while in the bus, another words "tak-puas-hati". cos the pakcik did not say sorry. i think he is the kind who is really the i-protect-my-sworn-brothers-ok! haha. anyway, at that time i sat in front of them and witnessed the ultimate unhappy/tak-tahu-nak-cakap-sorry situation. alrighty, there must have involved in a sworn-all-for-one ritual or something. anyway, this same guy lives in my area i guess. and once in a while, we would bump. and the kind of look he gave me is that, its kinda weird. its not the normal kind of weird butt the kindddddddddddddaaaa weirdddd in not the normal sense. its like i owe him something in past life or he knows me but i donno him or probably its very clear in his mind that i was the one who witnessed his gadoh-moments. but seriously, anyone who has him as a best-est friend surely will have their lives saved at all times, fully-pledged. hehe.