Wednesday, May 07, 2008

reliving the past.

me and my minies :)
behind us is sunway lagoon resort.

At Michaelangelos.

I think it was Baked rice sausages/seafood

Played pool, my master on my right!

Steady bom pee pi!

Daytona Archade, who else the defending champ, BUAHAHA!

Anddddd, to my surprise my little minies bought me this. oh, i was taking away sushi actually! sempat!

i watched ironman. its cool yo! i love his ironsuit, im referring to the seriously cool modified one. it reminds me of Dunhill cigarettes box, red and gold huhu. the great reviews must have much gone to the suit and the technology stuff. the screen panels reminded me of minority report. the show was quite a bore until he came out from that cave, apparently which looks just like Osama's hideout hehe. Awesome tech and suit definitely gets an 8 of 10 from moi :)