Sunday, February 22, 2009

the unexpected.

had a very blushing moment at cafe galilee when i was offered dessert by a guy which i tot it looked good and actually mistook him and another gal as a couple. hehe :) whichhh this reminded me of a very sweet similar gesture by a crew guy many years ago at a starbucks outlet @ HDB HUB. i was offered a slice of cheesecake for FREE! huahaha.

and of the cafe galilee guy, that is so sweet of him, isnt he. :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


i feel sorry for the msian politician. how humiliated she must have felt. cruel. dirty play. ahh-puikkkk!
Rot in Hell, rot in heelllllll.

and also how insensitive some reporters can be. pls lah. how would you feel if you have your face printed on national newspapers, mourning for your loved ones. i feel that their act is so inappropriate. where is the privacy, i wonder. people were mourning, and they were busy clicking. that should not be the way, thats what i think.

and i want to complain. i am so pissed off with the train crowd. i know everyone has to go to work, but having people standing as close as brushing your shoulders, groins(hehee..), stomach and worst, READING TODAY/MY PAPER...dont these pple have brains ? i find this attitude so inconsiderate. already brushing against one another and yet, still have the cheek to open up your papers. distribution time for these papers should be reviewed. dont give them the papers during rush hours or make them pay for them. the readership will plunge down like crazy. why pay 70cents for a paper if you can get 2 for free! KIASUISM.

talking about kiasu, a msian once pissed off a sporean for being one. ok, that is just random. it happened during my uni days. its not about me, for sure. talking about kiasu, who rush for the escalator down knowing that you cannot go down further cos someone on the right just refuses to move his ass. talking about kiasu, QUEUING UP FOR 15 MINUTES, just for a newspaper.the catch : FREE. talking about kiasu, not giving up seats that are clearly stated in bold "PRIORITY SEAT". talking about kiasu, placing TISSUE PACKETS/UMBRELLA/NEWSPAPER in order to reserve eating table. talking about kiasu, the list goes on and will never stop. i should write a book. :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009


"kalau ni pastamania halal, aku confirm kerja kan".
(if this pastamania is to go halal, i will confirm "work" on them, (wth was that!))
thats what i have been mentioning to sis so many times cos their cheesy pasta looks so yummayyyy and thats gonna happen definitely. hehe. those cheesy white cream is gonna soooo land onto my tounge one day. just gotta know today when i spotted alottt of makcik2 enjoying their dining. probably i will drop by at their other outlet during lunch tomorrow :)

i saw this bronze nokia e51 held by a woman ytday and i tot it looked sleek, slim and cool. i am considering to get that besides the samsung pixon which i am considering as well buttt the downside of the e51 is that it comes with a 2mp cam which is as pathetic as my current w910i. but looking at how big their buttons are and how slim its body is, probably i might consider it. i bought mum a new easy-to-use nokia hp as a pressie for her befday this year, and dad got his new GULION(Goldlion if u wonder) shortsleeved shirt. well, my dad is quite fussy about everything esp his personal items and i have to say this, HE HAS TASTE. hrrmpph. about mum's new hp, she just have to be given a new one cos she was seriously struggling with one model with all the small buttons etc. and bro sponsored a secret recipe befday cake, the YUMMYYY banana choc. i didnt know they went halal-ised for quite some time.

i have learnt something abt my mum. if we were to ask her whether she wants something, she will say "no need la" which means to say, just give me and don't ask. hehe :)

benjamin buttons touched my heart although my bum itched after 2hr 45mins and it was slightly quite a bore, not until the last few scenes when he transformed into a toddler and last, the dying baby. ohhhh its just so painful.

with all the wildfire and recession and all, OX year is not that OX(Y) after all heh.