Friday, June 29, 2007

no words can describe it.

what we had planned for the week went well as expected EXCEPT for my half-dead face and almost-to-vomit moments and someone else's as well.hehe. what was wished for came true. err, its more to the needs of someone out there aka B*B*. HAHA. (DON WORRY I WONT SABO U GUYS( exceptional for one :) ) WITH THOSE PICS THOU IM ITCHING NOW!).

i wont go into in-depth details. let the pics do the talking !

were at Bangsar. after being disappointed that we still cant find KERANG BAKAR for the second time there. so we settled for Outback Steakhouse, where we were entertained by a pest and an insect!

were at Extreme Park for the second time except for miss tanjong rambutan. the ultimate CAUSE of Wen's and my skids was Farah. haha. it was fun thou! 20 laps beb! followed by ikan pari, ayam panggang and KERANG BAKAR finally!

watched ALONE and sheesha till morning and thats where i got myself into the doomed moment! HIGH HIGH!

Watched TRANSFORMERS for RM 6 !! worth it lah wei! followed by Laundry Italiennes @ The Curve at night. CHECK OUT THOSE COOL CARS!! POWER SIOL!



Till we meet again..soon!

Monday, June 25, 2007

TGIF @ One-Utama

err. i forgot wat this was called. its nice!
some baguette spread with butter and tomato fillings. fyi, tats not choc fudge as wat i tot it was. kind of black soya sauce + vinegar!

ok, someone was swearing ROCKY i think ! hehe

omg. how concentrated i was listening to marc err.. crapping at stroke of midnite hehe..marc marc stoning, see there.thank u for the drink marc! this is the hangout makan place where we have been eating our dinner for the past year!

this is ultimate where hp started to ring except mine sob sob.

marcy, nicky, fei, angie (our petnames haha)

we r just happy people. nicky, aris, me and marc.

act cute la ni. menyampah seh

food + laughter + bithching over what we went through for the semester =
entirely awesome!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

this has been happening !!

OMGoodddddd.. i just came across this! tat serious hah!

Police raid fourth firm

SERIOUSLY, im appalled. can they do it tat same way too here? hmm hmm....

too free.

now that i have so much time in my hands err...wat do i have to do today?

OH. final report for my project. under construction. now tat exams are over and i can give (n -> infinity)% focus to it. OH yeah! bloody hell. ina naim is engaged!! goodness gracious. shes totally over and done with mawi yo! geez aunt must be at the top of the world now that she has got herself engaged leaving mawi err clueless i think. i have not been updating myself with the entertainment news here(yea i know, talking about living here and not knowing anithing abt it), hey that shows that i have given my ultimate commitment to nothing but studies(geez, isnt that pathetic?!) but we had fun wat at times! PLUS the thing that most helped me is that my tv is still in the box, waiting patiently to depart! :)

mak just called. she asked me how was paper yesterday. and not wanting to spoil the mood, i just said "Ok la". wat else can i say? complain to her? its done, past, over.

looking forward to seeing them tomorrow night. before that, wen is gonna acquire her freedom tomoro and we are gonna celebrate it :)

till then..

its over !

im FREE from any monash exam papers for now!
and watever results its gonna be, i leave it to Fate, hopefully it turns out well.

and and....we (me, aris, arin, nicky, marc) went to One-U for Fantastic 4 and TGIF! and and...reminiscing of wat happened during formal methods 2 classes (buahahahah!), chatting and eating and photo snappings! and and....we ended the day for a drink at the usual hangout makan place.

oh and not long ago, i think it was last friday that the netball gals got together at chicken hartz @ sunway pyramid. it was one hell of a chaotic + non-stop laughter-filled + hilarious games + eating session, for goodness sake, we were like in the middle of the restaurant(16 pple to be exact) and yeah...i need not explain further. it was like we own that place hehe. it was fun. it was a seriously fun gathering. :)

me(tats a specimen), ros, lina and sal @ chicken hartz

netballers @ hartz

zati leaving for aussie soon and rury graduating as well

we after the final paper

me and erin at uni foyer. and monash is moving to brand-new campus nearby and
im so gonna miss the chance of studying there :(

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

final paper today.

in appx 2 and half hrs. i will be sitting for the last/final paper HOPEFULLY!

tats all. i wish myself the best. and all the best-est and good-lucks wishes from frens. :)

after this dreaded 3 hrs paper, my frens and i will be heading for BIG sumptuous dinner at One-U. err err..but ... clueless of what will be expected frm the paper later, will see how intense the dinner will be.

updates will be up by tomoro, i hope :) + pics!

Friday, June 15, 2007


i studied for barely 2 hrs yesterday and made my way back home.
the pc stretched out its arms to me and i gave in.
so i watched History Boys. this bunch of boys, smart asses. oops! aiming for Oxford. they are so err...passionate for lit it seemed thanks to their beloved lit guru, Hector who died at the end of the movie. and this old man touches their GENITAL BALLS. haha. isnt he sick? ANYWAY, theres this clever cute young teacher who happens to be a GAY but actually trying to hide the truth. i think he cant resist even looking at the boys. haha. err..oh ya...there is a future gay among the boys who likes one among them. geez. HAHA. wait a min...what is the message they are trying to bring across? that smart men are gays ? WASTED man and definitely an ANTI-climax for me. and all the boys managed to get into the top unis, not a surprise. so if u r into lit/history/poetry yada yada and into cute guys/gays/smart asses, watch this. hehe. i was bored at that time. that explains it.

ok back to FM2 :(

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

ocean's thirteen.

i pretty much enjoyed brad pitt. hes old. and not to mention george clooney(ezie's REALLY into tat old man haha). brad has style and his bods, ohh..mama. haha. anyway, these two men are nice to be looked at, like duh can touch them ah?

AND the following day, farah and i went to sunway lagoon resort to attend this event organised by the SEVENTEEN magazine (OMGooddd). wat are we thinking? im 27. hello?! and we were in the population of young teens. but thanks very much to wen that she offered her tics to us and we went, grabbed the free goodies, went into the theme park with the hope of spotting hunks with hot bods BUT sadly, AT ONE POINT wat we saw was an eyesore! haha. WOBBLY WOBBLY. HAHA. geez, being on the sands, watching teens grooving and shaking butts, half-naked ones and the bikini-sed ones..just made our day. in the middle of our REVISION period, this is an ULTIMATE GETAWAY. after that, 2 rounds of pool and back to err studying :(

Monday, June 11, 2007


lately there has been some technical glitch which somehow made my blog went poof! no worries im back and hell yeah, one paper down. now im going through the ordeal of FM2- formale' methodes . HAHA. crap. btw, i miss uncle phang. he taught us FM1 and its far more much easier to digest than this current one. geez. ANYWAY, my life has been evolving around the uni library, cafe, the corridors, project labs, final projectlab, RSB, blue/yellow/hasra shop (monashians here u know). OMGodddd (in stewie style, tat baby from FAMILY GUY), i have not been this HARDWORKING, DILIGENT, STUDIOUS or watever shit u call it. this is to the maximal extreme-thology man! haha. just imagine, being in this state but yet flunk the paper. how sad/pathetic/heart-pain could that be man. oh well, we have to think err ... that ..errr.. SHIT!..WATS THAT FAMOUS PROVERB??!! i forgot. it has to do with being positive..shit shit..wats that proverb? err..forget it!

oh. and Pak Lah is married, wonderful! and there's bird flu in Sungei Buloh and err.. anything from singapore? err. i know that money is coming in this 1st July. haha. my cousin from mersing got married last weekend.(pple are getting married and im just feeling great here haha). OH. cousin! she is goona get onto the dais pretty soon around next MARCH...YEEHAAAA...ok chill. im happy for you.

i cant wait to get over and done with EXAMS. so looking forward to be back with my family back home. err..but one thing that might just pop up is, the fear of bumping into someone back home. yeah. i just hope that it will not happen at all.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

final exams.

i have not been feeling well these few days. i admit that i am not used to waking up too early in the morning and dragging myself to the library. and yesterday, the system just broke down,. it has snowballed and poof. geez. tomorrow is my first paper. what am i doing here. ezie's in the exams hall now. wen is with her group study and farah idea, somewhere out there.

im recovering now and i hope tomorrow goes well.

to people having exams too, good lucks to you!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

il divo.

it doesnt have to take much understanding behind songs of different languages. its universal. the notes, tempo, rhythm etc watever made those songs so beautiful. listening to how its being presented just moved me. below really moved me thou i donno what the hell it means.

Si Tu Me Amas by Il Divo

they are good-looking pple, tats besides the point. i enjoy. they are the gifted ones. same goes for those who are so gifted with good brains. brainy pple. come to think of it, smart ones come into 2 categories

Either you are
1) Smart by nature (genetically-smart, chromosomes cross-over HAHA)

2) Very Hardworking

i don fall into any of the above. sad.
to have 1/3 of these smart asses' brain is just wat i want now!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

page turner. pan's labyrinth. paris je t'aime. eh wats up with P's heh.

pan's labyrinth didnt actually attract much of my enthusiasm. and tat faun is bloody ugly, uekks. (BTW, ezie - Quoted from Wikipedia, :P). page turner is hmmm abt err an ultimate revenge over her failed piano exam and abit of INFACTUATION making it worst. is she for real? ok tats beside the point thou it seems like it. more to being her passion that was being ripped off from her soul. damn it tat woman. but that woman, shes HoT despite those wrinkleys. hehe. who is she anyway? paris je t'aime was like yada yada, boring and i didnt finish it BUT this particular guy whos interested in this muslim gal, hes cute thou with his curls :) the only french movie which i really like so far is "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not" casting Audrey Tautou. tats wat i call SUPERB! i love the way the movie is being cleverly presented. for the initial half of the movie, you might think its another stereotyped lovey-dovey romantic movie but not until u reach the other half of the movie and before it even goes into its 10th minute, anyone could have guessed what its actually about :)
Oh well. Pirates Of Carribean 3 is at its ultimate best. I love Johnny!~