Saturday, September 13, 2008


"hi,iqbal!apa khabar kamu?sihat aja,kan?Kamu pintar akting ,ya?di season2 ,kamu jadi orang jahat,ya kan?kamu dan mischa bersekongkol.tapi enggak pa-ap. aku salute sama kamu.keep being acool guyz!!!! - nurul"

this is hilarious. at any point of my blog, did I give any impression of being Iqbal, an indon actor? huhuhu. so this is how a fan sounds like heh.

it has come to my realization a few weeks back, that i have not communicated with my parents that much. all this is because of work. work made me tired. work made me wake up wayy early in the morning, reaching home at night, couping myself in the room, having my dinner with my own tv. and i seldom have a talk with my parents.ya know, the parents-child conversation. 3 years i have spent away from home and it made me into a person whom communicate less with my parents. how could i do this? something has knocked some sense into myself. children are all grown-up and married and staying away from them. and i am the only one here with them. how could i be such a fool, not realizing this way back after i came back from studies ? Alhamdulilah, probably God made me think and do the right thing. dad has to go to terawih every night and i have to be home with mum. i get their favorite food on some of iftar. although sometimes i get "lectured" by mum for buying too much but its okkayyyy. as long as they eat and enjoy them, i am happy. i just want to show them that i care for them. i joke with them and i want it to stay this way. i just want the old times back when i was younger. my laughter used to fill up the whole house. but it just disappeared the moment i left home for studies. probably they missed that time. they are aged now and the more older our parents get, the more sensitive they will be. like feeling sad and down and always have those thoughts that their children do not care or love them anymore.

i guess money isnt everything in this world. without happiness and love, it is just an empty one. so, brothers and sisters out there who still have both mum and dad with you, please do appreciate and love them before both or either one leave this world. for you who do not have both or either one, i am sorry but no worries cos God will always take care and love you unconditionally :)