Sunday, August 31, 2008


a shout-out to fellow muslims around the world,

Happy Ramadhan!

Selamat Berpuasa.

sooo, i did my pre-ramadan shopping! i have never done this EVER before.

the pre-ramadhan hari raya clothes shopping plus it was a rush one.


i thought i was like the only one being kiasu or wat, but hell noooo. there were so many other people like me. grabbing hari raya clothes before fasting month.

i am glad that i have gotten mine. so that i wont be busy sweating myself under the bazaar tents in Geylang Serai during fasting days or even worst, during the geselan2 time after breaking fast. i knowww, people seem to be going to ramadhan bazaar either for food, hari raya shoppang or nothing at all. just walk around, look here and there. at least fill up some plastic bags and bring them home lah dei.

it is gonna be monday. sux. bye bye weekend. sob sob.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


i donno why but i do have this thing for guys who are SOFT-SPOKEN. not the lembek-soft ones. straight but soft-spoken. feels so good talking to them. and if they happen to have a cute smile, thats like a double bonus yo. ok, i will not beat around the naked bushes haha. one of these guys happen to be my vendor. a chinese fella. hes soft-spoken. i like talking to him. i donno why. probably i find tat he has that nice soft kinda voice. dammnn, how many times have i said this in 1 paragraph! hehe.

shopping. its wayyy therapeutic. i have heard it before and i just experienced it. especially when it comes just nice without any warning or sorts, like knocking into my head, its timee to spend daaa moneyy...helloooo....daa booshhh! buy tat! daa booshh, come on must get this ! ahha. and it just happened to me few hours ago. i just have to spend. funny thing, none of these are my needs! i just need to shop. i need to change some stuff. im bored with the same things. wearing the same stuff over and over again. pple need change. where is MY CHEESE?

gooddd! it must be the cheessseeeeeeeyyy lasagne i ate before the shopping streak! hek hek.

oh. obama's wife is hot! hehehe.. not the sexy kinda hot, but well she really stands out :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

unexpected events.

the day after my choke got out from me, an unexpected twist of event happened. i guess, in the meantime i shall be looking at it positively.

and on friday, i was at swissotel to watch fireworks!!!

oh my! it was seriously superb. from 54th floor and overlooking everything. literally, not whole singapore buttt a 180 degree view of.....



and this...

and down below is part of the soon-to-be-converted F1 track.

hek hek hek.

yeaa baby and i just have to get hold of a higer MP digicam. my phonie did not do quite a good job.

being there live, beats these pictures. i was so excited and it kinda reminded me of the good old days. from my hostel balcony, i enjoyed fireworks near my area. deepavali and national days and new year eves. and not to forget with monash mates back on the campus, practically woahh-ingg and oooo-ing at fireworks at sunway lagoon resort. hehehe.

Monday, August 18, 2008

finally its out.

i have relayed the message. and the choke i have been holding has finally been coughed out.

i can sleep peacefully today onwards.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ryan and taylor?!

ok this is a very odd AND beyond imagination couple. ryan and taylor as an item? that is so wrong. ok pple, they are from The OC. i find this serial very entertaining. the whole lot of them. ryan, the grouchy-looking and tough guy. taylor talks damn lot man. but shes hootttaaa! ehehe. i like her cute nose. and marissa not being in the picture is quite abnormal.

i just started on a new novel by jill winters. "Just Peachy". was searching high and low for something to occupy my time. actually, i wanted to settle down for another of mike gayle buttt the other titles seem dull, not to my interest. i have yet to reach a third of this book. it has something to do with having crush with a NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR. see, i can relate so much to that. i mean who writes novel, creates a character and relate it to someone who works in IT line. come on, who? haha.i dont read that much, probably someone out there can refer me to some titles or something. :)

anyway, something put me down recently. on monday, i was feeling so lousy at work. it is a choice i have to make. i have not decided on tat something yet. i think i have to give myself a bit more time. when i finalise it, probably i will release it off from the back of my mind and feel the peace and ease.

in the meantime, i just have to enjoy.

farah, you are right. hell with work. haha :)

Saturday, August 09, 2008

national day.

everyday to and fro orchard area and i did not even take the opportunity to walk around town until last night right after work. first stop was centerpoint. apparently, i think it is losing its touch. the only places which i think worth staying put are probably Robinsons, McDonalds, Starbucks, Coldstorage and the bank hehe. it was so much different years back. anyways, i decided to indulge myself with 2 scoops of Haagen Daz. My fav strawberry cheesecake and the same old cream and cookies. really finding trouble because i just got MC 2 days before. it was the itch in the throat. but, neither care nor giving any damn. when it comes to food, once you long for it, better enjoy them before anything else.

made my way from centerpoint, passing cineleisure, heeren and next stop was taka. hmmm, there are sales going on and the moment i entered, i was hoping to get something there but i didnt like anything there. was looking for hair accessories, jewellery and even a watch. but nothing seemed to attract my eyes even though they have damn large collections , like zillions of jewellery stuff but nothing at all seemed to interest me. i headed on to watches corner and it was pathetic. DKNY, Swatch, CASIO/BabyG/Gshock and Guess. and very little collection though they are having 10% off. but nahh. so to cut story short, went to wisma, and again the same disappointment and i went back with nothing EXCEPT that i truly enjoyed an outdoor performance right outside taka. i think shes from China and she played an old skool song from Jason Donovan - Sealed with A Kiss on a chinese musical instrument, not sure what it's called. seriously, it was so captivating. shes amazing with capital A.

and, i have finished the book i have been reading. a male and female, such good friends who love each other but in the end, did not get together. it was so sad. a good read.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

robinsons sales.

gd news to share. if you have been eyeing on some stuff in robinsons, grab them ASAP cos they r having 20% off storewide!! hehe, its from today till 11th aug. includes john little, marks & spenser and i forgot the rest :) anddd some in-store specials which be either on the shelves @ $43 an item or 43% off!!

BTW, national day will be spent at a kenduri! haiz.

oo. its raining now. gonna be a very shiok sleep soonnn. before tat, THE OC serials to catch up :)i remember when i was in uni, i watched THE OC and Prison Break like crazy . those are some of the stuff to keep me away from stress :) not to forget my dear little minies as well hek hek hek.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

hero lies in you.

donno why, but i have been feeling nostalgic for the past days esp when youtube-ing :)
came across mariah carey's performance probly in the 90's. i remember watching her performance over and over again on the video tape (yes, old skool VCR!). i think i was in love with her at that time. without you and hero are my favorites back then and now still.

no doubt, a powerhouse.

Hero - Mariah Carey ( <--- check it out)

There's a hero if you look inside your heart
You don't have to be afraid of what you are.
There's an answer if you reach into your soul
and the sorrow that you know will melt away

And then a hero comes along
with the strength to carry on
and you cast your fears aside
and you know you can survive.

So, when you feel like hope is gone
look inside you and be strong
and you'll finally see the truth
that a hero lies in you.

It's a long road when you face the world alone;
No one reaches out a hand for you to hold.
You can find love if you search within your self
and the emptiness you felt will disappear.

And then a hero comes along
with the strength to carry on
and you cast your fears aside
and you know you can survive.

So, when you feel like hope is gone
look inside you and be strong
and you'll finally see the truth
that a hero lies in you.

oh....Lord knows dreams are hard to follow,
But don't let anyone tear them away.
Just Hold on, there will be tomorrow,
In time you'll find the way

And then a hero comes along
with the strength to carry on
and you cast your fears aside
and you know you can survive.

So, when you feel like hope is gone
look inside you and be strong
and you'll finally see the truth
that a hero lies in you
that a hero lies in ... you
mmmm that a hero lies


Sunday, August 03, 2008

transitions in life.

i have known close friends and beloved ones who have moved from one phase to another in their lives. i am happy for them.

i have yet to make my own. never know when will it be. nobody knows what their future holds. to initiate changes for the better, it takes lots of guts and risks.

i have learnt that until you do it, you will never know how easy it is and you wished that you should have done it way early :)

we should not regret with things that we had done, but should regret for the things we did not do.