Saturday, March 15, 2008

never before this sick.

past few weeks had been hectic due to my mucus+phlegm+fever. i visited 3 different doctors over a span of 2 weeks. nevertheless, i thanked God for what i am going through right now esp work-wise and whatever comes in my path in the future :)

on a very light and happy doopy note, my beloved cousin Nooraziah and Emy Hazley are officially husband and wife on 080308. i am so happy and excited for her. Alhamdulilah, everything went well. i remember last time when we were kids like around pri 1-2 i think, we became victims of vanity! haha. we had makeup on our faces, got dressed up with fake moles and over-sized bajus, all the work of my then-crazy-vain sisters, haha. oh God. i must scan that picture, one day!

This was during her akad nikah, nervously hearing the tok-kadi's speech

i was very sick during her wedding preps, so i didnt help that much 3 days before. nevertheless, i was there for her during nikah and sanding. frankly, when i went through all four of my siblings' weddings, i didnt get involved that much. its like more of lazing around or karaoke-ing. but this time, it was seriously fun. helping the mak & bapak pengantins with guests' berkats of which are rather expensive and awesomely attractive, taking care of the money collection(seriously i actually held tight one bag, safeguarding it while i was taking a short nap!) and putting events together as planned. it was actually the first wedding ceremony for her family and with experienced siblings of mine who got married donkey years ago and very the orang-kuat cousins, it went very well :)

To Aziah and Emy, Selamat Pengantin Baru. Semoga Kekal Hingga Ke Akhir Ayat. Amin. :)

What else happened? Hmm. Oh. i have heard stories about singles who get offensive remarks from relatives when attending weddings. if that ever happens to me, im gonna smack their butt left right bottom center! hehe. ok, actually one close relative saw me on cousin's akad nikah and commented how berseri-seri my face was. my reply was, how come it's me, shouldnt it be the bride. yessss, i had my hair washed with God-knows-how-many-litres of shampoo, conditioner and vitamin spray. definitely, my hair stands out. if want to be too extremely nice, dont over-do it lah dei :) whatever it is, being single is a gift okay :P actually it is very very very true. freedom + money = priceless haha :)

lets analyse.

if i am single,

1. i spend my OWN money in whatever ways i like
2. i wont get calls from mum AT ALL even i am out till 12 mn!
3. i dont spend on second stomach/leisure

if i am attached,

1. i pay for food, you pay for movies later
2. you want that thing?
3. i want that! *hint hint*
4. let's meet after work = MONEY
5. get calls from mum as early as 7 pm !
6. if i see nice things, should i get for him?

told ya ! :)