Saturday, December 25, 2010

To all merry makers, did Santa visit ? :)

6 more days to 2011.

Let me recap significant events I did and where have I been right from start of 2010.

. Catching-up sessions with my Monashians : the sheesha-ing, various eating sessions. I LIKE!

. Resort World Sentosa !

. My first Batam trip in March with Wen, Farah and bf and bf's bff in March

. Our adventure like finally for seafood at Changi Village with Wen and Farah

. After-work makan gatherings with team

. Holiday : Port Dickson - Legend Water Chalet in August

. Hari Raya Jalan2 with Monashians!

. Holiday : Malacca Trip on my birthday :)

. Crazy over Gongcha bubble tea! LOL

. Discovery of love for grilled salmon over cream sauce @NakedFishShoppe, owwwwwww

. Holiday : Beijing

I am looking forward to 2011 with open arms, legs, mouth etc LOL.

Beijing. Last hol of 2010.

Beijing was the last and ultimate getaway ( and most ex! ) of my 2010. The cold was below 0 and horribly pierced into the my hands amid the gloves. Luckily I was comfortably layered. Actually it was 4 : Long John ( Must-have! ), blouse, comfy wool sweater and the winter jacket. The overall experience was great especially with the tour group I was with. Excellent company!

After this trip, it made me so enthusiastic to travel next year. I am looking forward to ANY holidays abroad anywhere beyond Thailand, lol.

And to top everything, I am VERY glad that I bought my Powershot SX130 camera! :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010


The bags are ready on my BED. Hehe. Still a couple of mini tinie stuff to dump into my hand carry.

I am going with parents and sis family of 3. It's a 5 days affair and am looking forward to the itinerary like historical spots. I am ready with the shutter and hope the pictures will turn out good.

Temperature expected to be as low as -8. Yar...with my aching joints history, I am going to hope again that I will survive the trip w/o facing unnecessary and unpleasant moments.

After this trip, looking forward to gathering with gals and colleagues!

Saying hello later Xmas and New Year :)

Back in THE mode.

I am back. It has been since forever I have not posted anything. Wat, like 4 months.

And I am 30 yrs old. Yarrr...30. I am removing that damn piece of countdown on my right pane there LOL.

I am going to some cleanup now.

Oh and I am going to Beijing tonight. When was the last time I board a flight? No no ..not the budget one.


SQ, here I come.

I will be back.