Saturday, February 24, 2007

its just coming back.

yesterday was the first time i stepped in Medan(the usual makan place, me and the rest of the clan have lunch). like finally since 3 months ago! i miss the lunch times we had for the past semesters, i miss the food, i miss the horn sounds that are truely irritating to the core and i miss the COMPANY. HOWEVER, soon it will just be back as normal.

AND yesterday, was the first time i bought BURGER for this year. wahahahaha. *ROLL EYES GALS* heh, not normal one this time OK. its BEEF DOUBLE SPECIAL + CHEESE. ahh kau! the older is "ayim"(not sure of the spelling), the younger is "aidil". sempat seol! hehe.

AND...ezie is BEAMING with happiness these few days..i wonder why.(HAHAHA).

"berseri-seri je. Dah kahwin kot?" HAHA.

OMG. this is really CUTE GILER and it made me laugh and cry for the morning.

Enjet Enjet Semut Music Video

Friday, February 23, 2007


had a hell of time today @ one-utama. got my sandals like FINALLY. shop + eat + Dreamgirl + coffeeBEAN + eat. so dead tired. Picctureeesss!

this costs me 23 bucks!!

@ Italiannies, One-Utama

where else but CoffeeBean


the superbly on cloud9 ezie! hehe

hmm. seriously, i donno what i was asking for from ezie heh

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

sad sad.

ezie and i went to the much hyped movie which have made so many people shed tears in the cinema. "Qabil Khurshry Qabil Igam". how sad can it be. THAT was what i wondered UNTIL i sat and CRIED totally "burok"(horrible) to the max! haha. so sad u know. AND the first cry made my whole head so HOt, i donno why. i just felt so hot. tears shed like crazy when those very emotional scenes took place. after the movie, i went to the loo and saw my eyes in the mirror and i was like WTH. my eyes were bloody red yo. ugh. horrible. i did not expect to be that bad. ugh. i washed up to reduce the redness but still it was there till to the extend that when i walked, some pple started to look into my eyes totally curious to what had happened to this fella.haha. SO, ezie suggested ICE CREAM to reduce our heat esp me. haha. anyway we bought these cute mini pastries at Delifrance.

we took cab home and ezie made pureness "lawak" in the cab that actually made the "abang taxi" giggled like crazy bcos she spotted her favorite RAMLAH RAM song from his tuner and i told him about the BIG HEART which she wore last time and its ezie's favorite. it must be ezie's total excitement about that song that just tickled his heart too much. gelak sakan betol wei.

anyway, its good to end our outing with LAUGHTER. cant wait for tomoro's drama, this time with wen!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

10 hrs trip up North. Never have been places.

the trip started with a drizzle of the day which apparently became a downpour. it was such a pain to actually be stucked in jams. first was at the causeway bridge which lasted like arnd 1/2 hour and the second one which was along the highway and towards the FIRST Plaza Tol. Goodness! that was like ugh. horrible. and that was just to collect the Tol ticket yo.luckily it was raining but i felt so dizzy anyway who would not? if there were to be a flight from spore to terengganu, i would opt for that mode man! im serious. we had to spend the nite at a hotel at Ayer Keroh area. Since its for a night only, we just settled down for a decent place. its kind of last minute and i found it on the net.

MITC Hotel is located like arnd 10 mins drive from Ayer Keroh Tol PLaza. Thou quite far away from the Melaka Town but if just for the sake of sleeping, i dont see why not.However, the breakfast was quite a spread and their Rendang Ayam was superb seriously. the rest were ok. we had to wake up so early like 6.30am which is definitely NOT a norm for me(like what i have mentioned before hehe),had breakfast and made our way to Terengganu. like NOW(4.29pm Saturday 17 Feb 07), im in the car BLOGGING hehe.

we set off from MITC hotel at arnd 9am and still on the road now wei. we have passed by Genting, through Temerloh and Kuantan(Pahang) and now still in Kuantan area. definitely made a few stops along the way and it happened that i had a very bad stomache that geezz u know what happened and i need NOT explain further. it was terrible(hey, just passed 2 COWS!). ok, sis said that i should LOOK around the area to LEARN hmmm what is there to learn yo? haha. "Er. Kampung??" just blurted out. hehe.

(will continue later...)

time reached at Hotel Seri Malaysia Kuala Terengganu was slightly half past 7. its like FINALLY yo! and i saw KFC and PizzaHut along the road adjacent to the hotel. Junk food! haha. this place reminded me of Bukit Bintang area. not the bustling happening part, but the layout. u know, hotels and branded convenient stores + fast food outlets. besides this hotel im staying in, there are 2 others located nearby. when we were checking in, i was just standing and observing the reception people that i had the time to eavesdrop (KEPO LAH!)a number of conversations of the same disappointment outcome by walk-ins. they actually walked in and the hotel was already so packed. what a pity! if travelling like for almost 10 hours and to reach the hotel without any reservations, that will be so bloody horrible seriously! haha. luckily, we booked. i stayed in and the rest went out for dinner because i dont want to end up in a horrible situation with my forever-sick stomach. luckily mum had POCAI with her and sis had my KFC delivered to my door hehe. i felt so relieved.

Now, 3.26pm Sunday 18 Feb 07. im on my comfy bed. we were too tired and i just woke up from a quick nap. earlier on, we had breakfast and moved on to Pasar Payan, two-storey building which i think its quite rundown. they have local handicrafts, tshirts, local market ,KEROPOK LEKOR(Terengganu food trademark), songket, batiks, barang2 hantaran , tembaga, SWORDS, keris, makcik-makcik stuff and whatever is related to Terengganu. it is a shopping paradise for us, ladies! Keropok Lekor is a must-have here and sis bought a big pack of HOT-from-wok Lekors and we munched them like nobody's business! haha. Teh tarik was a bit sweet and it reminded of teh kampung which i had back in Melaka and their chendol is nice! when i was at the drinks stall, i thought the "santan chendol"(coconut milk) was soya bean and lychee was longan. haha. so clever lah heh. ANYWAY, its not only me wei. others came along and also mistook them the same and i politely told them they are NOT what they think they are haha. it was fun but tiring to shop and we spent 4 hours at Pasar Payan before we headed back to hotel.

(will continue later...)

time 10.10pm Sunday 18 Feb 07. earlier on, we set off for late lunch + early dinner at arnd 5pm to nearby food stalls. its like 5 mins of walking distance from the beach. i just passed by the beach and due to the type of "participants" im on holiday with, kind of didnt have the chance to walk on the beach but INSTEAD shop like nobody's business haha. after eating paradise, we went to a "floating mosque" on a lake which is like 5 mins drive from the food stalls. its white and its nice when u see for yourself there (pics below). and again there are handicraft + tshirts stalls nearby + Keropok Lekor stalls and again, a shopping + food paradise. while i was near the lake at the back of the floating mosque, i kind of felt the peacefulness + fresh air (the beach was just 50 meters way). and plus the breeze, it felt just good with the greeneries around located near the beach.this setup reminded me of the old site of Nanyang Polytechnic at Yishun campus minus the lake. its just greens and more greens plus the large field and the peace which is just priceless. btw, i heard a story from my mum about their dinner last nite, yes the one that i missed bcos of the stupid diarrhoea. mum, my aunt and uncle and 2 other relatives went to this nearby eatery called Sedap Corner. so hilarious about the people who worked there that they addressed my uncle and auntie as CIKGU (teacher) and my mum as USTAZAH (religion educator)! haha. if i were to go there, i think neither one will deem fit for me to be addressed as. hehe. anyway, we are leaving for my suffering + misery place tomoro. so Monash, here I come...!!

Monday 19 Feb 07. had breakfast then we checked out. stopped by this fabulous beach called "Pantai Batu Hitam" along Kuantan and had lunch. THAT is what i call "makan di tepi pantai"(eat by the sea) hehe. shiok seol! haha. we tried their "keropok lekor" BUT it cant beat the ones we had at Pasar Payan in Kuala Terengganu. those were HEAVEN...

Returning back was hassle-free plus lesser "casualties" hehe. it felt faster returning as compared to going. next time, to places in the North,
more unless i can FLY haha.

this is only after the FIRST leg wei. at MITC Hotel.

i have never eaten mee sup this clear before and its nice wei. Along Kuantan break-stop. Btw, i observed that the kids here seriously like to eat instant maggie.

Visit Malaysia. Splurge all you can haha.

Along the beach in Terengganu where the "kampungs" are by the sea-side. It must be nice to live by the sea BUT BUT when tsunami comes, habis ar!

At Seri Malaysia Kuala Terengganu. A replica of a Terengganu kampung and the hotel won the Best Decor(Terengganu level) for Visit Malaysia 2007.

i tell you, if they dont have the malay-translationS, i dont think so i will SURVIVE in this country. HAHA!

i bet some of you must have eaten those Keropok Lekor in KL Central BUT nothing beats the original wei!

how it looked BEFORE deep-fried.

the "songkets" for men. nice heh but they charged so expensive just because we dont sound "utara" (northern).

tomyam version Terengganu comes with additional "bawang goreng" hehe. taste ok and we concluded that Terengganu = sweet. Teh tarek, sambal, sup kambing all taste abit sweet. i ordered "Air Bandung" and it was horribly sweet yo. ugh. boleh "kencing manis"(get diabetes) seh.

Floating Mosque on the lake in Kuala Terengganu. to be exact its called "Masjid Tengku Tengah Zaharah".

at the other end of the lake, behind the floating mosque.

During "Maghrib".

I LOVE this place. Pantai Batu Hitam. Nearby are eating stalls.

People enjoying the sea, sand, sun and kite-flying.

Gagagagaga. Cantek wei!

Seafood + teh ais + beach. what can i ask for more?

Pantai Batu Hitam, board also Hitam(Black). hehe.

Happy ar. Eat, shit, eat. HAHA.

buih bukan main tapi manis semacam!

Maya Karin convered ofcos because its a very the Islam state. "Jawi"(Arabic letters) also have and dont ask me, i donno what it says. hek hek.

i tell you. on the roads, i see non-malays neither driving nor visible in the shops or wherever. its like so the melayu heh. WATEVER it is, its just something new for moi.

Senyum Sokmo!

Rest assured please. that i am still alive. haha.
i have lots to tell about my sick-stomach trip. sobsob. BUT with the help of Mr POCAI-man haha, i got to enjoy the SHOPPINGGG and EATINGGGG. will post soon about the whole trip + pictures.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Terengganu. Gong Xi Fa Cai

i hope i will be somewhere near the Terengganu beach to see TURTLES!
Happy LONG Holiday to everyone and Gong Xi Fa Cai to fellow Chinese mates.

Gong Xi Fa Cai, ANG POW Laiiiiiii...hehe

Thursday, February 15, 2007

whats happening ?

im gonna leave tomorrow. the funny thing is i have not packed the stuff INTO the bag yet. i have got the things organised BUT i just cant get myself to pack them INTO the bag. my past departures are not as hard as this or in another words putting things to the last minute. OR is it that i have been spending too much time going out lately that im feeling so lazy? LIKE indulging on briyani, chappati and chendol at Tekka Centre and 5 gruelling hours at Serangoon Plaza!!! haha. anyway, dad calls it "Rumah Mustafa" hehe.

ok back to my agony. why ? ugh. i donno lah.

ANYWAY, i have been noticing this particular guy(attached already fyi haha). I saw him twice actually on days that were not tat far apart. i guessed he must be from Yishun Sec also but but...hmmm im just HALF-sure.first was at Metro Causewaypoint at the Gents department and for the second time, when "clan" and I were on our way back to the mrt after the 1st leg of SIN-THAI match at National Stadium, to be exact AT THE TRAFFIC LIGHT haha. so so...we looked at each the faces like "i seen you before". unfortunately, i didnt move any of my FACIAL muscles on my already darkened face haha.(hey seriously, when i looked at the national stadium pics, i looked so DARK!). AND this incident reminds me of ANOTHER incident which took place like a year ago at the Woodlands Immigration Checkpoint BUT the guy have BALLS to actually scrutinise dad's car and at the same time, with his flashlight torching over me and asking me whether i was from Yishun Sec. HAHA. ok. actually, his face somehow did give me some flashback that MAYBE i have met him before in school. hehe. thou quite an ackward situation but yeah, at least i gave him some credits by admitting that yes i think i seen him before. HAHA. Note: Im not trying to say that i was actually popular in school haha till to the extend that pple who noticed me, and that i didnt notice them BUT yeaaaa...i was just TOTALLY ignorant to the environment HAHA. how not to ? focus was just what i had been trying hard to maintain those days apart from other teen stuff LIKE having crush on non-malay seniors. hehe. ANYWAY, i have another incident also to share BUT will keep it for other post in case i lack any brainless points to share haha!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hurt- Christina Aguilera.

I like her GREAT voice. this song is so touching especially this part that goes

"Ohh I'm sorry for blaming you
For everything I just couldn't do
And I've hurt myself by hurting you"

So people, love your father. Without them, dont ever think you will be reading my blog NOW.he he he.

Happy Valentines.

to my dearest "solo clan" and people out there whose in search for love(ie ME haha!), Happy Valentines Day!

i donno why. but its just tat this song is so the sad, so the ... nvm. Enjoy and Happy Valentines and if you like someone really much, please make it known to them before its just too late.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Izinku Pergi - Kaer

I just got to know this artist who was from one of the Akademi Fantasia seasons. Like Fazli Zainal, he has great voice and this song is nice. reminded me of Hazami too.
[check out link below for his song]

Izinku Pergi - Kaer

Monday, February 12, 2007

Maha Karya Cinta - Faizal OIAM. Vroom vrooom.

due to UNFORSEEN circumstance (hek hek), another discovery of "feeling" song. He ought to win in OIAM(One In A Million-8TV) BUT too bad he did not. his voice is so the powderful! The first time I heard, it sounded abit like Datuk Siti's Cahaya Cinta at its initial. u think so?

Awesome ezie!



cousin, thank you for the mp3 HOOORAYYYy!!!!!! ARGHHH GILERRRRR....SUKERRR.......NAK NANGIS!!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007


To you.

friend whom had made your days so wonderful. friend who had spend time, caring and listening. friend whom you still have vivid memories of. friend whose advices worth listening and implementing. friend whom you wish that they never go. friend whose name you remember for a long time that if one day, someone were to ask you whether you know him too, you will proudly say YES, i know him. with a tear, not regretting that you have crossed paths with him. pls dont say its not fair cos its a very short period of time because everything happens for a reason. be it a coincidence or not, this is what we call Fate.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


I GOT THE SONG which early this morning, i was so bloody wondering who sings this particular jiwang BUT nice piece. ok, obviously the singer's voice is not tat recognisable DESPITE the fact there are not that many male singers in Malaysia. ANYWAY, yes! the singer is Felix AF3 and title is "Aku Pencintamu"(y is that it has to be somewhere near "Pencinta Wanita" ?!) I cant find any decent video clip of Felix except those recorded during his outdoor performance which i find not that clear and nice to listen to. SO, i came across a guy who strummed the song and SANG! OMG. his voice is damn nice wei! check out vid below. nice nice nice! anyway, i suspect he is young and maybe a MAT haha! and this MAT really knows his stuff very well. Bravo!

i went to my EX-sec school area where i have not been there for a long long long time, since hmmm late 1996. if not for cousin, it will add more donkey years to the record haha. AND i met an ex-classmate ! such a nice coincidence and recalling back the old days and old frens back then.

met cousin for ICE CREAM waffles at Gelare. superb! and its the last day we meet for now before i set off next saturday. 4 more months, cousin. wait for my permanent return and its for good. wat was tat word again ??? "earning my own.." hehe.

i have missed it so much tat i m lost now. Valentines.

Good Morningggggggggggg Vietnammmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

HAHA. ok. crap. i bet u remember tat from the movie. 10th feb. i have decided to move my MUM's portable radio into my territory since it need some GREENER pasture or in another words, MORE ELECTRICITY CONSUMED ! HEK HEK HEK. i just want new refreshing sounds to my ears around the clock and when was the last time i listened to radio. HELLO. i think its bloody long man! and now, its time for some medication to my poor ears hehe. anyway, i need to update myself with latest songs cos so the malu(shamed) with my broinlaw haha. and for off the record, apart from the songs i have heard before since i switched on this radio, the rest made me like "what song is this man??!!". ARGHH! i think i have missed so much of the entertainment side. ok, cousin.. i think u r going to be very busy with me bombarding questions abt these new songs. hehehe. KIDDING! AND AND AND.....ok for u pples who are familiar with ERA from across the causeway, the KELAKAR-SERAM duo (Khairil & Khiran) will be having a new addition to the MORNING slot that is KAK ENGKU (Raja Azura) !! yeay!! sure kecoh rabak wei! starting this monday, 12th february.

oh shoot! 14th february. SADLAH! valentines coming and yesh...the first Valentines that will be celebrated with no love, no presents after the failure. sobsob tsktsk. and yeaa.. the failure came just a few days after Valentines last year. but hey, EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING that has happened, i believe there is rahmat(blessings in disguise). sis and i were talking about my past relationship and she asked how come is that my heart has turned away from him completely despite how hard i have tried to convince my mum for her blessings. and i just went BLANK. and its bloody hell true that a mother's prayers and hopes are that strong and no other prayers are as blessful other than those from a mother and the only love that kekal(last forever) is our love to God. Everyone knows that, rite?

moving on, one more week to my departure to the land of misery and sufferings! haha. KIDDING.

Friday, February 09, 2007


slowly and steadily im getting used to it. pls pls. have me deprived from the opportunity. slowly gonna succeed ...slowly....slowly..

anyway, this is so awful! HAHA.

what about my audience?

one feedback regarding my blog is the language i used for some terms that are so alienated to my non-malay audience. not to sound so discriminating in future, i will provide a translation of [malay->english] for the best of both worlds hehe. i hope that helps for better absorption + better feeling to climax/anti-climax endings haha!

i thank God for guiding me through. i thank God for His help. i thank God that it has been settled and i am rather at peace now. BUT only for that certain matter. maybe there are some other dugaan(obstacles/tests) that might just be waiting behind the door to be UNLEASHED. i thank Him for the peacefulness He has provided me with. Amin Amin Amin Ya rabbal Alamin.....

randomness II

. ok. im not trying to be a traitor here k. hehe. im amused that they have these flags just outside a surau (mini mosque). so patriotic yo.

a view from the above @ Genting cable car. syiok seol!

hell yeah i like this paint. its like from 1km away, i can c it!

along the harbour....where it rest on the sea accompanied by the blanket of stars..

am i potek or wat but is tat mosque on the sea or wat?? view from Mahkota Hotel, Malacca.

the last BBQ i had, the prawns were HEAVEN! more, more, more..

by the breakwater, where feelings were poured nearby where i FELL into the sand HALF TO MIDNITE. UGH

outside east entrance of national stadium during Asean Cup Championship. First leg. SIN vs THAI.

Commando *cheecheongfun* HAHA.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Nenek main piano. (Granny play piano)

we were doing some catching up on the latest songs and one of the genre is Hindustani. i remembered watching a Hindi film titled "Mann" which starred Amir Khan and Manisha Koirala(jambu sey!). Its damn sedih wei! Especially the scene that got Manisha into accident hence her legs got amputated. I tried to recall this particular song in the movie where not long ago in one radio station, the DJ was referring the song as "Nenek Main Piano" as requested by a listener haha! Dramatically-arranged and singers who sang them so "meleret-leret" hence making the song worth listening. Thou i dont understand what it means but heck care, as long as its soothing to my ears.

Kushiya Aur Gham - Mann

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

malay name = speak malay?

im just amused at what had happened over the phone with a Singtel customer service officer. i m just so used to converse in english with anyone over the phone especially when it comes to service provider/govt organisation. SO, a malay chap took my call and i just requested for some stuff to be terminated and to get it over and done with. u know when they would like to have our identification details LIKE *NAME*. and i went *cheechongfun* and voila, he turned the conversation into malay! as though my name is like a PASSWORD granting access to language-SWITCH. HAHA. hellooo. whats happening, i was thinking. SO, me being me continued in english(ok, i know im EVIL) and i think, for a split nanosecond, he felt so embarrassed that i could hear it in his voice and he SWITCHED it back to the former. ok i knw, im being mean right! SO, for the later part, i tried my BEST to "rojak" my conversation with him, just to make up for his embarrassment. see, im good afterall buahaha. OH. btw, his 'R' is "karat" and i find it cute. hehe. it has been a very long time that i have not heard someone's "karatness".

btw, im just so sick of listening to my repetitive fav songs that i ended up listening to this one song that have been with me like since my NYP-days THAT now only i have decided to search for its lyrics and can i conclude that it sounded like so gigolo ?? ugh. haha.

Monte Carlo by Phyne Ballerz

Di dalam suara keramaian
Terserlah kau dan ku berdua
Berlatar panorama lautan dan bahtera
Ku bonekanya

Apa kau mahu kuturuti mu tanpa bersoal tanya
Kerana kaulah tuannya
Aku sebagai hamba
Itu hakikatnya

Hembusan bayu di Monte Carlo
Berharmoni mengiringi cello
Daku memberikan dikau kalor
Kau beli cinta... kuakur

Bawah purnama di Monte Carlo
Berdua berdansa rentak tango
Kita hidup ala mewah dan masyur
Kau belai jiwa... kuakur

Aku dapat merasa hadirin di fiesta
Menjeling sinis kita
Tapi apa kurasa tak penting tak bermaksa
Asal kau bahagia

Sejak dari dulu kutahu syarat dan hak dirimu
Dengan tertunai sewa
Kehidupan kuserah untuk kau mengarah

Kau beli jiwa... kuberi cinta
Sara hidupku... daku milikmu

NEVERTHELESS, i like its rythm and arrangement. OH. btw, the last i heard about Phyne Ballerz is that now 2 of its members have re-brand themselves as "Billy Zulkarnain"(yes, one is Billy, the other Zulkarnain) and their first HIT together was "Hati Terluka" and i think its not bad afterall. they definitely can sing. trust me.

Hati Terluka by Billy Zulkarnain

"weee weet".

niece learnt a new phrase from moi and im so proud of her! haha. i was wearing a brand new blouse which i got it at a so bloody-cheap price like arnd 8 bucks and its of her favorite color, PINKKK(ok, u really have to EMPHASIZE on the K like niece, her pronunciation of K is like so kelat). anyyway, she saw it and she went like wahh saper punyer ni...jeejee punyer...cantek lahhh. PIN(K) lahhh..(*haha*). so when i was about to go out with her and dad, i called her to wear her shoes and just did a "weee weeet" to her. ok, the best part is...she followed the "weee weeet" as well and did to my dad. and so, i told niece, when u see the "wee weeet" and when u see gabriel(her bestfren in playgroup), do that too. and u know wat bloody hell happened! as we were approaching the car, two boys and their mum just got back from school and she went "weee weeet" to them! HAHAHA. YESH AR! mission accomplished...hahaha. dad was so stunned.

dad : aper makner tu "weeee weet" ?

niece : *looking at me, with a blank face not knowing what to reply* baju jeejee cantek lah, WEEEE WEETTTT....

me (with a diabolical laughter) and dad found it too hilarious. so yeaaa..thats the way gal! haha. the entertainment of the day before we headed to KFC for late lunch+ dinner.

i spent the night at sis place. we were watching this malay drama on Suria called SEKsa about sex education stuff for the teens of whom maybe the minority of them already so gatal to go around HUMPING each other and getting a big bump AND the worst i saw for yesterday's episode was the refusal of this bloody teen to take care of her own blood. goodness sake. ok, this is a real situation i tell you and her mum ended up raising her kid with this gal letting go of her responsibilities and go "berendek" at other places. ugh. such a turn-off yo.

sis : how can only with one child, and the daughter ended up like this?

me : i think, the parents not educated enough lah

ok, seriously...i blurted tat one out because from my point of view, non-possession of a good qualification has forced them to work around the clock hence overlooking the needs of a child. ok im not trying to be mean but its just my act of some observances of young mums who happened to be either with tattooed husbands or both of them, hurling vulgarities at their children to display unhappiness of whatever those kids had done or even just scolding them upside down in public. how can i not reply as above to sis ? im just utterly disgusted with their behaviour.

sis was enjoying reading a magazine distributed by niece's playgroup center due to its very helpful and guided contents that what she said suddenly just strike me.

sis : jee, when we were we young, we were not raised with "I love you"ss ar

me: *i know this time involves my own parents* I think education also plays a part

sis: *what-the-heck face* wahhh..mentang2 nak jadi graduate, smuer pasal education.

HAHHAHA.OMG. seriously, i didnt mean that way. from the bottom of my heart. oh shoot! don tell me im just behaving like one stuck up fella just becos im gonna graduate soon without realising it. hellloooo. this semester, im not sure im able to go through SMOOTHLY, what more to think of graduation. AKU NAK NANGIS NI. hehe. hopefully ey.

today is just another day for me waking up so early and the bed is just calling me to sleep back on it after missing my presence last night.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


ok. enuff of being sad and seeing my dear ones sad over the departure of our dear Monashians to the Down Under. but i couldnt take it, sungguh memilukan, permegianmu (huhu. this is fun! haha). myself and the rest of the gals indeed have gotten to know strangers and ended up being close friends over the period of days which were spent together, laughing over and doing stuff, studying and yeah..just enjoying our life back in uni and i am just so glad (sungguh!) that we had that kind of moments together.

anyway, im supposed to start on some programming stuff and what the heck am i still online with "dot dot dot", doing some bitching groundwork stuff haha. ok, im extremely over the top now. UGH.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Hari Ini Dan Semalam. Library "Kids".

im feeling so old-skul now cos im listening to "Hari Ini Dan Semalam" which was given a new breather by Sixth Sense(another group that i have totally no idea seriously) and that was originally by J.Mizan. sungguh mengayat hati when i think of the phrase "Hari Ini Dan Semalam"! its like no days will be just the same like past days (sob.sob tsk.tsk) BUT i have learnt that to make tomorrow much better than today(its so hard thou to make that happen, cos everyday i shake leg. so
what can be better than today, for tomorrow ?!)

i was in library today and the norm, "kids" in skul uniforms gatal-ing around, talking so loud like their fathers own the place. i was utterly distracted by these 2 teens, somehow were acting so childish like smacking each other at times while most of the time so engrossed in finishing up their homework which is MALAY LANGUAGE??!! HAHAH. (ofcos i could actually eavesdropped at what they were discussing about, haha. seriously, my focus-span is low! and i hope that they dont turn into GAYS haha). but seriously, i miss my youth days! looking at those "kids" carrying thick, big library books, with backpacks of many different styles, laughing around instead of DISCUSSING (those attitude is so not a surprise, growing up wat) but sometimes, its just irritating. come on, its a L.I.B.R.A.R.Y for goodness sake! when are these "kids" gonna learn.

anyway, just starting to feel so moody. its like i cant stand staying in one place here. its like, i just wanna stay out and not coming back. i dono why. probably, i have had enough of "stale" air here and need some "fresh" air. this might be my last LONG holiday. its finally february and ... haiz..i donno what to say anymore. i m just looking forward to a holiday destination where there is peace + fresh air + quietness...

Saturday, February 03, 2007

reunion. Kluang, my childhood playground

ah. finally i got to meet the gals(ex-NYPians) and to my surprise, yuhana has a daughter of 4 mnths old! how fast time flies man. haslinah with her baby boy, cute seh and MOTHER with our lil "sister"..hahaha. shes very shy, so unlike Mother and Father! haha. Lis got married on Saturday and seriously this lovely couple sing quite good wei! im amazed and i really salute those pple who karaoke-d at her reception. they are bloody good man! haha. not many chances have i came upon very acceptable voices.its like FINALLY!

i didnt have the chance to snap group pic or even of the newly-wed couple haha. but i have one with diana. its not always that we are in baju kurung ok!

did some catching up the gals. see, it has been so long since i met them that now they are like with babies. haha. i felt so out-of-place, yada yada. hehe. n seriously, im so proud of these young mummys.

Kluang, my auntie's house. thats where me and cousin enjoyed our childhood with the budak2 kampong back in the early 90's. u know, the gatal2 boys...the touching here and there when we played some fun games like ZEROPOINT, and some other kinds. we only get to meet them like twice which were the weddings of my other elder cousins. its damn fun, along the roadside or should i say, the memory lane. The location to be exact is Jalan Keembong, Kluang. I just got back from there with cousin and families and yeaaaa...the road, the houses..looked all the same except that me and cousin realised that the roads are quite narrower and we were like asking to ourselves whether this road got narrower OR we are bloody outgrown! haha. it just felt nice to be back at my old childhood playground.

have u like eaten "goreng pisang" with "sambal kicap CILI API" ??!! the sambal tasted WTH! haha

check out that photo frame on the wall on the right. an old-skul hanging frame of local fruits and that has been there very bloody long man. Classic yo!

and yesh, this kind of fridge which have never been seen by my own little nieces + nephews before ! haha, period.

am i the only one?. Monash school song. Controversial penalty.

i feel so the malu when my broinlaw actually knew latest songs more than myself. OMG. a 42 yr old VS 20 + (*i know lah im old*). its becos of the bloody P2P software that worked against me for no apparent reason! others are happily receiving(hey, giving is more afdal k) and me? ugh. terpaksa meminta belas simpati from others like COUSIN! haha

wats up with my melayu ek? so i tried to test it on farah when she sms-ed me the following:-

(btw, its bloody long haha)
Farah: hi gz, im in the train now. i was looking ard skali i saw monash collegenye advertisement."monash college offered me direct into 2nd yr monash uni"hehe...."ANCORA IMPARO" feel so honour gitu

Me: ok, honor on which part of tat?huhu. Kasi smangat membara lagi mewujudkan kekentalan semangat berjuang dalam mencapai impian setiap graduan Monash

Ah kau. haha. maybe farah gave me some face that she understood the msg which i tried to put across. haha! tq farah! anyway, if im not mistaken ...someone said that how come Monash doesnt have a SCHOOL SONG??? (hmmmm wondering) haha. a school song that have to be sung every morning at the uni campus foyer..with all those sunway college kids in their minds of WTFs! haha. and someone selengeh-ly raise the Monash flag at the bottom of the main uni stairs haha. i think the only people who are gonna be there will be the Vice Chancellor + MUSA + persekutuan kuncu2 hehe. evil evil.

in the papers , since the alleged match of the very unnecessary penalty..splashed all over the papers about its controversy. and on tv, Thai coach was so frustrated that at the media after the match, he stormed out of the room after saying like "Today's comment is no comment!". what a pathetic question from the floor since they knew that he was fuming over the whole penalty controversy. ANYWAY, i hope Singapore wins the Cup. talking abt the cup, a TNP journalist wrote that it should be better named the "Mickey Mouse Cup" because according to him, it looked as though from the way the tournament was being organised and game being handled, it has not reached a regional standard yet and not to say even near the international one. where is the professionalism man! so yeah..he has the point there.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

To zuok01

what had happened earlier today and what i have shared and advised you, seriously give them some thoughts. He wanted to teach you a lesson or rather knock some sense into yourself. and pls dont ever think that he is not actually interested in your life or watsoever. hey, we are humanbeings, for goodness sake! for what you have asked for and been given the opportunity and maybe he wanted to see what you are up to. you have gone too far, i tell you frankly ok. before it eats you up, better do something like self-control yo! we do not mean to make fun of what you are doing during those precious time of your life but hey, there is another person involved. his future is in your hands. if you keep repeating the same mistake and total ignorance by yourself, he will suffer for sure. yea u say ok ok..but in longer term, what will become of him? sometimes i see him alone. mmg padan muker kau, dier buat macam tu! nampak je dier diam je...tapi dalam hati, he must be very sad. you told us how he behaved lately right. NOW, its not THAT matter only but this person we are more concerned. dont regret later on and like what i have said, dont until it snowball to further bigger/complex problem because at the end of the day, all fingers will be pointing at YOURSELF.

Kallang Wave!!

not a norm of me blogging this early (Time from Raymond Weil, 8.25am, haha!). i was from sis place after shouting and hearing verbal assaults by fellow singaporeans at the Kallang stadium yesterday. i swear, never in my whole life have i heard massive + foul words in abundance, haha! hey, but its kinda fun and humorous watching some bloody funny antics of hmmm these youngsters (i just wonder, is a 19 year old still referred to as a BOY ? haha *cough cough*). i get to do the Kallang Wave yo. never been in my life TOO, that i get to be part of this old skul stuff. hehe. im so glad that i went and thanks so much to ezie's fren for getting the tics for us(*ezie, he reminds me of someone, u know who thou farah said the other one looks much better, hoho. pls farah, go bother your own bestfren who's gonna FLY soon, HAHA*). farah brought along her fren, rose. cute macam farah jugak hehe (*suker ar farah*). anyway, thanks to me that my family got to eat mac at stroke of midnight cos i was so famished after the much anticipated event that i spent 26 bucks worth of junk food (*of which soon, goona go down the jamban haha*)

this morning in the car,

niece : wan beli kek, ader car

me : wah...myra , the car on the cake izzit?

niece : *keep quiet while staring at donno what*

me : *thinking whether its a toy car or a candy-photo of the car* mak, kereta betol ke kereta mainan ???

and i was like "kereta betol" ? wat the hell. haha. what was i crapping man. tats why, 6.30am is not the time for me to wake up YET. hehe. today is mum's birthday. me and sis surprised her with birthday song and probably later, there might be a plan else will make do for tomoro's makan fiesta! Foooodddddddd...