Sunday, November 16, 2008


i am amused at statistics. knowing who looks for who and it reaches to my blog. geographically known. especially a combination of 2 people or a single one, probly whom someone who is interested to know about err whats known as web-stalking! i am just itching to tell these famous ones. but nvm. these statistics are only for me to know. and it just makes me smile and ponder. :)

madagascar 2 is cute. funny. king julian didnt disappoint me! i feel like putting him as my wallie!

oh, they are lemurs!


Namie said...

uuu jee,

that statistic thing sounds awesome. hahahah what kind of tracker you use? I want one to be put on my blog too, tapi the one im currently using just show where theyre from geographically.

whoisjee. said...

hey namie,

its at :)