Thursday, March 27, 2008

long for break.

over the long weekend, a very very last minute plan popped up. it was like at 9 am confirmed and we set off at around 12noon. during the span of 3 hours, i washed and hung up my working clothes, started packing up and abit of vacuuming. as true as it sounded, last minute plans do always come true! hehe. to where? where else.
M-E-L-A-K-A. it was all about eating, shopping and chilling by the pool. i didnt take the chance to have a dip because i suffered some miserable aches on both of my hands due to the strenuous and exaggerating handling of the wheel during my driving test. we had good food at our ultimate favourite jaya jusco, air keroh. shopped for a new handbag over at Mahkota Parade. filled our stomach with 2 full grilled chicken meal at Nandos and ended the day with Starbucks.thou it was a short getaway and not alot of my family members were there butttt the ultimate enjoyment for me wasssss driving up the highway, shopping, eating aka belahak and chilling by the pool with the breezy wind blowing over under the HOT SUN :)

anddd the 1st day by the pool, near to 7pm, we saw not one but two rainbows over the sky :) reminded me of paddlepock ice cream. was so the jakun, what to do. i have not been having the chance to appreciate the nature and my surroundings. what i have been seeing around me are :

1. Human crowds during my trip to and from work
2. Human crowds along Somerset area
3. Human crowds during lunch time

there is one issue about crowds. especially in the mrt train, where u just have to squeeze with the rest of the commuters and the BEST part is, having people with newspapers, still having the nerves to read them in the crowd. im not saying the crowd buttt its the shoulder to shoulder, backside to backside kinda crowd. and some inconsiderate people still can read their newspapers and not understanding the pathetic situation we are in. brushing against others, knocking against others esp with the newspapers. what the *toot* is this ? at least there are some people with brains who stopped and folded their papers once the crowd came in. sigh. it just reminded me of one video clip in china/japan where the train staff had to really STUFF the commuters in the crowded cabins. God.