Saturday, September 06, 2008

week 1.

hey hey hey.

coming monday, it will be a week over. BTW, i just got onto the new google chrome. i find that its interface is very simple butttt if you are familiar with mozilla and IE7, i dont think so it would be that hard to get comfy with. new things are sometimes refreshing. oh, and i have got hold of an iphone, someone's actually. and i have no clue how to operate it seriously. i just gave up after trying to double-tap/single tap an icon haha. people can get it from walk-in @ hello shop with a new signup at 300+, so whats the fuss with all the booking ek.

pussycatdolls. i find them hoottt esp their dance moves below. seems that i cant stop playing it over and over again. anddd nicole's voice, since when is hers that rough heh. dont cha and beep, she looked so natural and sweet.


and its happening again. its like a dejavu. someone new, giving all the unnecessary stress. esp the techy ones. sooner or later, probly my superiors will be dropping more hair. i hope mine stay intact. and i dont want greyhair tat soonnnn...