Saturday, May 24, 2008

the look.

a particular guy whom i declare him as the "gangster kampung dusun". why? cos he defended his bro/fren who got knocked on his mouth by another guy unintentionally while in the bus, another words "tak-puas-hati". cos the pakcik did not say sorry. i think he is the kind who is really the i-protect-my-sworn-brothers-ok! haha. anyway, at that time i sat in front of them and witnessed the ultimate unhappy/tak-tahu-nak-cakap-sorry situation. alrighty, there must have involved in a sworn-all-for-one ritual or something. anyway, this same guy lives in my area i guess. and once in a while, we would bump. and the kind of look he gave me is that, its kinda weird. its not the normal kind of weird butt the kindddddddddddddaaaa weirdddd in not the normal sense. its like i owe him something in past life or he knows me but i donno him or probably its very clear in his mind that i was the one who witnessed his gadoh-moments. but seriously, anyone who has him as a best-est friend surely will have their lives saved at all times, fully-pledged. hehe.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ayat ayat cinta.

ayat-ayat cinta made me cry. it was so sad esp when aishah dropped her tears outside the hospital room. overall, its good cos somehow it knocked some senses into myself , definitely not the aspect of polygamy. oh, anyway guys falling in love by looking at the eyes? hhhmmm. nvm.

was in melaka AGAIN over the weekend. apart from buying a new pair of shoes only, it was all about food. had my favorite food : kenny rogers, sushi king and seafood nightout at one of the famous seafood paradise there. it was so crowded. luckily, a relative booked a place. i didnt take any pics cos food always come first. was sweating and sticky at the same time, hehe. after seafood, it was bowling time which i really sux at and a short chillout with the relatives and siblings.

so today, was back at work like everyone else. felt so lazy today actually.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

hot hot hot. Hady Mirza - Iqbal Pakula - Aliff Aziz


there were aliff aziz, hady mirza and iqbal pakula(dracula as addressed by my dad :) )

what can be even better than this ? nothing at all. they are the eye-candies. its like slurping back saliva drooling out from our mouths and they were sooo popular and hot that even the audience i can say, were made of some middle-aged makciks or kakaks, i dont know what to acknowledge them as. "hadyyy hadyyy" , or "alifff alifff" or "iqballl iqballll". all were trying to catch their attention during singing or talking, for a nice pose. and pose hey. as in the still one. dammit. most of my pics are like of ghost effects, or should i put it as BLURRY. why? becos of their movements and swaying. sux. though i was so close to one of them but hell, i think i need to buy a new better camera. nonetheless, good food + najib ali(host) + 3 hot, cute charming male artists + makcik2 who are sporting and the melatah type that really tickled our hearts.

1. getting to see hady mirza in person, up close but not personal. cute lah, chubby lah.

2. getting to sit beside aliff aziz's grandma

his grandma : kalau tak pasal aliff aziz, takder lah makcik kat sini.

me : oh, makcik peminat ke?

his grandma : dier cucu sayer.

very nice nenek.

3. meeting aliff aziz's mum who is quite popular too. tak dapat ambek gambar ngn anak, ngan mak pon jadi la. eh, i was not among them ok.

4. first time seeing najib ali in person. bloody funny.hes the best.

overall, it was satisfying :):):)

GALS, get ready, drool ok!

Aliff Aziz

Hady Mirza

Iqbal Pakula

And my mother who brought me to this world, 28 years that I live on this earth, with the shelter, love, food, education, knowledge be it anything, to all mothers in the world, HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY!

oh, i forgot about the food. one of the highlights :)

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

reliving the past.

me and my minies :)
behind us is sunway lagoon resort.

At Michaelangelos.

I think it was Baked rice sausages/seafood

Played pool, my master on my right!

Steady bom pee pi!

Daytona Archade, who else the defending champ, BUAHAHA!

Anddddd, to my surprise my little minies bought me this. oh, i was taking away sushi actually! sempat!

i watched ironman. its cool yo! i love his ironsuit, im referring to the seriously cool modified one. it reminds me of Dunhill cigarettes box, red and gold huhu. the great reviews must have much gone to the suit and the technology stuff. the screen panels reminded me of minority report. the show was quite a bore until he came out from that cave, apparently which looks just like Osama's hideout hehe. Awesome tech and suit definitely gets an 8 of 10 from moi :)

Monday, May 05, 2008

good break , helloooooo Sunway-KL

yesssa. i met my little minies during the weekend in sunway. had a swelling time just like old good times with them. wen with her i-dont-want-fatty-stuff. ezie with her dont-brush-with-my-h****-legs! haha! the sleepover was damn funny andddd farah the ultimate one. asked me a question which is normally dedicated to guys butttt. huhu. farah, i know u miss him sooo much, but pleasee, me! being the victim ?! hehe. i felt so violated u know huhu. anyways, it was an enjoyable trip with cousin and aunt. with shopping and walk-arounds and abang ajis who brought us around. he is my errrr, "dua pupu" (cousin on the 2nd level hierarchy). basically, altogether i watched movies which coincidentally are horror, played pool, eat and eat and swallow and shit and shop. basically, chilling and putting work issues at the back of my head for good 3 days :) sunway pyramid 2 is awesome. its like giving me a feeling that i am in central KL. oh! and the new additions to sunway theme park look that they deserve a visit, one fine day :)

after sunway, i transited to central KL and went to the new Pavilion and the usual shopping malls there. no changes. its all the same. we even dropped by Secret Recipe just beside the hotel we stayed. told u, its allll about fooooddd. like wat cousin said, the only time our mouths are not munching is during sleeping time. hey, its true. :)

and before we headed home, last check : we went for the finale. hell yea, shop and Old Chang Kee :)

next event, HADY MIRZA! agafagagagaggagaagg.

Food onboard @ Aeroline. Quite impressive. $47 per pax

Chilex-ing @ Starbucks, Sunway Pyramid 2

Was monkey-ing around while waiting for my minies

were at Old Chang Khee behind Sungai Wang Plaza

an hour of pool. i still can play after so long. its a miracle yo!

ah! that choc lava cake with vanilla icecream at Michaelangelo's kicks yo! a must-try.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

a break soon, before i break.

today is labour day.

DJ A : "a lot of people will look forward to give birth on this day!"

DJ B : "why?"

DJ A : "because its LABOUR day!"


thats what 98.7 has got to offer. witty jokes, lame jokes, whatever jokes they have made on air, it just tickled me when i tuned in on my way to work everyyy morning. but when the train got into the tunnel, i just have to switch to mp3s. i have not been getting any more latest mp3s and so my list is quite a bore. it runs the same old thing. nevertheless, i enjoy (or i have to, no choice) them. one of my favorites issss Hollaback girl. every morning, the moment when i am about to exit the ticketing area, i will get this song ready and blast it while i joined the rest of the commuters with high-paced-walk straight to office. fuh, its like a morning exercise for me. why? because lately, i have been coming in fewwwwww minutes late so that explains the rush. but whatever lah, as long i report for work, that would do great deal for them right! haha.

today is labour day. so here i am, relaxing, typing. and perspiring! i am supposed to go out butttt...oh!! the growth dividends are in, kah-ching kah-ching. and my first purchase for paycheck issss Crocs sandals. like finally, after so long i have been wanting one. ok, this is a WANT. not need ok. hehe. it burnt a bigggg hole in my wallet but its okayyyy, as long it is practical($53, tats like 50% more to waste of money + 50% practical ?). i have been eyeing on the big holeys ones but i do not think i look good in that and the women sandals are much more swellingly attractive. they have other new shoe models ones which are very expensive like reaching to
$120++++. thats wayyy too expensive. its like not having to think twice but maybe 20 times before you even consider cashing out that amount of money.

i find this vocalist very cuteeeeeeeee. look at the way he movesssss. the song swells. waduh, buat gue betul cair dehh.

Matta-Ketahuan (APM 2008)