Sunday, July 18, 2010


It has been raining since noon. I have no choice but to stay indoors cause it feels so cozy and I am lazing around doing NOTHING but jobhunting and Youtubing. Yes, a jobhunt. Yes, you read it right. I have to move on from whatever I am doing now but I have yet to find anything suitable.

I missed yesterday's KateSpade sales at M Hotel. Yucks. Again. You see, when I have bought something and there come the sale. On the same topic, M Hotel that is, was where an ex-user got married. Such a lovely couple. The bride's gowns were fabulous and she is so petite that shaking her hands was nothing, that was according to one of my other user's opinion. Teehee.

Of late, been watching a couple of movies and yesterday, it was Despicable Me. Cute little girls and one of them reminds me of a girl in Monster Inc. Find the little yellow things cute and silly. Syafiq and Amyra seemed to enjoy them but I think I giggled too loud at times. Buey Tahan la. The 3 little gals are orphans so there is a little soft side of me and tear dropped during the bedtime story scene.

Anyway, I am looking forward to Inception and Sorcerer's Apprentice and lotsss more.

Its already middle of the month, YEAY!