Saturday, April 19, 2008

how it feels.

now i know how it feels when

1. a car cuts into the lane we are driving in WITHOUT signaling first
(cause i have seen ezie/farah (ooppsss!) when they were in those times, haha)

2. pedestrians slowlyyyyy taking their own sweet time crossing like their father's road (huhu, direct-translation yo!)

3. approaching JAYWALKers

weekdays were filled up with nothing but work. friday nights are heaven for me and in fact, weekends too. all these aching and tiring parts of my body at last get their retreat, every friday nights that is. i did not leave the place without having these 2 items below, at all times.

potato salad with little slices of chickn ham + caramel frappucino

and weekends are the family time/lepak rilek chilex/washing/ironing.

we had 2 birthday celebrations this month, for little niece whom turned 4 and little nephew, 7.

we received a treat from niece's mummy at Lestari @ Yishun. its our normal coffeeshop, opposite a school which i cant quite recall the name. it was such a sumptuous treat with the sotong balls, various fishes, prawns and shark fin soup anddd lotss more. seriously, i was bloated ( like i have not once ? ). nevertheless, it was an enjoyable gathering.

and few days back, it was a small celebration at nephew's place :)

and when little niece made a remark about the cake, it was as though time froze for 5 secs!

Niece : Mummy, the cake not nice. (with the sad face)

*time froze for 5 secs*

Her Mummy : Why did you eat with the fried chicken ?

All : ????

oh, actually we were in nephew's place and actually his mum bought the cake for him. so yeaa, all we could do was to keep silent. hehe. i didnt even dare to look at my sister and her husband. malunyer.

how fast time flies. it will be THE big 3 for me in a couple of years. where is my prince charming ? come here toaddy, lemme kiss you. haha.

the body shop is having biggggg-time sales at Causewaypoint Atrium. i think it ends tomorrow, Sunday. now that they have high % discounts, i managed to grab some items which i find too expensive without them.

and today, we had a mass/bash blowing-out candles for the 4 little kids. so, all salivas might have been the magical ingredient to the cake. no wonder it tasted very delicious haha. it was a clean out.


M0m0k12 said...

*time froze for 5 secs*
remember smthing similar happen during a bday celebration too. but not got to do w bday cake but smthing in the line of "limelight"! hehe... dis i'd call BDAY FREEZE! ahahhaaa...

whoisjee. said...

OH YES! i remember! IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY YO. haha.

[ e z z y ] said...

ok you know what, it took me 5 minutes trynna figure out what momok was talking about, then it hit me. HAHAHA the irony.

jee you referring to us not signalling, or us being potong-ed? lol. do join the drivers' cursing club :p

and sedihnya, the future One being addressed as toaddy. hahahaha.

whoisjee. said...

haha. its the bloooddddd, galfrens! haha.

being potong-ed by the inconsiderate drivers back in the aku-punyer-suka-nak-potong-tak-signal-pasal-lahhhh country huhu! yes, i even sweared when banglas happily cycle at the side of the road occupying 2/3 of the left lane and yesterday one bangla who happily cycled across even the man already turned RED. haha, driving has turned me into an OCCASIONAL swearer on the road haha. but still, i drive no matter what.

who? toad? who?