Saturday, October 25, 2008

the hard way.

what we really and hopefully want, quite unlikely to get it.
pple say, if its meant to be ours, it shall be no matter what the odds are gonna be.
sometimes, i do not understand how it works.

its a long weekend. a plan which is supposed to be a family holiday trip, will not happen cos everyone has their own agenda to get busy with. anyway, i am not a big fan of HSM (just like a niece who loves "Gabrella", did i get it right ?) butttt becos its a big hoo-haa over the internet and the media, i happened to look out for its trailer. coincidentally, nephew wants to watch it so much and so we are going for HSM3 tomorrow(*i still cant believe that i am gg*). probly, there is no other better movie since 007 will be released in 2 weeks' time(*david craig yum yum*)

i feel like catching rihanna in spore coming nov. but to think again, i hardly listen to ANY of her albums. the only significant one is Umbrella (it all started from ezie who sang to it in farah's car OR was it thru the station) and the few others like Unfaithful, Take A Bow and Shutupanddrive. kylie minogue will be in the house too, probly end of this yr. the itchiness is getting all over me quite soon. (*scratch*)


back on the record, i wish i own a good digicam. i just hv to rely on my hp cam(2.0MP), dad's Nikon(4.0MP) or others' higher MP cam :( sometimes, i didnt even bother to take any pics with the lower ends. sigh.

personally, i am starting to realise that pics that are taken candidly depict the true moment captured as compared to the un-natural ready-to-snap-say-cheese-smile-cramping poses. 1 was doing some random pic-viewing. check out some of the candid shots. the collage below is a collection of earlier events in 2008.

nephews and nieces, my little darlings.

there are quite number of things i wanna own or do. i have not taken any action on my hair. ah! good news is that since i have been using shampoo that contains natural fruit/vege extracts, my hair has grown to quite a length. darn LOREAL. whatever it is, use natural products. i wanna own at least 8MP digicam (they are cheap now!). i am SUPPOSED to start a new pastime which i have yet to start my engine on. i wanna watch concerts. and the best part of all, all these are not needs. they are WANTS. geez!